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Choosing the Right Monitor for Your Trade Show Exhibit Needs

monitorsSince a trade show exhibit is all about creating the right visual effects to impress the attendees, choosing the right monitor is crucial for the success of your participation. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of monitors you can choose from, including regular LCD monitors to touch-screen and multimedia monitors. They vary in size, cost and complexity; and you should choose the one that is able to display beautiful, bold, crisp and clear images to grab the attention of the attendees.

Before choosing a monitor for your trade show, you should have a clear idea what you intend to use it for, which could be to introduce new products, to increase sales and market share, to encourage the existing customers to buy more, or to reposition your organizations, brands and products.

Here are 4 major types of monitors you can consider:

• Touch-screen monitors:

Touch-screen LCD and LED monitors have become popular because they offer interactivity at your fingertips. Think of a smart phone screen, but a lot larger. They are available in regular sizes to up to 30 inches and come with a stand that lets you position the screen parallel to the top of your desk. Most touch-screen monitors offer 5 to 10-point touch capabilities. Touch-screen monitors allow the attendees to search for information about your products and services quickly and easily, without having to keep asking you.

• Multimedia monitors:

Multimedia monitors are popular because they offer a wide selection of features to help you create and view photo and video projects. They usually come with a variety of connectivity options, including VGA, DVI and HDMI. Entertainment class multimedia monitors also come with features like digital TV tuners, Display Port connection, audio/video connections and built-in card readers. You can also get hybrid multimedia monitors that you can use both as a desktop monitor and as a TV set. If you are looking for multifunctional monitors for your trade show, then you should go for hybrid monitors.

• Gaming monitors:

If you are going to have computer games at your booth, then you should have a few gaming monitors. Made specifically to play video games, these monitors have a faster response time in order to display moving images without producing motion errors. Look for a monitor with a response time of 5 milliseconds or less. Gaming monitors are available in regular size screens to 25 inch or even larger screens. They come with a variety of digital video inputs to provide connectivity to a wide range of gaming devices, including PS3 and XBox.

• Business/professional monitors:

These are typically high-end LCD and LED monitors with wide displays or typically 30 inches or more. Made for graphic professionals, these monitors have a degree of color and gray-scale accuracy. They usually come with ergonomic stands for comfortable viewing and some of them may even let you rotate the screen 90 degrees to view in portrait mode. Such monitors are suitable for high quality, wide screen video displays to grab maximum viewer attention.

The Importance of Getting Some Speaking Time at Your Next Trade Show

prepared speakerSuccessful marketing depends largely on how well you can talk. Even if you have a great display, customers won’t be won over unless and until you can get your message across to them in a clear and attractive manner. But the best place to speak to a group of customers is not your own booth because it would be like direct advertising. Therefore, it is important to get some time to speak about your products at the event organized by the exhibition organizers.

Every trade show has a number of events going on every day where you can talk to the audience about your products and services. Here are some important reasons you should get some speaking time at such an event:

• Get access to quality customers:

Seminars and workshops at a trade show are usually attended by mostly those who are genuinely interested in a product or service. They listen more attentively, ask more questions and provide more feedback. Because they are there to learn about your products and services (and not just to window-shop), they are more likely to become your customers – provided you can put up a good performance.

• Reach a wider audience:

With so many businesses selling the same items, attendees usually walk past the booths of companies they have not heard of or are not familiar with. Seminars and workshops provide you the perfect opportunity to reach out to the attendees who do not know you. They will listen to you, ask questions and give their views. Most importantly, they will get to know you. If you can make a good impression on them, they will make it a point to visit your booth and may become your customers.

• Introduce new products and services:

When introducing a new product and service, you need to create a lot of buzz around it. These days, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are good places to do that; but customers can be skeptical and may not buy until they actually get to see the product. A seminar at a trade show provides you with the perfect opportunity to do that.

• Build relationships with competitors:

The people who are in the same business as you are are not just your competitors; they can also be collaborators. You can reap rich rewards if you can build a good working relationship with them. Seminars and workshops create the perfect opportunity to do just that. Once you get up on the stage and start talking, they will take notice of you and seek you out if they are impressed. This can lead to sharing of information, providing support to each other and collaborating on new projects.

• Get free media coverage:

Seminars and workshops at a trade show are often covered by the newspapers, TVs and other media. This gives your business a much wider exposure. People, who have never heard of you, will get to know you and come to you for the solutions they are looking for. People who haven’t even attended the trade show will get to hear of you. This is why it is important to get some speaking time at your next trade show.

6 Conversation Starters for Your Next Trade Show

start-conversationJust sitting pretty and smiling won’t win you any hearts (and minds) at a trade show. With so much competition on your left, right and in every direction you care to look, you need to make a real effort to reach out to the attendees who come your way. This usually means engaging them in a conversation about your products and offers with a view to turn them into customers.

A simple “Can I help you?” or “Please take a look at our display” won’t do; you need more innovative and interesting ways to get people talking. So here are 6 conversation starters that actually work for your next trade show:

1. “What do you know about our company and products?”

When attendees stop at your booth and start looking at the displays, politely ask them a question related to your business, such as “What do you know about our company and products?” Whether or not they know anything, it usually gets them talking. If they admit that they know nothing, then you can proceed to educate them. If they know something, then you can steer the conversation to….

2. “Let me show you something exciting.”

People, by nature, are always looking for something exciting – even only if subconsciously. A line like “Let me show you something exciting” can be a good conversation starter as it immediately gets the attendee interested. You can then proceed to demonstrate how your product works and explain its features and benefits. If the attendee looks genuinely interested, there is a high chance that he/she will turn into a customer.

3. “What do you think of our products and services?”

Asking the attendees to give their personal opinion on your products and services can be a good way to draw them into a conversation. One question that usually gets a response is “What do you think of our products and services?” If they have favorable views about your products, they will be happy to tell you. If they have unfavorable views, then you can use the opportunity to clear their misconceptions.

4. “Would you like to receive our free gift?”

People like to receive free gifts or win prizes, even if they don’t really need them. So, as soon as the attendees come near your booth, you can draw them into a conversation by asking them, “Would you like our free gift?” The answer is usually in the affirmative. If you are running a completion, then you could also ask, “Would you like to enter our free competition to win a prize?” Most people would be happy to try their luck.

5. “Which of our products do you think would be most useful to you?”

If you have several products on display, then this would be a good question to ask as it usually elicits a response. Once the attendee points out a product, you can then ask him/her why and then go on to tell him/her about other products, explaining their features and benefits.

6. “What do you think of our displays?”

Asking the attendees what they think of your displays often draws out a response which can lead to an interesting conversation. If the attendees like your display, thank them and then proceed to tell them about the products. If they do not like your display, then ask them how you can improve it.

The Top Mistakes Companies Make When Using an Expo Booth

common-food-storage-mistakesIf you are part of a company that is working on attending a trade show, expo or other event that will require an expo booth, you could be setting yourself up for great things. On the flip side, however, you could also be setting yourself up for disaster if you are making too many mistakes. Here are some of the top mistakes people make when it comes to using an expo booth and how you can avoid them when it comes time for you to set up your own:

You Don’t Know Who to Target
One of the biggest mistakes is that companies do not know who to target when they use an expo booth. If you think you should target everyone, you could be putting yourself in bad position. Instead, you will want to think about who your customers are and work from there. Try to get more specific if you can. It is much more cost-effective to focus on targeting plastic surgeons than targeting all surgeons or even all doctors.

You Don’t Have an Eye-Catching Design
Another blunder that companies will often make when they setup an expo booth is that they don’t make it eye-catching enough. Instead of just posting a sign of your company name and logo, try to bring more into the design of your booth. Some ideas would be to have specific products on hand, televisions or computers showing your products in action or have flashy lights and audio attached to your booth. Once you have someone’s attention, it is a lot easier to make a sale in the future.

You Expect to Make Sales on the Spot
Though it can happen, in most cases, if you are going to an expo to make sales, you are missing the point of going to an expo. An expo is not a place where people will typically make a decision on buying goods or services. Instead, they will use the information they get from the booths and people they meet to make a buying decision in the near future. In fact, you could really turn someone off if you try to convince them to buy “right now.” Instead, give them the information they need through a quick conversation, literature or even through the design of your booth. Once that is done, you can follow up with them at a later time.

Your Booth is Not Professional Enough

There is a fine line between being eye-catching and being gaudy when setting up and designing an expo booth. You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands on setting up and decorating your booth only to turn customers away because it implies you are not professional enough. Instead, you should make sure that your expo booth is a reflection of your professionalism. It is very easy to attract customers to your booth without looking cheesy or gaudy.

These are just a few of the mistakes people make when setting up their expo booths. When you learn how to push these mistakes aside, you will have great success at your next expo.

How a Customized Booth Can Increase Visibility at a Trade Show

VisibilitySuccessful participation at a trade show largely depends on how visible you can make yourself. This usually means a customized booth that stands out and advertises itself. In order to draw people’s attention, a trade show booth has to have an attractive and stylish design as well as being friendly and welcoming. If you can also make it unique, you won’t need to make much noise to attract the crowd.

Here are some of the ways that a customized booth can increase your visibility:

• It attracts people:

Who or what gets noticed in the crowd? Someone or something that is different or has some prominent features. The same goes for trade show booths. If your booth is attractive, stylish and like no other, (this is what customization is all about), attendees will notice immediately and come check out the booth out of curiosity, giving you the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and turn them from window-shoppers to potential customers.

• It advertises itself:

Advertisement is a crucial part of marketing. If customers cannot see you, they will not buy from you. A customized booth needs little help in this department. Since it is designed to showcase your products in an attractive way, people who lay their eyes on it immediately know what you are selling. If the design of your booth is unique, attractive and stylish, people will be drawn to it and talk about it. The more buzz it creates, the more visitors it will attract. Thus, a customized booth advertises itself.

• It stands for what you are:

A customized trade show booth is designed with one specific purpose: to project the image of your company for your customers to see it. In other words, it stands for what you are and what you believe in. As soon as people set their eyes on your booth, they know what business you are in, whether or not you have the solutions they are looking for, and whether or not you can be trusted. Attendees who are looking for what you are selling will make it a point to stop by and make inquiries. When visitors form a crowd at or around your booth, its visibility will automatically increase.

• It sends out a clear message about you:

A trade show booth is not just a place where you can display your products and services. If beautifully designed, it can itself become the showpiece. In fact, when you have a message to send out to potential customers, your booth can be the message itself. This is especially true for businesses that have no physical products to display, such as financial companies. With a customized booth to do the talking for you, you won’t even have to do much talking to get the message across to your customers.

• It is designed to give you maximum flexibility:

A customized trade show booth is made according to your specifications. Thus, it gives you maximum flexibility in arranging your displays and positioning your staff. The more organized your displays and staff are, the more visible they become.