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Know What You Are Selling at Your Next Trade Show

targeting-sales-assetsParticipating in a trade show is a great way to spread awareness about your company and reach out to your target customers. Whether your goal is to sell your products, generate leads or promote your brand, it’s vital that your trade show team is clear on exactly what you are selling.

In order to ensure success, you should focus on the following:

1. Your newest product:

People are always interested in new products. This is the reason that booths that have the latest products on display usually have the largest crowds around them. You should capitalize on this fact by focusing on your newest product. Advertise the product and create a buzz through out social media about it; make it the centerpiece of your display; and direct all visitors towards the product.

2. Superior customer service:

Customers like to know they are highly valued. If they feel they are being ignored or not given proper attention, they will simply move on to the next booth. Therefore, superior customer service is crucial for the success in a trade show. It should start right from the moment attendees walk into your booth and continue indefinitely once they become your customer. The hallmarks of quality customer service include a friendly behavior, respect for each individual, prompt response to queries and complaints, and a favorable return policy.

3. Theme:

Having a theme makes your booth stand out from other booths in the trade show. Create your theme around the product you are selling so that the attendees will instinctively associate the product with your company. While creating the theme, you should take into consideration several things, including your goals for the trade show, your target customers, the cultural sensitivity of the local people, the latest trends in theme design, the costs of setting up the booth, and the venue of the trade show itself.

4. Well-trained staff:

Well-trained and motivated staff is essential for the success of your trade show presence. As each trade show comes with its own problems and opportunities, everyone who is going to staff the booth should be given training irrespective of whether it is their first time or the umpteenth time. They should be trained to greet the visitors in a friendly manner, convey your messages effectively, solve problems as they arise, and turn the visitors into leads and then to customer.

5. Maximizing trade show experience:

Trade show attendees are attracted to booths that give them the maximum trade show experience, which means activities that are not only interesting and enjoyable, but also reward them for their efforts, such as contests, draws and lotteries. Giving away free items is another way to promote your products or services. Other ways to attract attendees to your booth include holding a musical show, inviting the attendees to play video games, holding demonstrations of your new products, and hiring celebrities to represent your brand.

Designing Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

While the installation of a sophisticated, elaborate exhibit display at a trade show is certainly an integral part of the entire process offered by most exhibition services, it is the exhibit design itself that is perhaps the most critical step of all. If you are not happy with the concept of the design, you will definitely not be happy with materialization of that concept. Accordingly, this article will focus on the importance of designing an exhibit display that you will be satisfied with and that meets both your promotional and budgetary needs.

Why Exhibit Design Is So Important

The reason it is so important to get the design of your exhibit “right” from the beginning is because everything follows from that – from fabrication to installation. If the design you decide on is too complicated (or not elaborate enough), or if it is too large for the space designated for your business at the trade show (or inadequate for the space), or if it does not sufficiently convey the unique brand of your company, then it won’t matter what it looks like when it is fabricated, assembled, and installed. Once the trade show opens, you want to be assured that you are one hundred percent satisfied with the display.

The Design Team

Your exhibit stand builder will assemble for you a team of professional, experienced graphic designers and engineers to help you design your dream display. These dedicated individuals will assist in creating and realizing a vision that is all your own and that expresses the essence of your business. Whether it is a simple portable display that is relatively inexpensive (but no less effective), or a sophisticated, multi-level, flexible truss display utilizing every possible resource at the disposal of the exhibit stand builder, these engineers and graphic designers will work tirelessly to ensure that the design you need stands out from every other exhibitor at the trade show.

From Design To Fabrication To Installation

After the design for your exhibit is determined, this same team will then begin work on the fabrication of the display itself. Using state of the art models and materials, they will create a stunning product that will be consistent with the original exhibit design. The brand concept for your company will be fundamentally preserved and, once the exhibit is professionally installed at the trade show, the process begun with the initial design will be complete.

Equip Your Trade Show Booth Staff with These Tips

successA well-trained, dedicated and motivated staff is crucial for the success of a trade show booth. Without good and trustworthy people to staff your booth, all your time, money and hard work will be wasted. They are responsible for preparing the booth, interacting with the visitors and establishing relationships with them, converting the visitors into leads and buyers, and being the face of your company for the duration of the trade show.

Here are 5 trade show booth tips to equip your trade show booth staff with:

1. Proper training before the start of the trade show:

Staff training is essential for participation in a trade show. Every member of staff who is going to be at your booth for any duration of time must be trained before the start of the event. The training should cover the products you are going to put on display, the key messages you want to convey, potential problems and ways to handle them, an overview of the planned activities, and booth etiquette such as not eating in the booth. Never put untrained employees at your trade show booth; they may end up causing more harm than good.

2. Instructions on how to interact with the attendees:

Every member of your trade show team should be equipped with well-rehearsed instructions on how to greet the attendees and turn them into leads. They should greet the attendees politely and in a friendly manner, with a genuine smile on their face. After the greeting, they should proceed to give a brief overview of the company. This should be followed by questions to determine whether an attendee is a good prospect or not. After that, they should go on to describe the products and their benefits, and try to convert the attendee into a lead or customer.

3. Dress code and appropriate material:

Anyone who is staffing a trade show booth should look the part. He or she must be dressed appropriately and be in possession of the necessary materials to promote the product or service. If there are going to be several employees at the booth, it would work to the company’s advantage to have them wear a uniform. They should also be equipped with the necessary materials, such as brochures, business cards and samples.

4. Awareness of your company’s goals:

For successful participation in any trade show, you must have a clear set of goals and all your employees must be made aware of those goals. Without an awareness of the company’s goals, they will just hang around without any real purpose. When the attendees sense this, which will not require much time, they will lose interest and head for the next booth. Therefore, every team member staffing the booth must be fully aware of the company’s goals.

5. Incentives to motivate the staff:

Expecting your employees to work hard just because they are paid doesn’t work. In order to make them give their best, they must be given incentives to motivate them. Good incentives can transform even uninterested employees into star performers. Incentives can include gift certificates, cash bonuses, commission on products sold, and assurance of promotion.

Have the Right Number of People at Your Next Trade Show with These Tips

people-outlineNo matter how hard you work for your trade show, it will be a waste of your time and money if enough attendees do not turn up at your booth. At the same time, having a huge crowd of people who are there just to window-shop is not productive either. In order to call your trade show participation a success, it’s best to attract people who are genuinely interested in your products and will generate leads.

Here are 5 trade show tips to get the right number of people at your next trade show:

1. Advertise:

Advertisements can make a huge difference in the number of people visiting your booth. Therefore, advertise in the local newspapers, magazines, TV and through social media. If you can afford to, consider hiring an advertisement agency to create an attractive advertisement with a catchy slogan. You can also use mass emails, SMS, social media, word of mouth and other methods to advertise your presence.

2. Send out invitations:

Sending out invitations can significantly increase the attendance of the right people at your booth. Invite your customers, clients, business associates, suppliers and other people you think would benefit from the trade show. Use email, phone, invitation cards or verbal invitation as you find appropriate. If a pass is required to enter the trade show, send trade show passes to those you consider important. Invite as many people as you can to the trade show, but make sure that they are right people.

3. Hire a famous model or celebrity:

One surefire way to get a lot of visitors to your trade show booth is to hire a famous model or celebrity. The presence of a famous face can dramatically increase the number of people visiting your booth. Instead of just sitting pretty, get them to interact with the visitors. Many attendees will gladly buy your products, sign up for offers and talk about your booth to impress their friends and acquaintances afterwards.

4. Maximize the attendees’ trade show experience:

The success of your presence in a trade show depends to a great extent on word of mouth. The happier you can make your visitors, the more they will talk about your booth, which will translate into more visitors. Therefore, maximize the attendees’ trade show experience with various things, such as draws and contests, and free giveaways. Also, ensure that the attendees are given the impression that they are welcomed and highly valued.

5. Have something going on every day:

A crowd of people at your booth can really have an impact on more people stopping by. The larger the crowds you have at your booth, the bigger the number of people who will run to your booth. But with so much competition, you need to be a little more proactive. So, always have something going on at your booth, such as a contest, draw and limited time offers. Design each event targeting the type of people who will visit your booth at that particular time. Announce each event in advance using leaflets, banners, social media, emails and text messages.

3 items to Check Prior to Printing Your Trade Show Graphics

find-local-digital-printing-services-in-SydneyGraphics play a very important role in attracting the attendees to your custom trade show display booth. In addition to dramatically increasing the visibility of your booth, they help create the desired ambiance to keep your audience interested in your displays. The better the graphics to embellish your display, the more impressive your booth will be in the eyes of the attendees. But wrongly done graphics can have the opposite effects. They can make your booth look cheap and unattractive. Therefore, you should ensure that everything is right before the opening of the show.

Here are 3 items you should check prior to printing your trade show graphics:

  1. Content: The right content is of utmost importance for marketing. Today’s trade show attendees are not there just to see the attractive displays and flashing lights. They want to know in detail what you have to offer and what benefit they can get from the products. But to lure them to your booth, first you need to have attractive slogans and catchphrases. If you take a look around, all big companies have at least one, such as KFC’s “It’s finger lickin’ good” and Levi’s “Quality never goes out style”. In addition to attractive slogans and catchphrases, you need to have descriptions of your products and offers. If the information given is incorrect, you will have only yourself to blame if you receive a lot of complaints afterwards. Therefore, make sure that you have the right content for your custom trade show display booth.
  2. Spelling and grammar: A spelling mistake seems very trivial but it can create a negative impact on your target customers’ mind. People these days are quick to point out even the smallest of mistakes. Even one spelling or grammar mistake can draw ridicule to your booth, which can be bad for business because people often equate spelling and grammar mistakes with carelessness and unprofessionalism. Therefore, you should make sure that every word is spelt correctly and every sentence has the right punctuation and grammar. Hire someone to edit your content prior to publishing it.
  3. PMS Color: When it comes to color, what you see on your computer screen is usually not what you get when printed on paper. As a matter of fact, the colors on the screen are never the color printed on paper. So, what looks fantastic on the screen may look dull and insipid on the actual printout, all thanks to the color. Therefore, check the PMS color to make sure you get the exact colors you want. Pay special attention to colors on the logo and your company’s brand. Even if the colors are slightly different, your target audience may find something amiss. So do not compromise on colors. Make sure that every shade and hue is exactly as they should be. Print several times, each time changing the colors on the screen, to get the colors right for your custom trade show display booth.