Dress the Part at Your Next Trade Show

dress-the-part-business-attire-tipsWould you buy from a salesperson who knocks on your door wearing dirty worn clothes? Unless the person is someone you know, you would probably shut the door on their face. The same goes for trade show booth team members. If you are not dressed suitably, your visitors will not take you seriously. In order to impress the visitors and make them want to do business with you, you must dress the part.

Here are some suggestions on how to dress for the part at your next trade show:

1. Avoid casual clothes:

Although most trade show venues do not require you to wear formal clothes, they do frown on exhibitors wearing casual clothes. You should avoid wearing shorts and t-shirts and since they make you look too informal. In most cases, you should wear professional attire There are, however, some exceptions, such as recreational themed shows, where casual clothes are more suitable.

2. Wear formal clothes:

Most trade show venues expect you to be formally attired, which usually means that you have to wear a suit. Many companies require their staff to wear suits. But if you don’t want to wear a suit, then make sure to wear dress pants and shirt. If you are a woman, you can wear a skirt and a dress top or a suit. If all team members had a uniform that would be even better.

3. Wear formal shoes:

Shoes are an important part of your trade show attire and they should be worn in such a way to complement your clothes. Wear only formal shoes. Avoid wearing sandals, slippers and sneakers, since they are informal. If you are a woman, heals are great for a professional look. If you are a man, black and brown shoes are among the most common for a professional look.

4. Wear jewelry in moderation:

It is usually accepted for a woman to wear jewelry, but you should wear them in moderation. Classic jewelry, such as gold and silver earrings, pendants and bracelets, are attractive and even professional while not distracting anyone. Avoid loud and intrusive jewelry, such as bright coloured earrings and jangling bangles that attract attention. Men should avoid wearing jewelry altogether if they can.

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene:

You will be interacting with hundreds of people at close quarters, talking to them face to face and shaking hands with them. Personal hygiene is extremely important to give a good impression of yourself and company. Also, too much cologne and perfume can have the same affect, especially with people with allergies or are sensitive to smells. At best, potential customers will politely walk away; at worst, they will refuse to shake hands with you or even talk to you.

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