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Why Tension Fabric Displays Are the Superior Choice

Preparing for a big exposition or trade show can be a costly venture for any company. When done correctly, however, the time and money spent can pay off dividends in exposure and the potential for new business. Tension fabric displays provide a solid choice for any firm that needs to enter the expo arena in a big way.

Tension fabric displays are specially designed pieces of cloth that are meant to cover or complete encase framing material. The end result is a highly visible display that helps make a trade show booth stand out from the competition.

Why should this option be considered over other display choices? Here are just a few reasons why many firms are choosing tension fabric displays:

  • The appearance – Tension fabric displays are visually stunning. These four-color designs capture the eye and are limited in appearance only by imagination. While graphics are printed on fabric, the end result of a masterful job is a stunningly crisp design that will catch the eye and help funnel traffic into a trade show booth.
  • The ease – Tension fabric displays tend to be one of the most flexible options for trade show staff to use. The frames are often crafted from aluminum and the fabric itself folds up nicely for easy transport. The end result is a display that’s easy to transport, easy to carry and easy to set up. This can prove to be a huge relief for staff members that are used to toting heavy, difficult to assemble displays.
  • The cost – While this type of display does require a fairly sizeable upfront investment, the long-term costs are low. Tension fabric displays tend to last a few long time when well cared for and they don’t cost as much as many would think considering their visibility and quality.
  • The overall impact – This type of display tends to work well with an overall booth design or even just on its own for one-off public appearances.

Entering the trade show arena is a great way for a company to gain exposure and the potential for new business. Standing out, however, requires a booth that catches the eyes of passersby. This is where tension fabric displays really stand out as superior.

Expo Stands Deliver Choice

Diving into the world of tradeshows and exhibitions requires some serious preparation on the part of any company or organization. One of the biggest decisions involves just how to create the display that will help with promotions. When it comes to expo stands meant to hold up displays and create a visually impactful image for passersby, there are more choices than many realize.

Expo stands are available in a number of sizes, styles and complexity levels. Some of the basic options include:

Truss exhibits – As the name suggests, these are rather large exhibit stands meant to hold up a variety of graphic displays. These stands are visually impressive and offer a lot of options in regard to configuration. Truss stands are also generally able to support a lot of weight. They can be used, for example, to hold up flat-screen televisions as easily as they’ll support printed graphic displays.

Double deck – These displays are essentially the Cadillacs of the tradeshow world. They offer a two-tiered display that’s meant to take up a fair amount of room. Double deck expo stands are often used in large exhibition halls. They are rather elaborate by design and do take some work to assemble and breakdown.

Portable – These expo stands are designed to offer easy portability thanks to their lightweight design. They tend to be very easy to assemble and breakdown and are meant to make setting up a display as simple as possible. These displays are often suitable for shows where only one or two staff members are available for setup.

Fabric displays – These sleek displays are generally set up on aluminum stands meant for easy portability and assembly. The end result is a brilliant visual display that doesn’t take a lot of effort to put in place.

Islands – These are also rather elaborate displays that are visually impressive. They are meant for larger or more permanent exhibitions and might not be the best choice for quick, one-off public appearances.

Choosing the right expo stands for the purpose at hand is important. Larger, more elaborate displays are generally best for situations where staff is available to help with setup and breakdown. Smaller, more portable options, such as fabric displays are often ideal for one-off situations where a single person might be responsible for the setup, appearance and breakdown.

Factors to Consider in Exhibit Design

Ever notice how some companies manage to pull in all the traffic at trade shows and public exhibitions? Chances are the ones that do are the one who take several important factors into account when working on their exhibit design.

If it’s time to make your company standout as the booth drawing the most attention, here are some factors to consider when mapping out your next exhibit design:

  • The structure – Selecting the right structural design is the backbone for creating a winning display. Keep in mind the size restrictions of where you’re going to display and get creative in that space. If there is a lot of room to work with, consider a larger truss design or if the display is meant to stand for a while or will be used frequently throughout the year, a larger double deck could make a great choice.
  • The lighting – This is critical for helping your display stand out. It won’t matter how great your graphics and visuals are or how wonderful your freebies, if people can’t see in your exhibit, they won’t stop.
  • The visuals – Now, about those visuals. Work with your exhibit design company to create graphics that will catch the eye from across a large room. If you really want to stand out, your visuals have to, as well. Beyond the graphics a good fabrication company can provide to go along with your display stands, consider interactive options, flat-screen TV presentations and other visually catching choices.
  • The message – The entire display should come together to convey the message your company is trying to get out. Whether it’s helping you brand your entire enterprise or you’re promoting a particular product or service, make sure the design and feel fit the message you want to send.
  • The freebies – Don’t forget to prepare plenty of handouts and giveaways. Whether it’s simply literature about what you do or you plan on giving out goodies, such as pens, magnets or other items, making sure people leave with something in their hand is a great way to get them to remember you.

Coming up with a great exhibit design takes careful planning. Make sure to work with an expert in the field to get the greatest impact for your time and money.

Tips for Creating a Winning Exhibit Design

Putting together an exhibit design that will capture the eye, entice people to stop by and chat and help your company generally get noticed is a big job indeed. If you’ve never put together the elements for a winning display, chances are a few tips are in order.

Relax! The process of creating a great exhibit design just takes some careful thought. If you work with a company that has in-house graphics services, they’ll take your ideas, work with you and bring them to life. So, your big task really lies in setting the direction and the tone. Once that’s done, you can let the pros do what they do best.

Here are some tips for getting started when an extraordinary design is required:

  • Get the nitpicky details out of the way – Before you or a fabrication company can get to work creating a great display, you’ll need to know a few details. Some of the items that matter the most include the size of the space you’ll be afforded, its height, access to electricity and the amount of available lighting. These factors can all play a role in helping you decide if a giant double deck display that really stands out makes sense or if you might be better off going with a sleeker, more scaled-back look.
  • The budget – This is a big issue that must be addressed before you try to work out an exhibit design. Don’t worry though – there are some rental options available for display trusses and other pieces of hardware that can keep your costs in check. Just know what you’re allowed to spend before you start designing and ordering.
  • The message – Before you can even begin to have the visuals designed for your display, you’ll need to settle on the message you want to convey. Consider such things as the product or service you want to promote, the image or tone you’d like used and the colors that are most appropriate. From there, you can work with a fabrication company’s designers to create the perfect visuals for your chosen display.

Creating a winning exhibit design just takes some thought and planning. With a little bit of time and some help from fabrication pros, anyone can create the perfect display.