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Top 10 Trends Affecting Trade Shows

In order to establish or maintain success when it comes to trade show displays, there are a number of trends that businesses have to keep in mind. Here are 10 of the top trends that are permeating the trade show market these days. Following these trends could help to boost sales and increase the popularity of your trade show exhibits.

  1. Remember to Tell A Story

When there’s a story behind your product, customers are able to connect emotionally with what you have to offer. Your story should be compelling, and should include elements that most people can relate to. For instance, if you talk about the ways that your product can keep families safe or save time during the day, you’re more likely to attract customers and retain loyal clients. Your company’s story can be told in your booth display and in the marketing and promotional materials that you design for clients.

  1. Accessibility of Company CEOs

The CEO of your company is often viewed as a celebrity at trade shows. It’s a really good idea to arrange for your boss to attend the show and interact with attendees. This will be especially memorable for customers and could increase your client base.

  1. Selecting Employees as Spokespeople

Employees who are especially sociable and skilled when it comes to marketing should serve as spokespeople for the company. These team members can be responsible for updating the company website and engaging with trade show attendees.

  1. Data Is Important

Accessing data concerning trade shows will help you to determine which groups of people have the most interest in what you have to offer. For the most part, larger companies can easily afford access to data, but that should be changing in the near future. The information you acquire could help you customize your trade show booth and customer interaction.

  1. Data for Attendee Behavior Is Available

There are now ways in which you can collect information on the ways that attendees behave at trade shows. Bluetooth wireless communication and iBeacon, as well as radio frequency identification or RFID are the ways in which this  is being made possible. When you see how clients are responding, you can better plan for future shows.

  1. Trade shows Are Going Mobile

One major trend affecting trade shows is the fact that these shows are going mobile.  Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, which means you’re going to have to implement or upgrade your mobile e-commerce efforts. It may also be a good idea to develop an app for your brand.

  1. More Bandwidth is Required

Exhibitors are in need of connectivity in their booths, which means the capabilities of bandwidth and WiFi are going to have to improve. While the cost of additional bandwidth may seem steep, it can be the only viable option until a better one is introduced.

  1. Trade shows May Be Ongoing (Virtually)

Even after your exhibit is “closed,” it’s a great idea to give attendees access to the trade show online. This means developing constant content that people can access both day and night.

  1. Marketing on Social Media

Social media should be a huge part of marketing for your trade show. Active social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter can bring awareness to your brand and increase trade show attendance.

  1. Trade show Exhibit=Full Experience

Finally, it’s essential for your exhibit to present the full experience to show attendees. Even though online technology is certainly making its mark in the trade show industry, don’t forget to make the live experience just as fun and engaging. Make product demonstrations, keep the booth neat and welcoming, and be willing to answer any questions attendees have when visiting your trade show booth.

5 Things to Expect In The Future of Trade Shows

Some would say that trade shows are not as popular as they once were. Companies are finding new ways to display their products and interact with customers, but that doesn’t mean trade shows are obsolete. Lindsey Rosenthal, the chief strategist for Events for Good, asserts that many people don’t have the patience to spend the entire day on the trade show floor anymore. The Center for Association Leadership explores the ways in which the trade show may change in the coming year when it comes to connecting with customers and networking with other exhibitors. Here are a few key points to consider.

The Future Is Already Here

The future outlook for trade shows looks a lot like the trade show model that is already in place. Even with the advancement of technology, there isn’t a substitute for meeting face-to-face and connecting with like-minded professionals. This is the foundation of the trade show industry. Changing from this model will take some time, but waiting too late to acknowledge the future of the industry could mean losing customers to competitors. However, in-person contact is still essential. CEO and president of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events David DuBois states that getting great business ideas through meetings and trade shows can’t be replaced with hybrid technology.

The Trade show As We Know It Is Over

Some assert that the traditional trade show will be “extinct” in 2016. This indicates that businesses and exhibitors will have to figure out a new way to connect with would-be trade show attendees. Trade shows of the future will likely move at a faster pace, and the events themselves will be smaller. These future trade shows will also provide a relaxed atmosphere, in which buying and selling are not top priorities. This sounds great in theory, but it may cause longtime exhibitors to lose interest, and could result in a loss in profits for the trade show industry.

The Future Should Be Left In The Future

The future of trade shows indicates that the “show” will be very contained and exclusive, with benefits that are only for the participants. This is similar to not having free WiFi and only being connected to a private data network for service. This, of course, has its pros and cons. Technology can make it easier for some to “attend” the trade shows, but exhibitors must pay special attention to retail trends in order to make this transition successful.

The Future Should Be Considered With Caution

Associations understand that it will take a while for companies to build positive relationships with their selected technology partners for online trade shows. Both entertainment and education are necessary for the transition into technology to be a successful one. In order for associations to model the changes they intend for their members, The Show Reimagined has been created, which includes an app for mobile events, as well as educational booths that provide information on booth design and business sponsorship.

A Tradeshow Overhaul is Coming

The overhaul will reveal a never-before-seen trade show, and top professionals in an industry will be able to choose the best services and products to showcase to customers. This can help to bring more awareness to the great things trade show exhibitors have to offer, and the virtual trade show will essentially be a public relations event, which can lead to profits in the long run. Establishing reward programs in specific industries can motivate professionals to be especially innovative in their production and presentation.

There are more modern concepts being introduced into the world of trade shows, such as charging a fee for exhibits that are high-interest, or not charging general admission for trade shows. However, it will likely take some time for these changes to be implemented. Overall, professionals like Rosenthal agree that now is the time to start planning for the future of trade shows, instead of waiting until 2016.

Disney and a Trade Show: Create The Experience Attendees Want

Disney is a magical world, that captures the imagination and inspires the childlike soul that is hidden deep within us all. It’s also a wonderful destination for families, allowing them to double a business trip up with a vacation that everyone can enjoy. That is why many trade shows are held in these locations. Understanding the subtle psychology of Disney, and how it can affect potential customers, can help you to increase the effectiveness of your display booth, in order to capitalize on the whimsy of the fantastical environment around you.

Play To a Theme

Since this is a magical world you can play to that quality by turning your display booth into something magical and fantastic. This space is yours, and you can do anything you want with it, allowing you to get creative, and inspired with your design efforts. You can make the area look like a castle, a cave, or an aquarium, depending on how elaborate you want to get. Foam blocks are light and easily carved elements that can be built into a variety of features. However you want to make sure that you have the details for setting up your booth set and memorized before the day of the event.

Expect Kids

Since it is Disney, many people bring their families with them to double a vacation with work time. In some cases business people will also bring their children with them to the trade show, in order to teach them the inner workings of the business world. You should expect this, and be ready for it. If you are able to engage the child, their parents will be held at your location as well, giving them more time to consider your products. This can be accomplished simply, with industry themed toys, interactive games, and even simple giveaways like coloring books that the little ones can get excited about.

Make It Magical

Many trade shows have a formal feeling to them, since they are important business affairs where large sums of money are processed, promised, and allocated. However Disney adds a hint of whimsy to such proceedings, giving the function a sense of playful wonder which is distinct to these locations. You shouldn’t be afraid to play to that characteristic, having fantastical displays, and humor laced marketing materials that will keep attendees floating in the fog of dreams. At the same time it is important not to go over the top with any of these efforts and end up offending potential clients and customers or damaging your reputation.

Attitude Counts

Your attitude should match the magical atmosphere of the environment around you. That means that you want to be enthusiastic and engaging with every person that approaches your booth. This can be exhausting, but a trained staff of professionals can help, by supporting your efforts and lending their own energy to the sales pitch. Make sure that you don’t burn yourself out early on, but rather pace your tempo, and work to maintain a level of amicable exuberance which is steady throughout the course of the event.

Give Them Stuff

Disney World and Disneyland are really expensive parks, and you have to pay through the nose for every little trinket and toy. At a trade show you can flip that script, handing out branded merchandise to people who will be tired of dumping dollars after trinkets. That will keep them happy, and will often end up as toys for their kids, keeping your logo and marketing message in their home for years to come, while associating it with a magical experience in a tropical destination.

There Is More To a Trade Show Than Marketing

Often when exhibiting a booth at a trade show, the main purpose will be marketing to a targeted crowd of people in order to try and gain customers and clients. However there are numerous benefits that can be attained at these events that go beyond advertising opportunities. You have to be open to all of the different channels that are available to you, in order to get the greatest effect from your efforts.


Trade shows are one of the best places to network with the people who can take your business to the next level. There you will find all of the most powerful and important people in your industry, all looking for new ideas, inspirations, and partners that they can team up with in order to complete large scale collaborative projects. You will also find a large crowd of potential customers and clients that will be looking for the products and services that you have to offer. Making connections with them can help to create direct sales, as well as long term relationships that can lead to later revenue.

List Building

A trade show is a great opportunity to expand your list of targeted leads. The crowd is highly motivated to find your products and services, and many of them will be happy to give you their contact details free of charge. This effect will increase exponentially if you are willing to give away branded materials and or samples in exchange for this information. Later, that database that is created can be used to send direct, targeted messages to people over time, giving you long term benefits from the process.


Hosting a booth at a trade show positions you as a leader in your industry. You’ll be standing right alongside the biggest names and companies in your field, taking part in their prestige to elevate your own. That can be an important and powerful factor that influences how people perceive your company. That can in turn elevate the level of trust that they have for you, making them more likely to buy from or do business with your organization.


Spreading awareness of your brand is another benefit that you can get from displaying a booth at a trade show. The area that you occupy will be like a giant, living, interactive ad, that people will be able to come and experience. That is an immersive process, that can help them to become connected to the product or services that you are offering. It also allows you to project a very distinct, and powerful image, that can create a particular association between your company and the style that you are trying to evoke.

Photo Ops

There are always opportunities to capture exciting, interesting pictures and videos at a trade show. Many prestigious people attend these events, including celebrities, and industry powerhouses. By attaining photos of you standing with them, you can elevate your own level of prestige, and by proxy that of your company. General media captured from the event can also help to make your organization seem more dynamic, and energetic, especially when posted to various social media platforms.


A trade show is a great marketing opportunity but there are also a wide variety of additional benefits that can be attained by exhibiting a booth. It gives you a chance to acquire media for online use, network with related professionals, interact directly with customers, and spread awareness of your brand and the style that you are trying to create. It also gives you the tools to build a powerful list of potential clients and customers, which can give you the tools needed to develop a following of long term loyal fans.

Incorporate An Interactive Kiosk At Your Next Trade Show Booth

We live in an age of wonders, where technological innovations are constantly changing the way we do business, opening the world up to new opportunities. At a trade show, you need to be at the forefront of that movement, making use of the most unique, distinct, and eye catching elements available in order to gain attention, and stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to effectively do that is to incorporate an interactive kiosk into your display booth.

Interactive Kiosks

An interactive kiosk is any touchscreen device that allows attendees of a show to interact with a computer program of your choosing. These can consist of games, polls, questionnaires, and user initiated information guides. There are a variety of hardware options available ranging from iPads and tablets which can be freestanding or wall mounted, up to large monitors and displays that are full sensory experiences, combining visual and audio effects for unique user experiences.

Expand Your Sales Team

One of the advantages of an interactive kiosk is that it lets a computer do some of the basic leg sales work that your team would otherwise have to handle. These displays can engage users during rushes, holding their interest until a human can see to their needs. They can also explain the particulars of a product or service, while demonstrating its functions in a real world visual environment. That can cut down on some of the basic, frequently asked questions that people might have, letting them step into a conversation with your sales team equipped with the basic knowledge necessary to understand your organization.

Impress Potential Clients

An interactive kiosk is a cutting edge, impressive display product that will get a lot of attention. At the same time they are impressive devices, which will showcase your own style, sophistication, and familiarity with advanced computer equipment. All of these things can help to elevate the perceived value and prestige of your organization, which will impress potential clients, and inspire trust in individuals who are considering doing business with you.

Attract Attention

Having a booth at a trade show ensures that you are going to get a certain amount of attention from the crowd. But chances are there will be hundreds of other display areas to visit, which can cause attendees to forget about you and your company, amid the great wash of information that they are being bombarded with. That’s why you need to create a unique experience, that will be memorable in and of itself. That will in turn help to create a positive association with your products or services, that can be a subtle but powerful factor when they are making a purchasing decision.

Collect Information

While interactive displays can be great for drawing attention and impressing potential clients, it also has the ability to collect important information for your future marketing efforts. A simple contact form is the most basic way to handle this. If you have a user guided information tour then you will be able to track what people were more likely to click on during the course of the show. You can also intersperse poll questions and quizzes among games, in order to get direct responses to important strategic queries.

Stand Out From The Crowd

In order to be memorable in the eyes of trade show attendees you have to show them something new. Whether you are displaying products, services, ideas, or innovations, the delivery of your message will affect how people react to it. An interactive kiosk makes it feel like a person is stepping into the future, controlling the reins of a science fiction spaceship that is also informing them about your business. That can do a lot to help you stand out from the crowd.