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Great Gadgets for Trade Show Booth Planners

In today’s world of trade shows, it’s definitely a plus to make technology a part of the product display. There are a number of gadgets that can add visual appeal to a service or product. Certain technological advances can also make the actual trade show booth one of the most attractive at the event. If you’re planning your company’s booth for this year’s trade show, here are five gadgets you’ll definitely want to have on hand.
Small Projectors
Mini projectors can help you make the most of your trade show displays and booth presentations. These small projectors are actually devices that help you use an image projector with a hand-held device. If you’re looking for these items at your local electronics stores, you may also see them labeled as pico projectors. If your booth is small and you want to get information out about your services or products in an innovative way that doesn’t take up too much space, mini projectors are best. The devices can be attached to your tablet, camera or cell phone, and you can project commercials or product demos on the wall for potential customers to enjoy. If you come in contact with other business owners who may want to do business with you, you can use the pico projector for an impromptu presentation that could boost your professional reputation.
Power Bank
Power banks are portable chargers that you can use for all your electronic devices during your trade show displays. These are a must if you’re going to be at a trade show all day. Power banks also spare you the trouble of having to carry around extra batteries for your cell phone, tablet, laptop or stereo. Getting a power bank means never having to worry about your battery running low. You’ll be able to talk on the phone longer, watch more product videos and online presentations and record your positive customer interactions and meetings to post on your social media pages.
Laser Keyboard
When you’re preparing to make your trade show exhibit booths look their best, you’ll need to get a laser keyboard. This computer input device projects an image of a keyboard onto a flat surface. The user can touch the projected keys, and the device connected to the laser keyboard will record the corresponding action. Lots of people are using tablets and smartphones at their trade show booths, and if you are constantly responding to texts and emails on your mobile devices, a laser keyboard can help you save time. You’ll also be more efficient in your trade show presentations. Laser keyboards are also small enough to carry in your pocket, so you can easily take it to your next event.
Chromecast (from Google)
Google Chromecast lets you take videos from the Internet and play them on a TV that is connected to a local online network or Wi-Fi. This is a great way to display videos that are embedded on your website, or Web commercials that paint your services in the best light. You can even use Chromecast to open a Google Chrome table remotely on your big-screen television. Chromecast doesn’t require you to use cables and it takes up very little space. The device is also pretty affordable, and won’t cut into your trade show supply budget too much.
Digital Pen
Finally, don’t forget to take a digital pen to the trade show. The pen changes handwritten notes into digital data. Digital pens also use real ink and can write on paper. The pen is also discreet and doesn’t look any different from a “regular” writing device. The pen is used to write, sketch doodle or even scribble, and the data is then converted into a digital page. After the conversion, the page is saved on your laptop or PC. Digital pens allow you to take notes in real time and keeps you from losing important information during the trade shows. You can also take the digital pen with you to the trade show instead of your laptop to save space.