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How to Attract New Leads

Getting ready for an upcoming trade show means ensuring that your booth looks its best and you’ve got the right marketing materials to attract attendees. However, you’ve also got to brainstorm effective ways to find new leads. Your trade show ideas should reflect the spirit of your business, but they should also result in new business contacts that can help your company grow. Here are some ways to attract new leads when you’re at your trade show booth.

Offering Helpful Information

Including lots of attractions at your trade show booth usually isn’t the best way to get leads, and it can cost a ton of money. However, when you offer pertinent information that attendees can use right away, you’re more likely to boost your customer base. For instance, make sure that your pamphlets and information cards include concise information (with facts and figures, if necessary) that attendees will find helpful. If you’re selling a technology product, list all the ways the product can be used, so those who visit your booth will know exactly how your product is beneficial.

Be Current

While you’re being helpful to attendees, make sure you are also up to date when it comes to information in your industry. If you’re promoting healthy snacks or kitchen utensils, use trade show ideas like information card displays that will offer current facts about the foods you are using. If your energy bars include kale, give attendees information about the health benefits of kale from the current year. This gives the impression that you are knowledgeable in the industry, and increases the chances that attendees will want to follow up with you, keep up with your business in between trade shows, and become loyal customers.

Engage in Conversation

When you engage with attendees at your trade show booth, don’t just give a rehearsed presentation. Yes, you need to be knowledgeable about your service or product. However, you also need to master the art of conversation in order to secure your leads. Attendees are much more likely to show an interest in your company and become consumers if you exhibit customer service as well as product knowledge.

Be Helpful

Always be prepared to help a potential customer who visits your booth. You may find that attendees have waited to come to the trade show and ask you about a product your company manufactures, so they can get first-hand answers. The more willing you are to answer questions, the more likely you’ll walk away with a significant amount of leads. Sure, you want as many people as possible to visit the booth. However, you don’t want attendees to feel as though you’re rushing them along. Take time to show potential consumers what your products and services are all about, and you just may gain a loyal customer for your business.

Using these trade show ideas can make your exhibit experience much more fulfilling. Be sure to pay attention to the overall energy of the trade show so you can use the right tactics at the right times.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Design

As you prepare to participate in an upcoming trade show, you’ll want to put your company’s best face forward. Selecting the right colors for your trade show booth is one of the best ways to do this, especially if you’ve got products that will complement the main colors of your exhibit. Colors have a way of evoking certain feelings and thoughts in consumers, the perfect hues can help to boost your reputation at trade shows, which can result in increased sales. Here are a few colors you may want to consider.


Blue, and dark blue in particular, is a smart choice for your trade show exhibit. The color is a symbol of integrity, and immediately prompts potential customers to take your company seriously. A dark shade of blue is also a sign of expertise, and gives the impression that you know what you’re doing when it comes to presenting quality products and services to consumers. Blue carries the connotation of power as well, and is an effective way to be seen as a leader in your industry.


When you use orange for your trade show booth designs, there’s a good chance you’ll attract the attention of nearly everyone who passes by your booth. Deep orange is best, since the color is fun, but also has an energetic and knowledgeable feel to it. Orange is also a color that shows balance, and it gives the impression that you’re experienced in your field, but says that your company is open to learning new things. Customers will feel as though their voices will be heard when you use this color for your trade show exhibit, and denotes the ideal combination of modern tactics and tried-and-true customer service.


Red is bolder than orange, and has the ability to make people stop and pay attention. When you’ve got a product that you know is useful but may not be in the forefront of people’s minds (such as nontraditional office supplies or kitchen storage items) red is a viable option. If you’re using red for your main trade show sign, adding white lettering will make the color stand out while making the wording easy to see.


Even though brown is a muted, neutral color, it carries a number of meanings. Reliability and strength are the principles that come to mind when customers see this color included in your trade show booth design. Brown is also an ideal hue to use when you’re advertising “rugged” products, such as outdoor equipment and natural foods. When you want to show trade show participants to know that your company is stable and you’re confident in the product you offer, brown is the way to go.

These are just a few of the attention-getting colors you can use to ensure that your trade show exhibit stands out in the best way. It’s best to couple these main colors with shades of tan or gray to create visual balance and keep the colors from appearing too bright or overwhelming.

How to Create a Customer Profile For Your Next Trade Show

As you plan for your upcoming trade show, you’ll need to make sure that you’re appealing to the right customers. Creating a profile for your consumers is a good way to do marketing, and gives you the tools you need to properly plan your trade show exhibit. Once you know how to create profiles for your customers, you’ll also know how to prepare your trade show employees to provide customized and interesting information to consumers. Of course, accurate customer profiles also give you a reliable way to follow up with consumers.

Here are some of the ways you can create consumer profiles for your next show.

Get To Know Your Customers

In order to really get to know the customers who come to your booth, you’ll need to know more than just their names. It’s important to know what motivates your consumers, and to get information on how they live their daily lives.

This can pose a challenge for your marketing team, because team members will likely assume that your product is widely appealing, which means that making customer profiles will limit your marketing reach. Your marketing team may also assume that your product has mass appeal because it is one of a kind. That’s why it’s essential to truly define your consumer. This will let you know what the customer would purchase from you, and which products you should recommend.

Select the Right Trade Shows

Since you won’t always be able to get all the information you need about customers before the actual trade show, it’s important to actually choose the right shows to attend. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll encounter the right customers. From there, you can create accurate profiles for future marketing. Instead of trying to determine the details about the audience you’ll encounter at the trade show, focus on getting information about the size of the trade show and the event’s industry reputation. You should also be aware of the marketing competition that will be present at the event, so you can prepare accordingly.

Turn to Social Media

If you don’t have social media accounts for your company, now is a good time to get started. Social media is a great way for you to find out which types of customers are interested in your product. Pay attention to the people who like your page or make comments about the products and services you advertise. You may start to notice a trend, i.e. lots of working moms find your product useful, or young professionals make up most of your customer base. This will help you create customer profiles, and you can use this information for planning your trade show.

Encourage Customer Engagement

Finally, you won’t get to know who your customers are if you don’t encourage interaction. In order to have reliable customer profiles for your next trade show, be sure to engage with customers effectively. Find out why your product is of interest to them. Ask if there are things you can do to improve your service. Inquire about the things customers like best about your company. Taking time to actually talk to consumers instead of handing out generic marketing materials can give consumers a great impression about your business. Consumers will likely remember this as a pleasant experience, and will be more willing to share additional information with you in the future, and will assist you in coming up with the best follow up methods for marketing. For instance, you may have discovered that short surveys are the best way to get info from your prospective customers. So, if you create an online survey a few weeks after the trade show, the customers you spent time interacting with will be more likely to fill out the survey.

5 Tips to Go Green At Your Next Trade Show

According to Forest Nation, the trade show industry is the second least sustainable in the entire world. Trade shows generate 600,000 tons of waste every year, which includes unused and unread marketing materials (like brochures and flyers), along with food waste and the use of excessive electric energy.

Even though attending trade shows may not be the “greenest” thing you can do for your business, they are an essential part of marketing. After all, these events are one of the best ways to attract lots of potential customers in a short amount of time, and make direct contact with people who can help grow your business.

Since trade shows are pretty much here to stay, here are some ways that you can go green the next time you’re setting up an exhibit.

1. Using Ecowall

Using Ecowall for your exhibit is a great way to save both money and resources. Ecowall is made from Cardboard PLUS, and is designed just for an exhibit. You can make stands, booth borders and other display features to support your products and showcase them properly in the trade show venue. Ecowall is cost-effective when it comes to assembling and disassembling and is completely printable, making them easy to customize. Ecowall is also reusable, making the product both practical and eco-friendly.

2. Including Green Flooring

When it comes to green flooring for your exhibit, there are plenty of green flooring options you can choose from. Companies like Brumark specialize in green flooring solutions, and have products that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for the environment. Materials like cork, sisal and bamboo are used to create the flooring , so you know you’re getting a quality product that will make your trade show booth stand out.

3. Decorate With a Living Wall

Even if you’re including Ecowall in your trade show, you may also want to consider a living wall. The company also creates a wall that is made from plants that are lush and green. The hydroponic design of the wall keeps the plants nourished throughout the trade show. These walls will show that your company cares about the environment, and the feature is likely to get the attention of attendees.

4. Create a ‘Green’ Display

The average trade show display is made from aluminum, plastic and metal. Now, there are ways to make your booth more sustainable. If you want to commit to making your trade show materials safe for the environment, you can look for ways to make your exhibit more eco-friendlly, which works to decrease the amount of exhibit materials that go to landfills.

5. Hand Out ‘Green’ Marketing Items

Finally, be sure to make your promotional products eco-friendly. The items have to be creative and innovative enough to get the attention of attendees, but they also need to be a clear reinforcement of how great your brand is.

One of the most popular ‘green’ promotional ideas is to ask prospective clients to plant a tree with the kit you provide. You can then follow up with the client to inquire about the progress of the plant, and to share new information about your company. If you choose to give out items like t-shirts or mouse pads, choose products that are made from organic cotton or recycled materials, so you can continue doing your part to protect the environment.