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Modern Ways To Absolutely Crush Your Competition

At trade shows, there are many companies trying to show case their business to the attendees. They show case their brand and do everything in their power to get people to their booths. However, with so much competition around, it can be difficult for any business to stand out from the crowd. Many companies use the same tactic over and over again from trade show to trade show and even use the same strategies as other companies around at the trade show. For this reason, it can become difficult for attendees to remember who is who.

Thankfully there are smarter and more modern ways that you can crush your competition and be more memorable to the attendees you come in contact with. Here are some ways that you can do just that.

Create Buzz About Your Show Before Hand

Letting your fans know that you will be at a trade show in their area is a great way to create a buzz around your event. This will cause excitement with the people that already know and love your brand. It is also beneficial for you to create social media business pages that promote your upcoming trade show.

Be Memorable

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to crush your competition, and be the number one business at the trade show is to be memorable. You want people to remember your brand and booth when they visit.
With so many brands and different businesses trying to get all the attention, being memorable will give you an edge among others. This can be done by having a trade show booth that attracts the attention of others with modern technology.

Solve A Problem

At your trade show exhibit, you will want to solve a problem that your attendees may have. Such as an everyday problem they may be having. This will give you an edge on the other companies, since you will actually be able to help visitors right there and then. People will become more intrigued with your brand if you are able to do this.

Get Creative

Getting creative will attract people to your booth. It is the perfect way to make people notice you and your brand among hundreds of unique companies. It’s time to put on those speakers and get excited about your brand. Great music is a great way to attract people to your booth. Just ensure the music is not too loud where you can’t have a conversation.
Another way to get creative is by giving your booth a unique appearance by creating a custom trade show exhibit design. Using different lighting or bright colors that will instantly intrigue people.

8 Tips to Generate Sales Leads At Your Next Trade Show

The main objective of attending trade shows is to generate leads that will turn into sales for your company. There are lots of trade show ideas out there, but will they really work for you? Whether you’re attending a trade show for the first time or have been going to trade shows for years, there are effective methods you can use to make sure the event is a success for your company. Here are 8 tips you can incorporate to increase your sales leads.

1. Offer Great Information

Don’t waste your trade show booth budget on “shiny” things that aren’t really going to teach attendees about your business. Instead, offer viable and practical information to your potential customers, backed by facts and figures if need be. Chances are attendees already know quite a lot about your business. They are coming to the event in order to possibly make a purchase, and to find out how your company can make their business run more efficiently. Be practical and direct while still being creative. This is the best way to go home with lots of leads.

2. Get the Right Prospects

Your business will attract a certain type of customer. Be aware of this before the trade show. If you’ve got an organic snack company, market to busy moms who want their children to eat healthy. If you’re selling office supplies, focus on small businesses who want their companies to run more efficiently. Use this information in your marketing materials and display the fact that you understand your consumer at your trade show exhibit. This will impress attendees and make them want to ask more questions.

3. Assist Attendees with Info

There are lots of programs out there to help attendees give you their info. Show them how to work the software, and assist them with social media if need be. This increases your customer base, and helps your company to make a great impression with attendees.

4. Write a White Paper

Few things give your business a more professional reputation than a white paper. The paper will let attendees know what your company is really all about. Percentages, figures associated with your business success, and even quotes from your CEO can be included in the white paper. Attendees who are serious about forming a partnership with you will be very likely to read the paper to find out whether or not your two companies will be a good match.

5. Be Current

Present information that is current and timely for clients. Just because you were among the top companies in your field five years ago, doesn’t mean that this news will impress potential clients now. Be educated about current trends in your industry and give honest information about the strides your company is making.

6. Show your Numbers

Numbers don’t lie. In your monitor presentations and marketing pamphlets, include numbers that tell exactly how successful your company is. The more research you have available at your trade show exhibit, the better.

7. Display the Data

Attendees also need to know how many customers are actually interested in your company. Don’t be afraid to display this data. When trade show attendees see how many other people need your products and services, they’ll be more likely to get on board.

8. Have Conversations

Finally, choose your most educated and friendly team members to man the booth. Instead of just presenting your product to attendees, engage in conversation with them. When attendees know that you understand them and can relate to them, they are more likely to patronize you for the services they need.

Make Your Trade Show Plan More Productive With These Tips

Having a solid plan for your next trade show is essential for your success. You and your team should know exactly what you plan to include in your trade show exhibit, how you’re going to market to attendees, and how you’re going to display your company’s designs and ideas at the booth. In order to ensure that your trade show plan is especially effective, keep these tips in mind so that you and your team will be proud of the work you do at your next trade show.

Plan A Year Ahead of Time

Sit down with your team and determine what your marketing goals are for the upcoming year. You may decide to attend a trade show or two throughout the year. Your marketing plan may include coming up with a new logo or slogan. Or, your marketing plan could feature news about a new product or service you’re offering. When you’ve got a solid marketing plan, you can start sharing this information on social media, which can make you more accountable to your clients. Planning the year in advance will also help you decide exactly what type of trade show booth you want to create, and will give you time to find the contractors and marketing experts you need to make your vision a reality.

Reserve Booth Space Far In Advance

Even when you’re not exactly sure what you’re going to do with your trade show exhibit, or you’ve had new developments to your company since your original trade show plan, book your booth space as far in advance as you can. This is the last thing you want to be worried about when you’re getting ready to attend a trade show. If you’ve already got a slot at an upcoming trade show, you can focus your attention on fine-tuning your marketing efforts or coming up with new promotional materials that will make your business stand out. This will also reduce the stress that you’re likely to feel when it comes time to prepare for trade shows. If you’ve got this major task crossed off your list, you can focus on getting more creative with your promotion and design efforts.

Schedule Pre-Show Promotions

Finally, make sure that you schedule the marketing events you need to attend, or tasks you need to complete, before the actual trade show takes place. In addition to having all the designs you need for your trade show booth, schedule a time to send out mailers to customers. Set aside the time you need in order to send out newsletters to online clients or to share information about the upcoming trade show on social media.

You should carve out time to interact with customers via social media or on your website as well. This is an important part of marketing, and shows your customers that you are interested in getting to know what their needs are. Attendees will remember this at the actual trade show, and are likely to tell their colleagues and friends about your business, which can increase your customer base.

Draw Your Target Audience to Your Booth With These Tricks

You’ve worked hard on your trade show exhibit designs, so of course, you want as many people as possible to visit your booth. However, you’ve got to think strategically if you want the right people to see your exhibit and be interested in what you have to offer. Here are some of the best ways to get your target audience to take notice of your exhibit at your next trade show.

Be Creative

The more creative you are with your trade show booth, the better. Give attendees the chance to try out the product for themselves, and allow potential customers to share their experience at your booth on social media. Use bright colors and tech tools like monitors or drones to get the message out about your products and services while you’re at the trade show. You can also hold contests at your booth that will earn attendees free or discounted products. Creativity will make your team members more motivated to tell attendees about your products and services, and is likely to attract attendees to your company well after the trade show has ended.

Remember That Small Can Be Good

Don’t try to build a huge trade show exhibit just for the sake of having a large booth. Remember that small can be a good thing, especially if the trade show venue isn’t particularly large. The space will appear friendlier and may encourage attendees to ask more questions. As long as you’ve decorated your booth well and have lots of marketing material available, you should be proud to display information at a booth that is reasonably sized.

Stick To Your Budget

When you spend way too much money on a trade show exhibit, you may come across as pretentious. This is especially true when you’re a startup company and you’re attending a trade show with other small businesses who are trying to build a reliable customer base. Remember to stick to your budget and use the money that you spend to portray your company in an innovative fashion. This shows your customers that you’re wise when it comes to your money and you know how to make your products both effective and affordable. These principles will draw attendees to your booth and make them more likely to become a part of your list of leads.

Share Testimonials

Don’t forget to share the testimonials that you get from other customers. You can do this with a monitor hanging above your trade show exhibit, or you can include quotes from positive reviews in your marketing materials. When attendees see that other customers are satisfied with the products and services that you offer, they are more likely to be interested in your business. Be sure to choose testimonials that display the fact that your products are practical and among the best in the business. This is a professional form of word-of-mouth marketing that could help you to get more leads during and after the trade show.

Some Ideas to Stretch Your Budget

If you’ve seen that trade show exhibit designs are a great way to market your business, but want to make sure that you stay within your budget, you’ll have to sit down with your marketing and finance teams to come up with a trade show plan that will work well for your company. If you’re considering attending an upcoming trade show, here are some practical ideas that will help you stretch your trade show budget.

Attend Smaller Trade Shows

Your trade show booths will be much more noticeable if you attend shows that are smaller. Think about regional trade shows, or shows that are just for your niche. This will likely cost you less because the venue is not at large. And since the people who are attending the shows are already interested in what your business has to offer, there’s a better chance that attendees will want to submit their contact information and eventually turn into customers.

Create a Rotating Schedule for Shows

While you may ideally want to set up a trade show booth every year at the largest show in the region, it’s best to look at the effectiveness of the trade show. Has it brought in significant revenue for your business? Do you get a lot of leads from the trade shows? If you find that your budget for the show is more than you’d like to spend on a constant basis, get on a rotating schedule for trade shows. Make plans to attend every other year, and check out the market before paying your attendance fee to make sure it will be worth your while.

Exhibit At Client and Partner Events

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to set up a trade show exhibit in order to get the word out about your product. If a client of yours is having an event, or you have a business partner who is hosting a networking party, set up a small table to show off your products and services. Chances are you’ll still be reaching your target audience, and you won’t have to pay nearly as much as you would if you were preparing for an actual trade show.

Choose a Versatile Booth

Finally, saving money will be much easier when you create a trade show booth that can easily be changed and adjusted. Felt boards and plastic accents that can be reversed or enhanced with color are great ways to get the attention of attendees. Booths that you can easily add banners to, are ideal for trade shows as well. If you have to construct a new booth or come up with a new design theme each time you make changes in your company, you’ll end up spending way more money than you want to in the marketing process. A modular exhibit is also ideal for trade shows, since you can use the parts to change the design of the booth, and to make it smaller or larger as needed.