Trade Show Marketing Ideas For Beginners

Going to your first trade show can be a very exciting time. However, it can also be overwhelming and intimidating. Trade shows are a great way to show case your brand to a large number of people. For this reason alone hundreds of companies gather worldwide to join multiple trade shows and share their brand and vision with the trade show attendees.
The people attending the trade shows will hopefully become your clients. Which is why it’s important to lure them in and get them to listen to what your business is all about. Here are some ideas that will help you with your trade show marketing.

Be Unique

You always want to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of businesses. The best way to achieve this is by being creative and having a custom trade show booth. Your booth should be a reflection of your business. If your business is about dog grooming you want to make sure you show case how great your dog grooming services are. If possible you can do live demonstrations.

Live demonstrations are a great way to attract people to your trade show exhibit. It will not only attract them as they pass by, but they will likely stop out of curiosity. The longer people stay in your booth the more interested they likely are.

Social Media

Social media seems to have taken over everyone’s lives. We are always on our phones for one reason or another. It is now time to take advantage of this. Many trade shows have personal hash tags to share with people when their next event will be or they create Facebook event pages as well. This is an excellent opportunity to use the trade show hash tag or event page and let people know you will be at that trade show.
Live streaming and Periscope are other significant social media outlets that will attract people to your booth. It enables them to be able to see what you are doing at the trade show right from their smart phone.

Free One Month Trial

Once you get a significant amount of people to your booth, it is important to not only encourage them to stay, but to provide an incentive so they sign up to your newsletter. This gives you access to their emails which will allow you to be able to send them a follow up email once the trade show is over.

One way to get the attendees to sign up to the newsletter is by offering them a free one month trial of your product or services. Giving people something for free that they want, will help you to get attendees to sign up and learn more about your business. Your free one month trial should be created to show people the best of your brand and company and how it will help them solve a problem.

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