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Websites and Trade Shows Have These In Common

Trade shows can be a great way for you to let more people know about your business. These events are ideal when you want to connect with customers face to face, and you can even use trade shows for networking purposes.

Of course, technology plays a huge part in business and marketing these days, which means there are lots of ways to present your company in a positive light when you’re online. Your website and trade show appearances can work together to increase your client base, because trade shows and websites actually have a lot in common.

Here are some similarities to keep in mind as you’re organizing your trade show booth.

Social Media Following

When you make your trade show booth attractive to attendees and include your social media information on marketing materials, you’re likely to increase your followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When you include this information on your website, you’re likely to get a similar result. Both trade shows and websites are wonderful ways to get customers interested in your social media activity. These factors are also motivation for you and your team to make sure that your online presence is engaging, professional, informative and fun.

Unique Company Features

Your website is the perfect place to let customers know why your company is among the best in the business. You can provide information on awards you’ve won, feature customer testimonials, and even showcase videos of your team members letting the public know that your company is one of the best places to work. These features can also be included at your trade show booth. Monitors to show company testimonials and pamphlets explaining your accomplishments are great ways to give trade show attendees and website visitors a positive impression about your business.

Customer Interaction

Trade show booths and websites both give you the opportunity to interact with customers. You can use the live chat feature on your website to talk to customers in real time. Of course, you’ll be talking with attendees face to face at trade shows. Each of these methods is essential in informing customers about your product. These are also great opportunities to exhibit great customer service. Use your interaction with customers to be friendly, informative and willing to listen to feedback.


You can give away prizes on your website to loyal customers, or provide free samples to potential clients. Fortunately, you can extend this same courtesy at trade shows. At a trade show exhibit, attendees can receive your free gifts in real time, and this could do wonders for moving your business forward. Of course, when you’re able to offer free gifts online with a promo code that users can access right away, you’ll increase interest in your business as well. Be sure that all the prizes and items you give away have your company logo and contact information, so that patrons know how to get in touch with you to purchase more services or products. No matter where you choose to have a giveaway for your company, make sure that the items you’re offering are useful and impressive so that you can increase sales at a consistent rate.

Minding Your Manners At The Next Trade Show

After you’ve made sure that your trade show exhibit is up to par in terms of quality and visual appeal, you may need to brief your team members on etiquette. It’s important that you present a united front when dealing with attendees, since this is a very important part of customer service. These practical tips will help you make a great impression on potential clients, who will likely use word-of-mouth marketing to let even more people know about your business.

Be Hospitable

Treat the trade show booth like your office. When people come to your table, greet them warmly. Ask them if they have any questions about your product, and be patient as they read marketing material or watch a demo. It’s also a good idea to offer refreshments to potential customers. A bottled water or chocolate chip cookie goes a long way when it comes to making a sale. Showing courtesy and hospitality to everyone will help you maintain a positive reputation, which could lead to more sales.

Be Genuine

If customers have questions or concerns about your product, be genuine in the way you respond. It can be difficult to hear constructive criticism sometimes, but if you respond in a negative or defensive way, this could cause some people to stop visiting your business. When you’re explaining products or services, make sure that you do so in a way that is honest and not at all intimidating. Don’t make customers feel pressured into purchasing your service or product. If you’ve got an item to showcase that is useful, creative and high-quality, you won’t have to do much convincing.

Mind Your Appearance

Even if you and your team members are wearing casual clothing, you should still look polished and professional. After all, you want to match the look of your trade show display. Be sure to let your team know that wearing too much jewelry or perfume can be a distraction, and keeps your company representatives from looking as uniform as possible. When you look your best, you’re sending a message to potential customers that our company takes pride in stellar presentations.

Know Your Product

All company representatives at the trade show booth should be very familiar with all the products being featured. You should give attendees the courtesy of knowing how to answer their questions if they took the time to visit your booth.

It’s also important to be willing to listen to customers’ questions and answer them with knowledge and humility. Being arrogant or irritated when people want to know more about your product isn’t going to motivate attendees to do business with you.

Respect the Company

Finally, make sure that your conduct at the trade show is a positive reflection on your company. Even when you’re not t the trade show exhibit, you should still be pleasant and friendly. Unprofessional behavior like drinking while at the trade show or having a disheveled appearance can give people the wrong impression about your business as well, so think twice before doing or saying anything at the trade show you may regret.

The Power of Face to Face Marketing

Trade shows are one of the best ways for you to interact with your customers in person. Even with custom trade show displays and impressive marketing materials, you’ve got to know how to interact with potential clients effectively.

Face to Face marketing still has its place in business, even though technology makes it possible to provide customer service as well. Here are some of the ways that marketing in person can be beneficial for your business.

It Gets the Job Done

Simply put, face to face marketing can accomplish things that online marketing can’t. You can follow up with potential clients online, but that initial meeting at your trade show booth is what will make a lasting impression. Meeting with clients in person lets them know that your business can be trusted, and you’re not hiding behind a website. Being able to shake hands with you, observe your body language and look you in the eye when you talk about your company can help potential clients feel much more comfortable about doing business with you.

It’s Best For Product Demos

Few things persuade people to buy your services or products like a sample. While you can send customers samples via mail or email, you’ll make much more of an impact by offering the sample in real time at your trade show booth. If your sample is something that the customer can use right away, like food or a beauty product, you’ll be able to see how well it works immediately. This can help you make any necessary changes to your company items, since the data you collect at your booth won’t be available anywhere else. Offering samples in person also allows your customers to use all of their senses when trying your product, and this increases the chances that your company won’t be forgotten, even long after the trade show is over.

It Builds a Solid Network

When you attend trade shows, you’re not only getting to know the people who could possibly be your clients, you’re also interacting with other businesses. This means you’ll have the chance to market your company to businesses that you could possibly partner with in the future. Of course, employees from other companies may also be interested in your products personally, which can result in more sales. Use the interactions at your trade show booth to show other show participants that your company is built on trust, loyalty and delivering a quality product. Chances are you’ll see most of the same companies at your next trade show, which gives you another chance to make a great impression and possibly gain even more clients.

It Eliminates Misunderstandings

You can post statuses about your business or tweet about your latest product launch, and this will likely get people talking. However, there’s a chance that the message can be misinterpreted, which could cause your followers to react negatively. When you’re meeting with potential customers face to face at your custom trade show display, you can relay your company’s message and mission clearly. You’ll also have the opportunity to show your personality. People are more likely to do business with people they get along with, so being your friendly, helpful self can benefit you well when you’re looking to increase your client base.

Trade Show Traveling Tips

If you and your team are traveling to a trade show as attendees, this can be a great opportunity to learn more about companies that are similar to yours. By being carefully observant, you can gain new marketing tactics and get more insight into what customers really want.

There are a few things to keep in mind while traveling to ensure that your next visit to a trade show is a success. When you remember to pack the essentials, you could come home with a few new prospects.

Dress For Success

Check the weather in the city where the trade show will be taking place so you can pack accordingly. If you and your teammates will be wearing clothing showcasing your company logo, be sure that everyone knows what to wear to the event. If you’re going to meetings or networking events while you’re at the trade show, find out the dress code for these occasions. When you’re trying to make a great professional impression, knowing how to dress the part is extremely important.

Set Aside Money for Transportation

In many cases, trade show displays are showcased at the city’s convention center. If you’re flying in, the convention center usually isn’t too far from the airport. Be sure to connect with local professionals who are attending the trade show to get more information on how much money you should bring for transportation. It’s also a good idea to stick with the airport’s cab company. The rates are often cheaper than other cab companies, and you’ll probably have an easier time getting to and from the convention center by cab than by bus.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This may not be the first thing on your mind, but when you’re visiting trade show booths, your feet will start to hurt after a few hours. It will be difficult to concentrate on making worthwhile business contacts or learning about new products if your feet hurt. Remember to pack some comfortable shoes, so you can walk around the trade show with ease.

Pack Your Laptop

You’re probably bringing your laptop with you, so make sure that you have a laptop bag that is easy to carry. Chances are there will be free WiFi at the trade show location, so it will be easy for you to take notes when you see a business you’re interested in. A tablet works well, too, since it will be easy for you to take pictures of a trade show booth. Don’t forget to pack your cord as well, so you can charge up our device as needed.

Bring Food

Sure, there will probably be vendors and samples at the trade show. However, you won’t be able to keep your energy up if you’re relying on the trade show for your meals. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s best to bring food that travels well. This is also the case if you’re traveling on a budget and don’t want to overspend on your meals.

Tell Your Story at Your Next Trade Show With These Tips

Even if you have a custom trade show display, attendees may not be getting the full story behind your company. Learning about the events and people that make your business successful can help customers to have an appreciation for your company. Sharing the history of your business also allows customers to relate to you, which can make your products and services more appealing.

These methods can help you inform customers about your company, which can significantly increase your client base.

Video History

When attendees come to your trade show booth, they are more likely to stay when you play a high-quality video detailing your company’s history. The visual timeline can start when the year your business began, along with pictures of the company founders. The video can feature animation as well, and your company’s logo can serve as the narrator for the informative video. The more entertaining you make the video, the greater the chance that attendees will stick around to ask more questions after the video.

Picture Displays

Displaying quality photos around your trade show display can literally give attendees snapshots into the way your business functions. You can showcase pictures of previous trade shows that were successful, or photos of satisfied customers using your products or services. A small caption under each photo will further explain why the image is integral to your company’s development. You can also have a digital photo display, which is both visually appealing and a sign that your company is aware of current technology trends.


Your team members can wear t-shirts that feature historic facts about your company as a fun and interesting marketing tool. You can feature the years that your business has won awards, or the year that a certain celebrity gave your company a great review. If the t-shirts are brightly colored, this will draw even more attention to your trade show booth. Of course, you can also give the t-shirts away in a raffle or drawing for attendees who are interested in doing business with your company. If the trade show takes place in the fall or winter, a long sleeve t-shirt with trivia facts written on the sleeves can draw the attention of customers as well.

Marketing Materials

On your marketing materials, you can include trivia questions about your business, or feature a company logo from decades past. For instance, you can give away a set of coasters, explaining the years that new products were introduced. You can also give attendees a calendar with quotes from celebrities that are relevant to the way your business has developed over the years. Of course, if a celebrity has used your services or products, this can serve as a great selling point as well. The calendar can also showcase important dates for your business, such as the day you were recognized by a national magazine, or the day you met a huge sales goal. When customers know these details, their impression of your business will improve, and they’ll be more likely to become long-term clients.