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The Power of Face to Face Marketing

Trade shows are one of the best ways for you to interact with your customers in person. Even with custom trade show displays and impressive marketing materials, you’ve got to know how to interact with potential clients effectively.

Face to Face marketing still has its place in business, even though technology makes it possible to provide customer service as well. Here are some of the ways that marketing in person can be beneficial for your business.

It Gets the Job Done

Simply put, face to face marketing can accomplish things that online marketing can’t. You can follow up with potential clients online, but that initial meeting at your trade show booth is what will make a lasting impression. Meeting with clients in person lets them know that your business can be trusted, and you’re not hiding behind a website. Being able to shake hands with you, observe your body language and look you in the eye when you talk about your company can help potential clients feel much more comfortable about doing business with you.

It’s Best For Product Demos

Few things persuade people to buy your services or products like a sample. While you can send customers samples via mail or email, you’ll make much more of an impact by offering the sample in real time at your trade show booth. If your sample is something that the customer can use right away, like food or a beauty product, you’ll be able to see how well it works immediately. This can help you make any necessary changes to your company items, since the data you collect at your booth won’t be available anywhere else. Offering samples in person also allows your customers to use all of their senses when trying your product, and this increases the chances that your company won’t be forgotten, even long after the trade show is over.

It Builds a Solid Network

When you attend trade shows, you’re not only getting to know the people who could possibly be your clients, you’re also interacting with other businesses. This means you’ll have the chance to market your company to businesses that you could possibly partner with in the future. Of course, employees from other companies may also be interested in your products personally, which can result in more sales. Use the interactions at your trade show booth to show other show participants that your company is built on trust, loyalty and delivering a quality product. Chances are you’ll see most of the same companies at your next trade show, which gives you another chance to make a great impression and possibly gain even more clients.

It Eliminates Misunderstandings

You can post statuses about your business or tweet about your latest product launch, and this will likely get people talking. However, there’s a chance that the message can be misinterpreted, which could cause your followers to react negatively. When you’re meeting with potential customers face to face at your custom trade show display, you can relay your company’s message and mission clearly. You’ll also have the opportunity to show your personality. People are more likely to do business with people they get along with, so being your friendly, helpful self can benefit you well when you’re looking to increase your client base.