Minding Your Manners At The Next Trade Show

After you’ve made sure that your trade show exhibit is up to par in terms of quality and visual appeal, you may need to brief your team members on etiquette. It’s important that you present a united front when dealing with attendees, since this is a very important part of customer service. These practical tips will help you make a great impression on potential clients, who will likely use word-of-mouth marketing to let even more people know about your business.

Be Hospitable

Treat the trade show booth like your office. When people come to your table, greet them warmly. Ask them if they have any questions about your product, and be patient as they read marketing material or watch a demo. It’s also a good idea to offer refreshments to potential customers. A bottled water or chocolate chip cookie goes a long way when it comes to making a sale. Showing courtesy and hospitality to everyone will help you maintain a positive reputation, which could lead to more sales.

Be Genuine

If customers have questions or concerns about your product, be genuine in the way you respond. It can be difficult to hear constructive criticism sometimes, but if you respond in a negative or defensive way, this could cause some people to stop visiting your business. When you’re explaining products or services, make sure that you do so in a way that is honest and not at all intimidating. Don’t make customers feel pressured into purchasing your service or product. If you’ve got an item to showcase that is useful, creative and high-quality, you won’t have to do much convincing.

Mind Your Appearance

Even if you and your team members are wearing casual clothing, you should still look polished and professional. After all, you want to match the look of your trade show display. Be sure to let your team know that wearing too much jewelry or perfume can be a distraction, and keeps your company representatives from looking as uniform as possible. When you look your best, you’re sending a message to potential customers that our company takes pride in stellar presentations.

Know Your Product

All company representatives at the trade show booth should be very familiar with all the products being featured. You should give attendees the courtesy of knowing how to answer their questions if they took the time to visit your booth.

It’s also important to be willing to listen to customers’ questions and answer them with knowledge and humility. Being arrogant or irritated when people want to know more about your product isn’t going to motivate attendees to do business with you.

Respect the Company

Finally, make sure that your conduct at the trade show is a positive reflection on your company. Even when you’re not t the trade show exhibit, you should still be pleasant and friendly. Unprofessional behavior like drinking while at the trade show or having a disheveled appearance can give people the wrong impression about your business as well, so think twice before doing or saying anything at the trade show you may regret.

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