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Websites and Trade Shows Have These In Common

Trade shows can be a great way for you to let more people know about your business. These events are ideal when you want to connect with customers face to face, and you can even use trade shows for networking purposes.

Of course, technology plays a huge part in business and marketing these days, which means there are lots of ways to present your company in a positive light when you’re online. Your website and trade show appearances can work together to increase your client base, because trade shows and websites actually have a lot in common.

Here are some similarities to keep in mind as you’re organizing your trade show booth.

Social Media Following

When you make your trade show booth attractive to attendees and include your social media information on marketing materials, you’re likely to increase your followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When you include this information on your website, you’re likely to get a similar result. Both trade shows and websites are wonderful ways to get customers interested in your social media activity. These factors are also motivation for you and your team to make sure that your online presence is engaging, professional, informative and fun.

Unique Company Features

Your website is the perfect place to let customers know why your company is among the best in the business. You can provide information on awards you’ve won, feature customer testimonials, and even showcase videos of your team members letting the public know that your company is one of the best places to work. These features can also be included at your trade show booth. Monitors to show company testimonials and pamphlets explaining your accomplishments are great ways to give trade show attendees and website visitors a positive impression about your business.

Customer Interaction

Trade show booths and websites both give you the opportunity to interact with customers. You can use the live chat feature on your website to talk to customers in real time. Of course, you’ll be talking with attendees face to face at trade shows. Each of these methods is essential in informing customers about your product. These are also great opportunities to exhibit great customer service. Use your interaction with customers to be friendly, informative and willing to listen to feedback.


You can give away prizes on your website to loyal customers, or provide free samples to potential clients. Fortunately, you can extend this same courtesy at trade shows. At a trade show exhibit, attendees can receive your free gifts in real time, and this could do wonders for moving your business forward. Of course, when you’re able to offer free gifts online with a promo code that users can access right away, you’ll increase interest in your business as well. Be sure that all the prizes and items you give away have your company logo and contact information, so that patrons know how to get in touch with you to purchase more services or products. No matter where you choose to have a giveaway for your company, make sure that the items you’re offering are useful and impressive so that you can increase sales at a consistent rate.