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Tips for Having a Party At Your Next Trade Show Booth

If you’ve attended a few trade shows at this point, you know that the event is essentially a creative networking mixer. That means you have to stand out with features like custom trade show displays and colorful additions to your booth that will get the attention of attendees. Of course, making your booth into a party environment is sure to get you lots of attention, and will increase the chances that attendees remember your company long after the trade show is over.

Here are a few ways to think of your next trade show as a fun party that everyone will want to attend.

Be a Gracious Host

People need to know that you’re excited to see them. Welcome everyone to your trade show booth, and bring attention to the items on the table. Be ready to answer any questions attendees may have and give people a chance to browse and mingle, just like you would at a party.

Serve Appetizers

Food is a great way to break the ice and get people to feel more comfortable. Serve appetizers that are easy to transport, like samples of chips or crackers or small pieces of fresh fruit. This will make your trade show exhibit stand out and give the impression that you’re using this marketing event as a celebration.

Provide Entertainment

Live music or someone dressed in your company’s mascot can be pretty entertaining for trade show attendees. You can also offer interactive games and raffles and give away prizes that feature your logo and contact information. These indirect marketing tools are fun and engaging, and won’t make customers feel pressured into buying anything. Make sure that people are drawn to your booth without having to feel like you’re forcing customers to see what you have to offer.

Take Lots of Pictures

Be sure to take lots of pictures at your trade show booth. These pictures can be posted on social media to boost your brand. High-quality pictures can get people talking about your products and services, and could prompt people to ask more questions about your company. People also like to be included in the growth of your business, and posting photos of existing and potential customers can make people feel as though they are included. This can motivate them to tell others about your business on social media or through word-of-mouth marketing. Besides, the mark of a great party is having the pictures to prove it!

Give Out Gift Bags

Don’t forget to give trade show attendees a bag filled with “party favors” to remember you by. Items like cup holders, mouse pads, key chains and smart wallets can be both practical and colorful. Include as much of your company’s information on the marketing materials as you can, so that attendees will subconsciously think of your business when they’re in need of services. Try to include items that can be used every day, so that attendees will still have a positive impression of your company at next year’s trade show.

Out-Of-The-Box Attire For Your Next Trade Show

If you and your team are preparing for an upcoming trade show, you’ve likely explored the option of doing something unconventional to get the attention of customers. One of the most effective trade show ideas you can implement is to wear some colorful or eye-catching attire. The costumes or clothing you wear can reflect the nature of your business, and will grab the attention of attendees so they won’t forget your booth or your company. Here are some effective ways to change up your team’s look while getting your company’s message across.

Crazy Hats

Getting everyone on your team to wear a crazy hat is a simple way to make sure that your trade show exhibit stands out. You can allow your team members to wear hats that reflect the season, such as Santa or elf hats if the trade show is near the holidays. Or, you could wear baseball caps showcasing your home team, to send a message that you’re committed to serving your community. Bright hats that reflect your company’s colors are ideal as well, and give the impression that your team knows how to have a good time while providing great customer service.

Cheerleading Uniforms

You want attendees to know that you’re rooting for them, which is why you’re committed to providing quality products and services. Cheerleading uniforms can also let potential customers know that you and your team are excited about the great things your company has to offer. Your company’s logo will look great in the center of the uniform, and you can even pass out additional marketing materials like water bottles or small towels to stay in line with the athletic theme.

White Gloves

White gloves give the impression that the items at your booth are of the highest quality. You can even bring along a trade show backdrop in velvet or silk to give your booth a refined and sophisticated look. Even if you’re selling something like software or house supplies, the white gloves will let people know that your product is precious and valuable.


Ties often give a polished and professional look to any outfit. You can have your team wear ties in your company color to ensure that everyone looks their best at the trade show booth. Or, you can wear over-sized ties to show that you’re both fun and professional. Your large ties should reflect the company’s colors as well, and you can also include your slogan or logo as another effective marketing tool.

Workout Gear

To show attendees that you and your team members are focused on working hard to get the job done, you can wear workout gear at your trade show booth. You can have sweat suits with your logo on them, or wear a windbreaker or fitness shirt that displays your slogan. To deepen your impression on customers, you can give out marketing materials like sweat bands and timers. These types of items inspire customers to be more conscious of their health, and you’ll be promoting your business at the same time.

4 Clever Ways to Offer Food At Your Booth (custom trade show displays, trade show ideas)

One of the most effective ways to get people to visit your booth at a trade show is to offer something to eat. People love edible samples, and they’ll be even more motivate to learn more about your company if the food is free! Of course, the way you present the food can serve as an effective marketing tool, so here are a few ways that you can get creative and grab the attention of people who could be visiting your business soon.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are particularly trendy these days. If you can serve food in these jars, you’re likely to get the attention of attendees and make your trade show booth even more unforgettable. If you’re serving baked goods like cakes or brownies, cut the food into small cubes and layer with whipped cream or nuts to create a parfait. Candies look great in mason jars as well. You can also serve savory treats in mason jars like fresh or preserved veggies. Decorate the mason jar with a ribbon or cloth lid cover that features your company’s logo or colors to increase brand recognition.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets increase the chances that trade show attendees will want to participate in marketing activities at your booth. Stock the gift basket with items that feature your company’s logo, such as water bottles and small snack samples. It’s a good idea to include basket contents that reflect the characteristics of your customers. For instance, if you’re looking to appeal to busy parents, organic snacks and fresh fruit juices may be ideal. Or you can add gourmet teas and coffees to make the gift basket more appealing.

Mugs and Water Bottles

Water bottles and mugs are ideal for increasing brand recognition. Why not make them more attractive by putting some snacks inside? You can give away quality coffees or teas inside of your mugs, and include snacks like trail mix or a sample of your baked goods inside of the water bottle.

Labeled Snack Bags

Snack bags and reusable grocery bags are practical items that people use often. If you fill these with treats, your trade show exhibit will suddenly become pretty popular. Include your logo and contact information on the snack bags, and work with other companies to include samples of desserts, granola bars or healthy snacks.


Everyone loves fresh baked cookies. You probably won’t have a problem getting people to visit your trade show booth if they smell baked goods in the air, or pass by the table and see a table filled with sweet treats. Use the cookies as a marketing tool by having them baked in the shape of your logo or iced in your company colors. Or, you can prepare cookies in flavors that most people enjoy, such as chocolate chip or peanut butter, and present them to attendees in small bags that display your company’s information. You can present the cookies as a giveaway for attendees who stop by your booth to get marketing materials, or serve them as a token of appreciation for potential customers who participate in a free demo of your services or products.

Using food as a marketing tool is usually very effective. Even when trade show attendees turn into customers, they are likely to remember the tasty treats you offered at your trade show booth.

Props Can Do Wonders At a Trade Show

Even if your trade show booth is colorful and includes informative marketing materials, you may still need another tactic to bring attendees to your display. Props are a great way to provide more information about your business while ensuring that potential customers remember your booth—and your company. Here are a few top-notch visual aids you can use at your next trade show.

Roulette Wheel

Attendees can try their luck at your trade show booth roulette wheel for a chance to win marketing swag and other valuable prizes. Each of the numbers on the roulette wheel can represent a different marketing item, or you can choose one or two numbers on the wheel for the grand prize of a sweatshirt or small gift basket for attendees. Your trade show display is likely to get a lot of attention because of this prop. You can give out a bag of marketing leaflets and small gifts to everyone who comes to your booth, no matter what their roulette prize is.

Prize Wheel

When people see the prize wheel at your table, they’ll feel like they’re on their favorite game show. In order to make the wheel more appealing, establish some partnerships with other local businesses before the trade show. That way, you can offer a number of great prizes that are both practical and exciting. For instance, discounted or free coffee can be one of the prizes on the wheel if you’ve made arrangements with a local coffee shop. Or, you can provide a discount on dry cleaning or dinner to a local family restaurant. Most of the wheel prizes should feature prizes from your company, such as a free month of service, discounted products, or a drawing to receive a gift basket filled with your best-selling items.

Ticketed Raffle

When a trade show attendee comes to your booth, hand them a ticket with their swag back. Be sure to let them know how often ticket numbers will be called, and post a sign explaining the raffle at your trade show display. A raffle wheel will draw people’s attention to your booth, and getting a wheel that features your logo or company colors is another indirect marketing tool to get people accustomed to your brand. Prizes that can serve as promotional tools, such as phone covers, smart wallets, laptop covers and USB drives are ideal. You can even combine these items into one gift bag for the trade show attendee with the “golden” raffle ticket.

Interactive TV

A large TV displaying some of the features of your company and providing footage of team members explaining the nature of your business can get you a lot of attention from attendees. However, if you add the touch screen feature, attendees can navigate different screens to learn more about your products, the history of your company, and what other customers are saying about your services. Add a prize button on the screen to let attendees know they’re getting a free gift after talking to one of your team members. Provide a variety of marketing gifts to choose from and you’re sure to make a great impression.