Guerilla Marketing Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

You may be frantically working to determine which team members will man the trade show booth, which colors you’ll use in your display, and whether or not you’ll give out gift bags as you prepare for your next event. While these are all great marketing tactics in one way or another, there are also some guerilla methods you’ll want to use if you want to attract more attendees and turn them into regular customers. Here are a few marketing techniques that will help to make your trade show appearance worthwhile.

Have a Pre-Show

You can advertise your presence at an upcoming trade show on social media, or on your company website. Build the anticipation with quality videos or engaging or funny posts. Show footage of your trade show display from last year to give attendees a glimpse of the quality they will encounter at this year’s show. This is also the time to advertise that you’ll be giving away from promotional gifts or discounts to the first few people who visit your booth, or to those who share information about the trade show on social media.

Send a “Preview” Gift

Ask people who are interested in attending the trade show to sign up on your website to get a gift. You could send out keys to potential customers, and one of the keys could unlock a safe to a number of marketing gifts. Or, you could mail out one half of a gift certificate, while reserving the other half. The attendee who has the matching half wins a discount from your business. People love games, and you’re likely to get a crowd of people around your trade show booth to see who the winner is.

Offer Incentives for “Swag”

When you get to the trade show venue, give bartenders, janitors and other venue staff a small tip to wear your marketing merchandise. You may not be able to talk to everyone at the trade show personally, but if attendees see someone wearing a hat or t-shirt that features your logo, they’re more likely to come to your booth to ask questions.

Host a Giveaway Every Hour

Bring lots of promo gifts with you, and host a giveaway each hour you’re at the trade show booth. You can ask attendees trivia questions, hold a contest to see who can draw your logo the best in the shortest amount of time, or pass out tickets and have a drawing each hour. When attendees know that there’s a chance they’ll get free stuff, they’re more likely to frequent your booth. This gives you an opportunity to share more information about your company.

Use Music and Dancing

A flash mob is sure to get everyone’s attention, and it’s a fun way to promote your company’s products and services. It also makes for a trade show experience attendees won’t soon forget. A choir or singing group can also sing your slogan or a song you’ve written that sums up the mission of your company. Music is a great way to attract customers and help them to remember important details about your business.

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