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Top Must-Have Apps for Trade Show Sales Reps

When you’re at a trade show, customers are likely coming in and out of your booth at a rapid pace. Your team members are interacting with potential customers, and you hear some thought-provoking questions. Even though you aren’t making many sales at the trade show, you’re getting lots of new leads and making connections with individuals who could turn into established clients and long-term business partners.

Even though trade shows can be effective when it comes to marketing, the atmosphere can be a little hectic. To make sure that you’re not missing any opportunities to connect with customers, you could go with the traditional “fishbowl” method, which allows those who visit your booth to leave their business cards in a fish bowl so you can follow up with them later. This can be somewhat effective, but by the time the trade show ends, you may not remember which leads are the most qualified.

Fortunately, there are a number of trade show apps that have recently hit the market to assist you with getting leads, qualifying the leads and keeping track of all the contact information you receive. Here are some of the apps that you could download to prepare for your next trade show.

Quick Tap Survey

This app is available for iOS and Android and costs between $0 and $99 a month, depending on the features you add. You can choose from the free, basic, advanced and expert plans. The app lets you conduct surveys on Android and iPad tablets and it’s a great way to get feedback, leads and contact information. Quick Tab Survey can also be used when you’re offline, which definitely comes in handy in trade show venues where the WiFi goes in and out. You can quickly swipe through to navigate questions, the text is readable and there are large buttons to ensure that you’re going to the right pages. In order to motivate customers to take the survey you created, you can hand the iPad to the trade show attendee or position the iPad or tablet in a kiosk so customers can take the survey before leaving your booth. Quick Tab Survey allows you to create reports from the survey answers or generate the results in real time.


iCapture is available on iOs and Android, as well as Kindle Fire and Windows. Both monthly and annual plans are available. This app is great for small and medium businesses as well as large corporations and it’s great for lead capturing and taking surveys. You’re able to design the look and feel of the app to match the color scheme and artwork of your company. iCapture also allows you to build an email list and gather contact information to reach out to clients after the trade show.

iCapture is available offline as well. If you’re using your leads for an email marketing campaign, you can forward the emails to services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp.


This app is available on Windows, Android and iOS. You can pay between $0 and $12 to use the app, and it’s best if you want to keep it simple when it comes to collecting contact information. With the free version of the app, you can scan up to 200 business cards. The team plan is designed for 3-10 users and business card scans are unlimited; the cost is $5 per month per user. The business plan comes with advanced features for integration and export and is $12 per month. CamCard is a business card scanner, so when you take a picture of a business card, the app will pull the contact info from the card and save it. Then, you can add notes and reminders for each contact and enter the next steps you’d like to take after the trade show.

CamCard allows you to sync all business card info on your computer and mobile devices, and you can share the business cards via QR code, social media or email. The app also stores the photo of the business card, so if CamCard makes a mistake populating the data fields, you’ll have the accurate information to go back to.

Accurately tracking your contacts with these apps, can make trade shows more efficient and successful. Using one or more of these apps can increase the chances that you’ll get a great return on your investment the next time you set up a trade show booth that attracts customers.

Trade Show Secrets to Blow Their Minds

When it comes to making sure that your booth is one of the most attractive at a trade show, you’ll have to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Implementing a few trade show secrets that will get the attention of potential customers will make your company memorable and increase your client base. Here are five “secret weapons” you should have on hand when preparing for an upcoming trade show.

Step Up Your Marketing Game

Old-school methods of marketing probably aren’t going to result in high sales for you after the trade show. Sending direct mailers to potential clients or sending too many email reminders leading up to the trade show aren’t as effective as they used to be. These days, it’s best to play it cool when it comes to trade show marketing. Instead of sending out pushy emails, keep it fun and upbeat when communicating with customers. Explain the features of your products and service, and focus on reaching out to customers who expressed interest in your company. You can follow up with a networking event not long after the trade show or schedule one-on-one meetings to make your promotions more effective.

Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Make sure that your custom trade show exhibit is visually appealing and decorate the space around it to draw customers in. While it’s fine to have contests and giveaways, this is a marketing tactic that can be overused. Showcase your products in a fun and unique way by creating an “un-booth.” Come up with a colorful and creative theme that represents your brand and is memorable. Color schemes, as well as a theme that is especially refined, artistic or tech-savvy can help you attract more potential clients.

Take Initiative

Make the first move by positioning your trade show exhibit in the right place. An exhibit in the aisles of the venue or in the center of the event space is ideal. Your team members should be in the front of your exhibit ready to welcome guests. Customers may be turned off when your team members are spending too much time talking to each other or using mobile devices. Sending the right staff members to the trade show is essential for boosting your brand’s reputation, and the right booth position can result in more clients as well.

Be Prepared

Go over the topics that you’re covering at the trade show with your team members before the event. Be prepared for customers to ask questions, even when you’re not at your booth. Your team should have detailed and informed answers for each client before the trade show is over.

Don’t Forget to Share

When you sign up to attend a trade show, you’ll probably be doing a speaking session, doing a sponsorship or coming up with ways to interact with current and potential customers. When you’re talking to customers one-on-one or in a group setting, don’t present a sales speech. Instead, have a conversation with consumers and let them know what works and what doesn’t in your industry currently.

You can even organize a happy hour or dinner with other businesses after the trade show. Invite industry leaders, long-time customers and professionals you may be able to partner with in the future. Of course, you should also invite your loyal customers to events like these to make them feel appreciated, which is a great marketing tool.

It’s very likely that you’ll use a combination of these tactics to promote your business and advertise for your next trade show. Pay special attention to the tactics that work best for you to come up with a customized marketing plan for your company.

How to Connect with Millennials At Your Next Trade Show

Millennials are a unique demographic, and consumers in this age group have “requirements” that are different from older customers. When you’re trying to attract millennials at your next trade show, there are specific things you should have in place in order to increase your client base. Here are some trade show ideas to connect to a younger audience.

Don’t Be Too Persuasive

Traditional marketing tactics that persuade a customer to buy your product or service don’t work well with millennials. Younger consumers can tell when you’re trying to psychologically persuade them to spend their money. Practical product demos and straightforward answers about what your company provides are best.

Offer Free Stuff

Millennials want to get free marketing materials, and the more you can provide, the better. Make sure that you present free materials to your younger market online before the trade show, such as articles from industry leaders and coupon codes that can be used at the show. You can also live stream the trade show and feature millennials who ask questions about your business or express an interest in your company. This way, you can market to those who are attending the trade show live and those who are watching online.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are among the best ways to communicate with millennials. Interacting on social media makes it easier for you to see which content millennials are drawn to, and you can ask questions to get direct feedback about your products. Update your social media pages often with information about your upcoming trade show exhibit, and encourage millennials to submit their phone numbers or email addresses so you can send text message alerts about the show.

Provide Gourmet Food Options

Many millennials are self-proclaimed foodies and enjoy innovative food and cocktail combinations. If you’re offering food at your trade show, provide samples that are locally grown and include exotic spices that are all-natural and/or organic. It’s also a good idea to set up your booth at trade shows that are near fine restaurant or nightlife attractions so that millennials can conveniently explore the city after visiting your trade show booth.

Provide Free Wifi

Millennials are often updating their social media statuses and fulfilling professional obligations online. Make sure that there is free Wifi at your trade show exhibit to keep millennials there for a longer period of time. Recharging stations and lounges are also appealing, so provide a place for millennials to charge their devices while at your booth. The longer you can keep customers at your station, the greater your chances are when it comes to generating sales.

Make Information Available

Millennials are very likely to research your company before attending the trade show. Post the link to your website on your social media pages, and be sure to answer any questions millennials post as soon as you can. When you are forthcoming with information about your company, you’re more likely to gain the trust of millennials.

Remember to be engaging, friendly and informative at the trade show. Millennials don’t want to feel as though you’re talking down to them, or that you don’t think they’re as informed as older consumers. Be sure to keep up with your millennial customers after the show to see how you can be of better service to them.

Tips to Get Your Event Trending On Social Media

Now that you’ve agreed to attend a trade show, you’ll need to let as many potential customers as possible know about the event. Social media is a great tool for promoting your upcoming trade show exhibit, so here are some tips for getting your event trending on social media.

Live Streaming

Showcasing what’s going on at the trade show in real time is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience, since these individuals could turn into potential customers. Make sure that the live stream includes interviews with attendees who visit your trade show booth, as well as small segments featuring your team members explaining your services or products.

Create a Hashtag

A hashtag can inform and educate trade show attendees and those watching online about your event. Make sure that all the tweets, Facebook statuses and emails you send out include the hashtag, and encourage people to network using the hashtag.

Once you’re at the trade show, make sure the hashtag is on your marketing materials like t-shirts, napkins and posters. Include the hashtag in the marketing messages that are displayed on the monitors at your booth as well.

Have a Social Media Manager

A member of your team should be the social media manager for the day of the trade show. The streams that need to be monitored should be given to the manager ahead of time. Put together a list of questions that you expect customers to ask, and provide answers so that your social media manager can paste the responses quickly. Include the hashtag when following up with all questions.

Start Conversations

Use social media as a way to initiate conversations with customers and followers. Reach out to people who attend your trade show exhibit on a regular basis, as well as those who will possibly be attending for the first time. Talk to those who will be speaking or providing expert advice at the trade show and build up anticipation for the event. Share relevant content about your business or the trade show to get even more social media buzz. It’s important to make sure that people are excited about the trade show booth and can’t wait to visit.

Be Aware of Your Promoters

Your social media followers can be your most effective event promoters. Encourage those who follow you on social media to spread the word about the trade show. Create positive relationships with leaders in your industry by sharing updates and pertinent statuses from them. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who tell you that they heard about your event or found helpful information about the trade show on social media.

After the trade show, reach out to those who attended the trade show or watched online and ask for their feedback. Keep engaging with the people who interacted with you at your trade show booth and post short surveys or informative videos to keep your company on the mind of customers to encourage future sales. Good luck!

The Power of the Right Trade Shows

Marketing your business at a trade show is a great way to let more customers know about the great services and products you have to offer. Of course, attending the right trade shows is essential. When you choose the perfect show(s), you can do wonders for your company. Choosing shows where similar or complementary products are being showcased are often the best places to set up a trade show booth. Here are some trade show ideas for making the right move.

You Can Make a Great First Impression

Trade shows are often the first time that people hear about your business. Make a lasting impression by hiring your friendliest and most informed team members to work the trade show booth. Be sure to offer marketing materials that are eye-catching and set up monitors with commercials that you’ve created detailing all the appealing services you offer.

You Can Build and Increase Brand Awareness

All your signage and promo materials should have your brand’s logo and slogan, as well as your contact information. When you present trade show attendees with practical items that are branded by your company, you’ll keep your business on the mind of potential customers long before the trade show is over.

You Can Interact With Customers

Trade shows allow you to interact with customers face-to-face. This can sometimes be more effective than radio or television commercials. In-person marketing can also be the finishing touch to your social media marketing campaign. Be sure to answer customer questions and make time for each trade show attendee to share their concerns or inquiries. Your friendliness and professionalism will make the trade show much more memorable.

You Can Generate Leads

At the trade show, make sure you get the contact information of each person who comes to your booth. This will generate sales leads for you and give you the resources you need to keep up with attendees long after the trade show is over. Incorporate tools like newsletter and sales/promotions after the trade show to stay in contact with your leads and generate sales.

You Can Sell Directly

When you bring your products to the trade show, you can sell to some customers directly. When customers are willing to purchase from you at the trade show, you should pay attention to the factors that motivate customers to buy. Of course, this generates more profit for your business and can let you know which of your products are most popular with consumers.

These are some of the trade show ideas, you’ll experience by choosing a trade show that is right for your business and industry. If you concentrate on marketing with confidence and expertise, you’ll find that each trade show will more successful than the last.