Trade Show Marketing Ideas for Beginners

Attending a trade show is one of the best ways to promote your business and expand your client base. When you create the right marketing materials, you’ll feel prepared and ready to greet potential consumers who are interested in learning more about your company. It can be challenging to get customers to stay at your booth for an extended time or get them to express real interest in what you have to offer unless you have the right promotional tools and tactics. Here are a few trade show ideas to keep in mind.

Have an “Inbound” Mindset

Capture the attention of each person who passes by your trade show booth, even if the person didn’t intend to stop by your table. You can do this by making sure your signage is colorful and appealing. The signs around your trade show booth can also give insight into what your company does.

Creating your own app just for the trade show is another great way to attract potential clients. The app can inform people about the products you’re promoting. You can also let those who download the app know which free products or services you’ll be giving away at the show.

Step Up Your Creativity

You’ll likely be at a trade show with other companies that are offering similar services. Use your creativity to stand out. While you can go with traditional means of marketing like encouraging attendees to put their business cards in a fish bowl, this won’t make you memorable. Set up monitors displaying interviews from satisfied customers and engaging and friendly team members. Have a raffle or giveaway and give out tickets so attendees will listen for their ticket number during the day. Set up a photo booth with accessories that include your company logo. Do things that will encourage customers to remember you after the trade show is over. This increases the chances that they will tell others about you as well.

Social Media

You should use social media to your advantage when you want to bring more attention to your trade show booth. A few weeks before the trade show, make sure that you let your social media followers know that the marketing event is coming up. Encourage your followers to interact with you on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to keep them updated on all things connected to the trade show.

It’s also a great idea to live-stream your trade show booth interactions. Conduct short interviews with attendees, and interview your team members explaining the features and benefits of your products. You can also use the live videos to encourage those who are watching online to come to the trade show if they’re in town.

Once you find out the marketing strategies that work best for you, you’ll be much more prepared for your next trade show. Take note of the strategies that were most effective and use them to make trade show displays in the future even more effective.

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