Are You Giving Attendees What They Want?

As you’re setting up your trade show kiosks and trying to connect with customers, it’s important to make sure that you’re actually giving attendees what they want in terms of customer satisfaction. Many people are coming to trade shows to make purchases or check out trade show materials for new purchases. The trade show can also be a great time to make a first impression on attendees who are learning about your company. If you’re not sure whether attendees are going home with your products and services on their minds, here are some tips to think about.


Technological advances can attract more people to your booth and make your business one to remember. Make sure that attendees know that your company has an app, and bring along a tablet or monitor so people can access your app’s feature from your trade show booth. Tech-savvy attendees will want to know that they can access the online features your company provides quickly and easily. It’s also a good idea to make your company technology interactive, and to provide several places for feedback so that you can continue to improve your company’s online presence.


Give attendees what they want in terms of information as well. Make sure that your signage is descriptive and appealing, and give out trade show materials that will make the mission and objective of your company clear. People want to know that you’re providing them with all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. The history of your business, along with the expertise of your staff and the benefits of your products will help to boost your company’s reputation.

Free Stuff

It’s no secret that trade show attendees love getting free stuff, especially if it’s useful. When you’re composing your trade show supplies list, include free marketing materials. Give out supplies that attendees will enjoy, such as food samples or coupons to local businesses. In addition to getting free gifts, attendees may also enjoy playing for prizes. Gift cards that can be redeemed online or at local businesses are ideal prizes as well. The more activities you have planned for your booth, the more likely it is that attendees will remember what you had to offer and become customers.


Finally, are you giving attendees what they want when it comes to incentives? Make sure that potential clients have a reason to come to your booth and spend a considerable amount of time there. Let customers know that they receive a discount on their first purchase. Or, live stream the trade show and feature attendees who are also promoting their companies. Interact with customers on social media during the trade show. Let attendees know that discounts and promotions are available for customers who refer friends and associates. The more incentives attendees have to patronize your company, the more likely they are to tell other potential customers about what you have to offer.

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