How Much Does It Really Cost to Rent An Exhibit?

One of the most common questions you’ll likely ask your team when you decide to attend a trade show is how much the trade show materials will cost.

The cost for most of your trade show materials are clear cut. For instance, a price for the table covers for your trade show booth, along with the signs and banners are usually clearly stated. However, you’ll also have to take costs for graphics and flooring into consideration. There may also be a cost for additional accessories and furniture that you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re preparing for the trade show.

Exhibit Prices

Keep in mind that the average price for a trade show display is about $100 to $500 per square foot. That means if you have a 20×20 exhibit, you’ll be paying between $40,000 and $50,000. If you rent an exhibit, you’ll be paying around 35% of the hardware price.

Additional Costs

Even after you get the trade show materials you need, you’ll still need to set aside money for other aspects of the trade show. To rent an actual space for your trade show exhibit, you’ll need to reserve about 33% of your budget, and the booth and the graphics that you’ll use to showcase your exhibit will cost an additional 18% of your total trade show budget.

Shipping and promotions should be considered as well, since this may or may not be part of trade show booth rental. Make sure that you set aside about 2% of your budget for miscellaneous costs as well. If anything goes wrong with your trade show exhibit or your need replacement parts, having this money set aside will definitely come in handy.

Organizing Your Budget Even More

The total cost of the trade show can be figured out when you multiply the cost of the exhibit space times three. On average, floor space costs about $21 per square foot. That means a 20×20 floor space rental will cost around $8,400 and the total budget for the trade show will be $25,500. This is why the decision to attend a trade show is a huge one for your company.

Additional Considerations

In addition to creating trade show kiosks that will bring customers in and pique their interest in your company, you’ll also need to think about the cost of marketing materials and games that will make your trade show exhibit more interesting. Think about how much it will cost to have a raffle or drawing and give away prizes at your booth. Consider the cost of giving away practical marketing materials like t-shirts or duffel bags to promote brand recognition. You can also cut costs when you’re planning your trade show budget by advertising on social media as much as possible. Be sure to interact with potential attendees and customers before the trade show. This will draw clients and you will get a great turnout as a result, making the trade show materials you’ve purchased well worth it.

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