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Top Saving Trade Show Tips For Start Up Businesses

Participating in a trade show is pretty much a must when you are starting your very own business. Any start-up business owner will tell you the best way to get your brand out there for the masses is by attending a trade show and having your company on display. Trade show exhibits are notorious for being extremely expensive, however. It takes a significant amount of money to put on a show that will be well liked and well received by the public.

Custom exhibit booths tend to be costly, especially for a start-up businesses. There are things you can do to save as much money as possible and put on a great exhibit. These top money saving tips will help you to showcase your business at a trade show while being cost effective.

Attend The Right Shows

Before you decide to participate in a trade show, it is important to do your research on what trade show you will be attending and who will be attending. When you own business, it may seem smart to attend multiple trade shows and sell your product and ideas to as many people as you can. Although this may look like a good idea, it can sometimes be more harmful than useful.

If you attend a trade show with visitors that have no interest in knowing about what you have to provide, then you will not be able to secure lucrative leads that will benefit you in the long run. You will also invest money in a trade show that will not help your company. Make sure to call the trade show host and find out what companies will be attending the show.

Make A Checklist And A Budget

Creating a checklist and a budget allows you to know what you need to purchase, to put together an amazing custom trade show exhibit. You should have an idea of how much money you will need, to create the custom trade show display that your business deserves. The key is to stick to these lists as much as possible. When creating your checklist and budget, make sure to revise them multiple times to ensure nothing is left out.

Rent A Booth Instead

Instead of building a booth from scratch and having to spend money putting it all together, it can be useful and cost effective to rent a booth instead. Pre-owned booths are an excellent idea for a start-up businesses as they can cost up to 50 percent less than a new booth would. Another great thing that should be taken into account when renting your custom trade show display is downsizing your footprint because trade shows charge by the square foot. The wider your booth is, the more expensive your trade show experience will be. Instead, consider building your booth upwards and having a two story booth instead.

Consider a Pop-Up Booth

A pop-up booth can help eliminate some of the costs of your trade show exhibit as you will be saving on shipping costs and paying employees to set it all up. Considering a pop-up booth can help. You only are required to open it up and arrange a few items on it. This type of booth allows you transport everything you need in an easy yet cost effective manner.

5 Ways Your Exhibit Might Be Pushing Visitors Away

Your custom trade show display is the first thing every trade show attendee will see as soon as they pass. For this reason, alone, you want to put together an exhibit that accurately demonstrates principles for which your brand and company stand. Putting together a custom trade show display that features your logo, motto, and the overall message is the best way to attract attention from new potential clients.

Keep in mind, however, that many trade show booths either become noticed, or cause attendees not to want to reach out to the company or learn anything about the brand. Not being noticed is harmful towards your business. If your booth is not attracting people, you will lose money instead of profiting. Here are five ways you could be pushing visitors away from your exhibit instead of drawing them towards it:

1. Overselling

There is nothing that will push attendees away from your exhibit more than overselling. Overselling tends to take away from the credibility of the product you may be selling. Although selling is a huge part of the trade show exhibit experience, there is a very fine line between the sale of a product and overselling a product. You want to sell your product in a civil yet convincing matter. The key is to explain to people why your company, and your product, will be of continuous use to them.

2. Long Speeches

It is very common for the head executive of a company to give a speech during their trade show exhibit. Although speeches are common, they also tend to be long and tedious. Try not to bore the trade show attendees with these type of speeches. Instead, opt for an entertaining booth that interacts with the people who approach it. Dragged-out speeches can cause the participants to become bored and not pay attention to what you have to say, but they can also cause them to advise other attendees to avoid your booth. You want to entice people toward your booth, not push them away with a long speech.

3. Waiting Around

People are notorious for disliking long lines or having to wait around for things. Your staff will come in handy here. You want to have enough staff members with you at your booth so that you are not with a long line. If your booth has an extensive line or waiting area, chances are new attendees that have not seen your display will not want to engage with you if they do not want to wait around.

4.Technical Issues

Many times, technical problems are inevitable. During your trade show exhibit, you want to avoid them as much as possible, however. Technical issues tend to be frustrating, and they can push people to focus on only that issue, instead of the product that you have to offer. If you do happen to have a technical matter, make sure you have some backup plan while you fix the technical problem.

5.Poor Organization

Poor organization can deteriorate a company’s presence at a trade show. Poor organization can make the attendees question the credibility of the enterprise. It can cause an impact on business reputation as well. You want to make a good impression on your potential new clients. Have a game plan, so you always have an idea of what will happen next.

4 Reasons Having A Bilingual Staff Will Increase Your Revenue

Establishing a presence, whether big or small, when attending a trade show can bring multiple benefits to your brand and company. Trade shows are a platform where you can reconnect with current clientele, meet new potential clients and connect with different influential people that can help your brand grow. During these trade show exhibits, you will come across people from all over the world. Some estimate that at least 20% of trade show attendees will travel 400 miles or more to attend a trade show that has companies or brands in which they are interested.

Because trade shows are incredibly diverse and host so many different people, it is beneficial to have bilingual people as part of your staff. Help your business reach more people and help increase your revenue by employing a multilingual or bilingual staff. Here are four reasons why having a bilingual staff will help your business grow in the long run.

Better Exposure

Exposure is why companies choose to visit a trade show and create a fantastic trade show booth. Having a bilingual staff that can communicate with people that do not speak English as their native language, helps you to communicate your business ideas and products with them. In return, your company will gain exposure to everyone that comes across your booth.

Generate Lucrative Business Leads

The main reason you and your staff may choose to attend a trade show is to generate new leads for your company from prospective clients. To generate these leads, you want your employees to be able to share your business motto and ideas with everyone. People who attend trade shows are driven and are wanting to gain a better understanding of the companies that they come across, as well as the products they may have to offer.

Many trade show attendees are international visitors. Foreign visitors are usually executives from other companies that are looking for products that will work efficiently towards their business goals. If your staff is bilingual, they will be able to showcase your hard work and what your company is all about, in the international visitor’s native language. This detail shows that your business welcomes everyone regardless of country.

Localization Becomes Easy

If you can translate your website into multiple different languages, you will benefit from localization. Localization helps open new doors for your business. When you have a bilingual staff, you are not only able to communicate with clients and potential customers at the trade show, but you can follow up with them as well. Following up with potential customers is essential if you want to bring them on board and make them part of your team. Your bilingual staff can help with this.

Interact With More People Who Are Also Bilingual

Running a company takes a lot of multitasking, especially during custom trade show exhibits where everyone is walking, talking, or asking questions. Knowing more than one language requires a significant amount of brainpower, so your bilingual staff should also be good at multitasking. Having bilingual staff is an excellent feature for your business to have, as these employees may be able to multitask as well.

How to Engage International Visitors at U.S Trade Shows

As the world becomes, more diverse numerous people are coming from all over the world to interact at trade shows and see new products that may be of interest to them. Many of these people are international visitors that are coming to U.S trade shows to find new products for their company. Know how to engage foreign visitors at U.S. trade shows. Global visitors who attend trade shows in the U.S are usually higher level executives or management who have the authority to make buying decisions for their company.

To impress international visitors, you need to know how to engage with them properly. Engaging with exhibit attendees should be something your staff should be aware how to do very well. Certain protocols should take place when interacting and engaging with international visitors. Here are a few ways to engage international visitors and make the best first impression for your company.

Do Your Homework

Before attending a trade show, and engaging international visitors, it is important to do your homework.
Throughout the time you will have done your homework, so you will recognize the businesses and social protocols that you will encounter. Inform yourself as to who might be attending the trade show, and from which foreign countries come. Although you may not be able to know who will be attending the trade show exhibit, getting a good idea will help you be more prepared for who you may encounter.

Proper Business Etiquette

First impressions are everything, especially when you’re at a trade show trying to showcase your company and products. One of the most important things that every team member should know before being part of your trade show is proper business etiquette. Business etiquette is different for everyone and every business. Being polite and courteous can go a long way especially when it comes to international visitors, as you will be able to engage them properly and sell them on your trade show booth exhibit.

Always using proper business etiquette with all trade show exhibit attendees can give your business a good reputation among regular trade show visitors. As a result, you may secure a regular clientele and also cause international visitors to become interested in your business.

Introduce Your International Trade Show Visitors to Your Top-Ranking Employees

Your company’s top-ranking employees embody everything that your business and brand are. Provide the most information about your business’ employees that you can. For this motive, you want to introduce your top-ranking staff and executives to your international trade show visitors first. Many foreign visitors expect to meet the best of the best first, as these employees are knowledgeable, and may have more information about your business than others.

Have Bilingual Employees At Your Trade Show

Many international visitors speak more than one language which can cause a barrier if you do not have bilingual staff attending the trade show. Having bilingual employees can help you interact and sell your ideas to international visitors as they will be able to communicate your business idea clearly by selling your products in the visitor’s native language.

Extend Your Trade Show Experience Online

Taking your company to one trade show or more is an excellent way of showing the masses the products you have to offer and what they can do for potential clients. Putting together successful trade show exhibit displays can help expand a company’s gains and bring in more customers, which is why many businesses enjoy going to multiple trade shows per year. Many trade show attendees, however, may not have the opportunity to see or interact with your booth for one reason or another.

The truth is with hundreds of different brands, and companies fighting to catch the attention of the attendees, and it can become a difficult and overwhelming task to grasp every person’s attention. Having a well laid out game plan with your team and making a great first impression can be vital in attracting more visitors and customers to your booth, but not everyone that attends the trade show will see your booth.

There is also the fact that many of your brand’s consumers may not be in the same area as the trade show you attend, so they may not have the ability to participate. To ensure everyone can take part and experience your custom trade show displays, you can extend your trade show experience online.

You may be wondering how you can amplify your trade show experience in real time. The answer is quite simple. You can stream your trade show experience on demand, on your company’s website. This strategy gives you the ability to entice people to come to one of your live trade show exhibits. It is also an excellent way to excite people about your brand and the new products you may have to offer.

You can use this strategy in two different ways. You can set up a live video using social media websites, such as YouTube or Facebook, which will inform your current audience when you will be displaying your trade show exhibit online. Doing this allows them to tune in and prevents from missing out on the experience. Doing this can raise awareness about your brand because your current consumers will be able to share the link with others. Sharing, in return, can bring increasing amounts of customers.

The second way you can do this is by filming the best parts of your trade show exhibit and experience and creating a small video that showcases these features. Display this video on the homepage of your company’s website. The goal is for potential clients to see the best aspects of your business as soon as they enter the site, which allows you to customize the video with your company’s logo and the best clips that you have filmed. You can always have this video displayed on your website as a fun and interactive introduction to your company as well.

Extending your trade show experience online can be an excellent way to bring more customers to your upcoming trade show exhibits. It is an excellent way to increase potential clients who are excited to see what your brand is all about and what it has to offer.