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Make Your Business Card Memorable by Doing These 4 Things

Think of your business card as your meet and greet cover letter. Though it cannot represent everything you have done in your career, it presents you and what you do now. It will most likely be the second time you get to make an impression on potential clients. Though we can hope that our first impression will leave a lasting and positive impression, we should not count on that, and we don’t always have a second chance to redeem ourselves. This is where your business card will come in handy.

Anyone who owns a business will tell you first impressions are everything. You want to put your best foot forward when it comes to introducing your business. To do just that you want to make your card memorable. Here are four ways to do that.

Choose Color

90% of business cards are white which is the number one reason why most of them get overlooked by so many of us. We are all guilty of looking at a business card and tossing it to the side. To change that consider choosing a business card with color as a background. This may be more costly, but it will make your card stand out. Some colors to consider are red, blue, and black. Black tends to cause the most impact as you can create a large contrast with bold colors such as gold.

Use Readable Calligraphy

When you are designing your business card, you want to make sure it is readable. The calligraphy on your business card and your custom trade show exhibit should showcase what your brand is all about. To get your message across to potential customers, they need to be able to read your business card effortlessly while also leaving a memorable experience, so focus on a font that is captivating as well as memorable. You can use more than one font on your business card, but remember to keep everything neat and concise.

Be Creative

Being creative is key when you want to stand out, so you may want to consider different shapes, font colors, sizes, or even something unique, like a chocolate business card. (Yes, those do exist.) Creative brand integration is also an excellent way to incorporate your brand while giving trade show exhibit attendees a memorable experience when they visit your custom trade show booth.

Use Images

When you first look at a magazine, your eyes will instantly gravitate to the bold images that are being featured on the cover. There is something about an image that will catch your attention. Keep this in mind when you are creating a memorable business card. You want to have your logo intertwined into the image that best represents your brand. Consider using an image that takes up a quarter of the card.

When designing your card, keep in mind who your potential clients may be. Consider creating a card that is memorable, but also informative. Your card should be appealing while giving recipients the information they need about your business.