Why Your First and Second Trade Shows Sucked

If you own a business, you know how important attending trade shows is. Trade shows give new and well-established businesses the ability to interact with new business owners as well as potential clients, breaking down the walls between offering great services and getting your name out there to the masses. However, trade show business goers know there is a science behind attending trade shows and being successful at them. To become a professional business trade show attendee, you need to remember that your first and second trade show will more than likely suck!

Although your first and second trade show exhibit may have sucked, you can’t feel defeated and give up. You simply learn from the experience and continue attending. To learn from your first and second trade show, you need to know exactly why they weren’t successful. Here are a few reasons why your first and second trade shows sucked.

Not Enough Planning

We cannot stress enough how important planning for a trade show exhibition is. Many newbies will think they have planned enough for a trade show and become overwhelmed when multiple things go wrong at the same time. You want to plan for everything that can go well and everything that can go wrong. You want to have a plan A, B, C and D just to ensure everything will run smoothly.

Unprofessional Staff

Your staff is the first line of contact to what your business is all about. Which means your staff should act accordingly and show the attendees that they are more than welcome to become part of your customers. If your staff is unprepared and unprofessional, the individuals attending your custom trade show booth may get the wrong impression of your business. Training your staff to know the answers to all the questions attendees may have as well as training them on how to act around your potential clients will save you a lot of headaches and misunderstandings.

Not Creating Buzz

If you want people to show up to a trade show exhibition that you will be attending, you need people to know what is happening. To do just that you want to create buzz around the trade show exhibition you will be attending on all of your social media as well as your website. Creating buzz allows people to know exactly where you will be and what they can expect from your booth. Consider taking images and teasing your followers with the elements of your booth.

Not Being Memorable

Be memorable to be remembered. You want attendees to know who you are and what services you provide. If you fail to do so, you will not generate any sales or even any leads. Visitors must be intrigued by what you can offer them. Become memorable by providing every attendee with an experience that they will not forget while being friendly and personable.

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