How to Train Team Members for Trade Shows

Your company spends hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to put together an amazing trade show exhibit with an even better custom trade show exhibit design that showcases what your company is all about. However, regardless of how much money you invest into your custom trade show exhibit design, if you do not have the right individuals on your team, you will not make a good impression on the trade show attendees. The success of your next trade show ultimately depends on your staff. Therefore, training your staff on how to handle all situations at your next trade show is critical.

Your staff should know how to interact and react to all situations at the trade show. Nothing should come as a surprise to your staff members, as your training should prepare them for what they have to look forward too. When you are looking to train your staff members here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Prepare them with Valuable Information

When you are training your staff for the big day, it is important you take a step back and train your staff with all the valuable information they should know. This training should consist of information your staff should share with potential clients. They should have most, if not all the answers to any questions the attendees may have about your business.

Prepare them with a Script

When training your staff, it is critical that they know how to approach attendees properly. Therefore, creating a script for them to follow is essential. It gives them guidelines of what is expected from them when they approach visitors near the booth. The script should feature a guide on how to sell your product/service without intimidating the attendee. Instead, your staff should sell your product/services by sharing and showcasing how your services can benefit the individual at your booth.

Show them How to Spot an Interested Attendee

Not all attendees that browse your trade show exhibit are interested in the products you have to sell. Therefore, you want your staff to have a keen eye for those that are interested in your product/services. This is especially true when you have a large crowd surrounding your booth. Instead of focusing on everyone in the crowd and giving them all a follow-up call. Your staff should be able to spot the difference between prospects that will be waiting for a follow-up call from the ones that are not.

Teach them to be Engaging

Training should include instructions on how to be engaging. We have noticed many trade show employees are not aware of the importance of being captivating to visitors. Being engaging can make a huge difference in the way your brand comes across to the attendees. Keep in mind there are multiple different companies that sell similar products and services to yours. Therefore, your staff need to bring something different to the table, and that is what being engaging does. It makes the attendees feel part of something which is exactly what you want when you are trying to bring people on board with your vision.

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