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How to Prepare for an Outdoor Trade Show

Attending a trade show outdoors presents some new challenges that you won’t have to face at a traditional marketing event. This means you and your team will need to be especially prepared. Here are some tips to ensure the outdoor trade show is a success.

Watch Your Inventory

Make sure that you don’t bring a lot of inventory to the outdoor trade show unless you’ve already gotten the impression from customers that they’re ready to buy. Carrying these items outdoors could prove to be a hassle for your team, and if customers aren’t ready to buy, you could be lugging it all back to your office. Remember that trade shows mainly serve the purpose of connecting you with buyers who are willing to partner with your brand, so there’s a good chance that you won’t encounter too many independent consumers who want to purchase from you at the show.

Prepare for the Weather

You and your team should be prepared for the weather if you’ll be displaying your products outside. This means bringing along umbrellas and rain gear or taking along extra hats and jackets in case the temperature drops unexpectedly. Of course, using outerwear with your company logo can serve as another marketing tool. When it comes to your trade show exhibit, use weather-proof materials and bring along an awning to protect your demos and team members from getting wet. If you have to pack up your table at the first sign of bad weather, you may not get the opportunity to interact with professionals who could help move your business forward.

Build the Right Exhibit

Trade show portable booths are likely the best choice for an outdoor trade show. Just make sure that the trade show exhibits are made from durable materials. It’s still important to have a banner or table cover that clearly showcases your logo, and you can incorporate technology into your exhibit as well. Set up a tablet that shows a video demo of your products and services. Even at an outdoor show, you can get attendees involved by taking pictures of them trying out your products, and you can also take photos of the outdoor scenery nearby to pique the interest of social media followers who weren’t able to attend. If you’ve brought along a live mascot, be sure to choose costumes that aren’t too hot since this could be a health hazard if your team member gets overheated.

Don’t Forget to Network

Even though your trade show exhibits are set up outside, don’t forget that you’re still in a professional environment. Send your team members over to other trade show portable booths to interact with other companies and trade contact information with those you feel would make great potential partners in the future. Remember to always behave with the same decorum you would if you were at an indoor trade show. You may make connections that can serve your company well.