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Tips to Get People to Purchase Your Product at Your Next Trade Show

Once you’ve confirmed your attendance at the next big trade show in your area, you may be wondering about trade show ideas to convince potential customers that they should purchase your products and services. If this trade show is one that provides the opportunity for you to make direct sales, here are a few trade show ideas that will increase your chances of leaving the trade show with a new list of loyal customers.

Provide Great Customer Service

When you’re friendly and approachable, attendees will be more likely to stay at your trade show booth for a while to learn about what you have to offer. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to walk away with one of your products. Be patient with customers when they ask questions and conduct product demos as much as possible. These things can increase your chances of getting a sale as well.

Give Out Samples

People love free samples, especially if those samples are edible. Give out samples at your trade show booth that will grab the attention of your attendees and make them interested in buying from you. For instance, bottled water that features a label with your logo can be effective, but you should add something different to the sample like making the water alkaline if you’re attending a health-centered trade show. Or, you could provide snacks that will leave customers wanting more. An energy bar sample may be a good idea, especially if the trade show is long and the venue is large. Of course, you can also give out samples of your most popular products, even if you don’t sell edible items. A promo code that allows attendees to try out your services for a short period of time could lead them to buy. A product demo that allows attendees to sample your equipment or software could also lead to a sale.

Have Contests

Hold a contest at your trade show booth to motivate attendees to engage with your team members and learn more about your products. Offer free promotional materials to the winner as well as a promotional code that will offer the attendee a discounted price for a purchased service. This marketing tool provides a tangible incentive for the attendee and could convince him or her to buy your product or service, especially if the marketing item is colorful, appealing and serves a practical purpose.

Offer Discounts

If attendees feel that they’re not paying full price for your product or service, they may be more likely to become loyal customers after taking advantage of the discount you’re offering. Provide a discounted price for people who are attending the trade show, and extend the offer to those who are watching via livestream. This immediately makes your products and services more interesting and gives attendees more of a reason to do business with you. If the discount only lasts for a limited time, potential customers who are already interested in your product may finally make the decision to buy.

How to Work with Other Companies at a Trade Show

One of the benefits of attending trade shows is being able to network with other companies in your line of work. You can also partner with companies who offer a product or service that will compliment yours, which means attracting customers for both companies. If you’re interested in working with another company at your next marketing event, here are some trade show ideas you may want to consider.

Offer Prizes

When you offer free promotional products to trade show attendees, there’s a good chance you’ll spark their interest. This is especially true if the products are edible, visually appealing, or functional. This is where your business partnership comes in. For instance, if you sell organic coffee, partner with a company that offers all-natural baked goods or breakfast foods. This way you can offer samples from both companies. Trade show attendees will associate your businesses with each other, and when they purchase a product from your partner company, they’ll be more likely to buy from you and vice versa.


When attendees are coming to your trade show display, it’s important that your booth is decorated well and your staff members are friendly and ready to engage with attendees. There’s a good chance that people will want to take pictures of your booth if they like what they see, so you can also livestream the show and show those who can’t attend some of the trade show’s best features. The livestream is also a great time to feature both your business and the company you’re partnering with. You can even have a small table in between your trade show display and theirs featuring both company logos to continue sending the message to consumers that you’re working with another company to provide quality services and products.

Cross Promotion

Work with your partner company to come up with trade show ideas that will benefit the both of you. Put your business cards and promotional materials at your partner’s trade show display and feature their promotional materials at yours. Let your customers know about the partnership on your website and offer those who attend the trade show a discount when they purchase items from both you and your competitor during the marketing event.

Social Media

Be sure to use social media to your advantage when you’re working with another company to make your trade show experience a success. Come up with creative or funny trade show ideas that will make both businesses stand out and make people excited about coming to the trade show. Provide a prize or discounted services to the social media follower that shares your marketing material most often on social media and create a video commercial to post on your social media pages advertising your partnership and trade show attendance. The more active you are on social media, the more you’ll attract people who see regular social media interaction as a sign of professionalism. This also shows that you’re willing to communicate with your customers on a consistent basis and want to provide quality customer service. This allows you to make a great impression long after the trade show is over.

The Benefits of Compact Trade Show Exhibits

Now that you’re coming up with creative trade show ideas that will make your company more noticeable, you may need to give serious consideration to the size of your custom trade show booth. Many trade show displays can be large and difficult to travel with, so if you’re just starting with trade shows or have a lot of shows to attend in a short amount of time, a compact custom trade show exhibit could be a great idea. Here are a few reasons why.

Easy Set Up

In general, small trade show booths are easier to set up than larger ones. You don’t have as many parts to work with, so there’s a good chance that setup won’t take as long. This is definitely a plus if you’re traveling out of town for the trade show and won’t have much time for setup before you have to start interacting with attendees.

Easy Breakdown

Again, a trade show display that doesn’t take up much space may not be that difficult to take down. If you’ve got to ship the display materials back to your office or storage unit after the trade show, this part of the process will be much more efficient if you don’t have to take hours to break down your display or call a large team to help you. This could also help you save money when you’re setting up and taking down your booth. The less manpower you need, the more money can remain in the company budget.

Better Accessibility

As you’re coming up with creative trade show ideas, remember that the smaller the booth, the closer the attendees will be to you. This could actually be a good thing. When you’re not using large items that can interfere with customer interaction, it will be easier to shake an attendee’s hand or direct him or her to your product demos. A small, well-decorated trade show booth also sends the message that you take pride in your company and have nothing to hide. If you come up with other trade show ideas for marketing like a raffle or a fun contest, you can set this up next to the actual booth so that you can still be personable while creating visual appeal for your display without going overboard.


Finally, a compact custom trade show exhibit is likely your best choice if you want to make sure you’re staying within the company budget. Large, elaborate trade show booths can be pretty expensive. While they’re a great way to show off your products and services, you might regret making the purchase after you see the bill and realize that you didn’t make as many sales at the trade show as you’d hoped. A smaller exhibit still gives you the opportunity to showcase your local and professional artwork but keeps you from overspending on elaborate items that potential customers may not even be paying attention to. Remember to focus on product knowledge and customer service, and you’ll likely make a great impression, regardless of your trade show booth size.

Should You Have a Q&A At Your Next Trade Show?

If you’re trying to come up with fun and exciting trade show ideas, you may have entertained the idea of a Q&A session. This can be an effective marketing tool, and it provides a chance for attendees to find out more about your company in an entertaining and engaging way. However, there are some things to consider before you make the final decision to have a Q&A. Be sure to bring these concerns up to your team members so that this aspect of promotions for your business will result in more success for your company.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Think about how much time you have at the trade show to entertain in-depth questions. If you are only able to speak to attendees for a few minutes at a time, this trade show may not be the one for the Q&A session. If your products or services are pretty self-explanatory, there may not be a need for a Q&A since you can describe what your company is all about in your marketing materials in a way that is clear and understandable.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Consider the amount of space you have if you want to hold a Q&A. If you have a large custom trade show exhibit, there may not be enough room for you to interact with customers for extended periods of time. Think about the way the trade show venue is set up and rearrange your booth or promotional materials if possible to make room for the group of potential customers who may gather to ask questions about your services and products. It’s important to make attendees feel as comfortable as possible during the session since this is an essential part of customer service as well.

What Will You Say?

Remember that this is one of the trade show ideas that will only work if you’re fully prepared. It’s not enough to simply wait for attendees to ask questions. You have to be ready for possible questions about the history and mission of your company. You should be ready to talk about the progress and success of your company in concrete terms. Of course, there may be some questions that you weren’t expecting, but if your team is well educated about your business, the session will go much better.

What Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions?

Check out your website and blog to find out what customers ask about the most. Address these concerns at the trade show and let attendees know that you’ve been paying attention to their concerns. Answer these questions at the beginning of the session, and you may be able to cut the Q&A short and impress attendees by already being aware of their concerns.

What Do You Want Attendees to Know?

Finally, make sure you have at least an idea of what your customers will ask and respond proactively. You can answer some of these inquiries with your custom trade show exhibit by being descriptive in your marketing materials and product labeling. When you are clear about the message you want to convey, your professional approach will reflect this, and attendees will walk away from the session with a positive impression of your company.

What to Do If You Don’t Know the Answer to an Attendee’s Question (tradeshow planning, custom tradeshow display)

If you’re preparing to attend a trade show, you’ve likely prepped your team when it comes to how to deal with tough customer questions. You’ve probably had meetings during your tradeshow planning about the ins and outs of your products and services and have coached your team on how to respond to customers who want to know more about what you’re offering. You’ve explained how your custom tradeshow display works to ensure that your staff knows how to use all the special features that will get the attention of potential customers. However, what should you do when you don’t know the answer? If you find yourself in this tough position, these pointers could prove helpful.

Offer to Get the Answer

When you know that you don’t know the answer that an attendee asks, offer to get the answer for them as quickly as you can. You can do this by asking another team member or contacting your supervisor or CEO. When someone comes to your custom tradeshow display, they’re looking for you to be an expert in your field, and this can be a little intimidating. However, attendees also respect when you don’t try to make up an answer and are willing to implement your customer service skills to answer their inquiry in the most accurate manner.

Try to Find the Answer Yourself

You can also do a quick search or look through marketing materials that you have on hand to find the answer yourself. Again, potential customers usually respect the fact that you’re willing to find an answer for them, even if you don’t have the “right” response for them right away. Inform the attendee that you’re not exactly sure how to answer them at the moment, but you’ll do what you can to ensure that you get a response to them in a timely manner. This is especially important since trade shows tend to move pretty quickly and people don’t want to wait around to get a response.

Provide Resources

An important part of tradeshow planning is making sure you have resources on hand in case you’re faced with a difficult inquiry. Direct attendees to your business website as well as the website and contact information for your industry’s foremost professional organization. You can also provide links to helpful articles and reports concerning your business and your services and products so that attendees can get more detailed information about your company if need be.

Maintain Your Composure

Make sure that you maintain a professional demeanor while interacting with attendees. Even if you’re a little embarrassed about not knowing how to answer a question, or the attendee is a little disappointed that you haven’t responded in the manner they’d hoped, remember that you’re still representing your company. Apologize for not having an immediate answer and encourage the attendee to learn more about your organization through your company’s website and social media outlets. And don’t forget to thank the attendee for coming by your booth. This is a vital part of making a great impression, and you could end up making the attendee a customer in the future.