How you can maximize your trade show exposure on social media before your exhibition

Every trade show attendee knows the importance of exposure. Exposure is essential when you want to share your brand and/or company with as many individuals as possible. That is where social media come in.

Social media have become a global phenomenon, not only among young adults but among businesses as well. This is because social media can connect millions of individuals with multiple different interests. Since social media are so important and so many of us spend numerous hours on it daily, it makes sense to maximize your trade show exposure on social media.

To get the most out of this, you want to begin working on bringing constant awareness to your custom trade-show exhibit beforehand. Here is how to do that with social media.

Be Consistent

To maximize your trade-show exposure on social media before, during and after your exhibition and display design, you must be consistent. The audience you attract on social media wants to feel like they are as important to you or your clients. Therefore, you want to interact with your followers and give them daily updates. The key is to continue reminding them that your brand will attend an exhibition.

Use Influencers to Spread the Word

We have all witnessed the growing power that influencers have among their following. Therefore, you want to take advantage of that and use an influencer to spread the word. Think about it like this: if an influencer has 2 million followers and he or she spreads the word about your trade-show exhibit attendance, you now have 2 million new individuals who know about your company. Not only that but if any of those 2 million individuals decide to spread the word, another set of people now know about you as well.

Use as Many Platforms as Possible

You want to share on as many social platforms as you can. Although this can be time-consuming, it is in your company’s best interest to be on as many platforms as you possibly can. The more individuals you reach through social media, the better chance you have of having a larger crowd at your custom trade-show booth.

Offer Sneak Peaks

If you are launching a new product, offering sneak peeks on your social media platforms before your exhibition is an excellent way to create a buzz. Doing so will cause individuals to want to check out your booth to see the fully revealed product.

Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway has always been a great idea. However, you want to host the giveaway geared towards the attendees who will be visiting your booth. The idea is to bring exposure and have individuals want to visit your booth and learn more about your products and brand.

Be Personable

The key to success on social media is being personable whether you want to bring maximum exposure to your trade show before your exhibition, or you want to share a new product. Be friendly while being informative is the way to go while you work to get the most exposure out of your trade-show exhibition experience.

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