5 questions your staff should always know the answer to

The staff members who accompany you to your exhibition should be an extension of you and your company. Therefore, they should be able to answer any questions that may come their way. The truth is attendees who are interested in your company will have questions before they decide to become part of your potential clientele. Keeping that in mind, it is important to note that while training your exhibition-design display staff members on proper trade-show behavior, they should be able to confidently answer these questions, which are the most frequently asked.

What exactly do you do?
Many attendees will ask this question in the hope of getting to know the company better. Your employees should be able to answer this question instantly. They should have a memorized summary of what the company does. However, the employee should not sound robotic when sharing this information. Instead, he or she should appear friendly and well-informed.

What makes your company or products different?
Individuals who are interested in your products or services will ask this question in several different ways. The idea is they want to know why they should choose YOU over the various other companies at the trade show. This is the time to pitch your company to the attendee. They want you to sell them your company and really make them understand why you are the better option. You want to share your goals and tell about the accolades received while involving the attendee in the next steps of your company.

How can your products benefit me?
Again, this is a pitch-selling question. When you hear this question, you want to be clear and informative on what your products can do for the attendees. The idea is to sell them on the concept that your products will make their lives better in one way or another. If you have a product demo, this is the time to show it. Letting the attendee see exactly how the product works will help give him or her a better idea of how your products will benefit him or her at home.

What is the growth of this company?
Many attendees want to know how well the company is growing and has been growing over time in order to assess in what they are investing. Although this question may not always be the very first and most frequently asked question, you should know the answer. The idea is to guide the attendees into knowing that investing in your company by becoming part of your regular customer base will be beneficial to them. Be friendly and personable when sharing what the growth of your company is so more attendees will want to be a part of your growing process.

Where do I sign up?
Once you hear this question, it means you have done an excellent job at pitching your brand and ideas. Have an easy sign-up sheet or digital forum for them to sign up. The easier it is for them to provide their information, the better.

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