7 Pitch Follow-Up Mistakes You’re Currently Making

Whether you’re getting ready to attend a trade show for the first time or you’re a veteran when it comes to marketing events, you know that following up with attendees is very important. The follow-up could be the necessary tool you need to complete a sale and gain a loyal customer. Here are some suggestions that go beyond the trade show booth to help you build up your client base.

Waiting Too Long

After attendees have seen your trade show exhibit and heard your explanation of your services and products, you want to follow up while the information is still fresh on their minds. Don’t wait weeks or months after the trade show to contact the potential customer again. A day or two after the show, make contact to thank the attendee for coming to your booth, and ask if he or she has any questions. Include all your contact information so it’s easy for the client to get in touch with you.

Not Enough Interaction

Once an attendee comes to your booth, it’s up to you to interact with him or her so your company is memorable. This means going into detail about what you have to offer, being friendly and being open to questions. You should continue this interaction via social media and your website. This keeps the client engaged and increases the chances he or she will patronize your business in the future. Be sure to make a point of this at the next trade-show planning meeting so you can continue to make a great impression at future shows.

Not Gathering Information

Make it fun or interesting for attendees to give you their information. Set up a tablet for attendees to input their email addresses and phone numbers. Have a raffle at your trade show exhibit with a drawing every hour or two, so attendees will have to visit your booth several times during the day. Be sure to gather the contact information for every person who comes to your table, so you’ll actually have a follow-up list to refer to when the trade show is over.

Not Being Knowledgeable Enough

When you’re not knowledgeable enough about the product you’re presenting, or you haven’t implemented effective trade-show planning to make sure your team members know what to say, this could affect your follow-up success. This is especially true if attendees have been to your booth at previous shows. Increase the chances of gaining a customer by making sure you know all about the services you offer since attendees will remember the interactions they had with you.

Following Up Too Much

Finally, don’t follow up too much after attendees visit your trade show exhibit. You want to give customers time to look over the marketing material you’ve provided, and/or research your company online. Providing too much information that the customer did not request could cause you to lose a sale. Remember to be proactive without overdoing in order to build rapport and make the customer a long-term client.

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