4 Steps to Close a Sale

As you’re doing all the planning and work that goes into getting ready for a trade show, you’re probably continuing to look for ways that you can appeal to customers and eventually make sales. After all, this is the entire objective of going to trade shows, so you want to make sure you leave the event with as many potential customers as possible. If you encounter an attendee who wants to buy your products or services right away, there are some steps you can take to make sure you close the deal.

Be Enthusiastic

Each time an attendee comes to your trade show exhibit, he or she should feel your enthusiasm and positive energy. When you and your team members look like you’re having a good time and want to interact, potential customers will pick up on this and want to ask more questions. This also shows that you’re proud of your products and services and are excited to share them with others.

Build Rapport

Establish a relationship and connection with attendees. At your next meeting for trade-show planning, give your team members tips on how to accomplish this. You can start by asking what the attendee’s specific needs are, and find some common ground. For instance, if you offer health products that are primarily for children, you can let the attendee know that your children have used the products and benefitted from them. Be sure to ask questions and get a feel for the attendees’ needs instead of simply delivering a sales pitch. This will help you understand how to pitch certain products in your inventory that would be fitting for the customer.

Be Knowledgeable

Even if your trade show exhibit is beautiful, you’re likely to lose points with customers if you do not have product knowledge. Once attendees are interested and start asking more questions about your products, you should be ready to provide the answers. If you’re not sure, make sure you ask the manager on staff and get an answer for the attendee right away. It may also be helpful for you to have a video at your trade show exhibit that explains what your company does through the use of animation or customer testimonials. This can eliminate many of the questions customers have while giving you a refresher course so that you’ll be prepared for follow-up questions.

Be Prepared to Ask

Finally, after you’ve laid the foundation of establishing common ground with the customer and answering questions in an informed and confident manner, you may have to come right out and ask whether the attendee wants to make a purchase. It won’t seem so abrupt since you’ve already been engaging in conversation. But, if you find that the attendee is not making the first step toward a sale, it is OK to do so in a way that isn’t too aggressive. Keeping these tips in mind will increase the chances that you’ll have a successful trade show and appeal to a new group of customers.

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