3 Reasons Having a Trade Show Banner is Quite Beneficial

When you attend a trade show, you want to make sure that your trade show exhibit, marketing materials, and promotional items stand out. That’s why it is good to have a trade show banner. The banner can be used to display important information and can bring the entire look of your exhibit space together. Here are three of the main reasons that a banner can be beneficial.

Visual Appeal

Your trade show banner could be the thing that stands out and draws customers to your table. When your banner is large enough for attendees to see from across the room, it could encourage them to come over and start asking questions about your business. That’s why it is important to make sure that the banner is easy to read and has all the right details to help you make a great first impression. The banner could help attendees to form an opinion about your business even before they start speaking to you, so keeping the design professional yet creative is important.


A huge part of trade-show planning is making sure that the right information is getting to the customers. This means answering potential questions before attendees have a chance to ask them. Make sure that your trade show banner has all the necessary details about your business without too much writing. For example, always include your contact information, and make sure that you point out the best features of your products. Of course, your logo should also appear on the banner since this increases brand recognition. You may also want to include a call to action on the banner as well, such as “ask us about our promotions” or “follow us on social media for updates,” so that attendees will be motivated to continue interacting with you once the trade show has ended.

Color Marketing

Finally, don’t forget that color is very important when it comes to the trade show banner. The colors that you choose send a message about your business and the services you have to offer. For instance, red can indicate passion or excitement. However, if you use the color too much, it can be difficult to look at for long periods, which can be frustrating for customers. Colors, such as green and blue, give clients the feeling that your business is trustworthy and environmentally friendly, so these can make good colors for a trade show banner as well. Of course, the colors of your logo should also be incorporated into the banner so that attendees will associate these hues with your business.

Once you have the banner that you want for your trade show exhibit, let your team members have a look at it and give their feedback. Make sure that the banner is legible and doesn’t look too similar to the banners you’ve seen for other companies. When you combine your company’s creativity with effective marketing, the banner could serve as one of the best tools for increasing your client base.

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