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Items You Should Invest in to Have at Your Trade Show

Your trade show display booth should have all the tools you need to appeal to customers, keep them interested in your services and products and keep them purchasing from you long after the trade show has ended. This is why it’s important to bring some essential items with you to your next trade show that will make you more memorable to consumers.

Promo Items

Be sure to bring items that feature your company’s logo and hand them out at your trade show booth, even to attendees who don’t buy anything. Remember that you want to deepen the impression of your brand. Even if a customer doesn’t buy right away, it doesn’t mean he or she never will. Small items that are practical, such as cell phone covers and flash drives, are ideal for trade shows since these are things people have to use daily. And, when they do, they will see your logo and be reminded of your business.

Marketing Materials

You should definitely include online marketing in your trade-show planning. But, it is also a good idea to bring hard-copy marketing materials to the trade show. Some customers will take your company seriously when you can actually put promotional items in their hands. Make sure that you include all your necessary contact information and encourage attendees to get in touch with you via phone or online.

Edible Items

When you offer refreshments at your trade show booth, you’re sure to get people talking and attract those who want to know more about your services. You can offer coffee and a snack, especially if the trade show has long hours, or you can partner with a food company and promote each other’s goods and services. For example, you can provide energy bars at your booth, which may appeal to attendees with busy work schedules. These attendees may also be able to benefit from your professional software or design products, which means you may have gained a customer for both companies. In turn, the energy bar company can do the same for you.

Presentation Media

Don’t forget presentation media for your next trade show. Instead of simply explaining what your products do, show a short video about them. You can also show videos of customer testimonials to get people interested. This makes your trade show booth appear more professional and can provide a competitive edge. You can also use a tablet or smartphone to get attendees to enter their contact information so you can follow up with your leads after the trade show.

Business Cards

Finally, remember that you should always have business cards on hand. These are still effective ways to get people to remember your company. Make sure that your logo is clearly displayed and include all necessary contact information. You should also encourage attendees to leave their business cards so that you can hold a raffle and/or have their information on hand for follow-up purposes once the trade show has ended.