Social Media Development

The power of social media, chosen wisely, will definitely increase your exposure and sales. The question to ask yourself is, “what should comprise my social media marketing mix?” We’ve created a worksheet below to help you find and understand the different possibilities awaiting you in designing the perfect social media campaign.

PRE-SHOW (2 months to 1 week prior to the show)

Choose Your Weapons and Set Your Triggers

  • Assuming you’ve already set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+, choose which (if not all) you will deploy. Depending on your niche, set up additional accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare, Flickr or Tumblr.
  • Start an Events page on your Facebook account, mark it as “public” and allow shares. List your special offers and products here with tagged photos that link to your promotions or company info.
  • Set up a Company page on LinkedIn so you can attract followers and create Product pages. Ask your best current clients for their personal “Recommendations”. Link to this page in your email campaigns.
  • Upload your product videos to YouTube, tag and hashtag them, and share to all your social media platforms as viral content. Use these videos in your emails.
  • Set up an account on a social media management tool like HootSuite, SproutSocial, or Buffer. Post great content several times daily on several different platforms.
  • Insert social media widgets/addresses on your website pages, emails and even print advertising.

Hashtag is King

  • Create your company’s hashtag using the show’s existing hashtag as long as it doesn’t create too many characters (ex. #CES2018booth35 or #2018CES35).
  • Use your hashtag on every post, tweet, photo, video, press release, blog, directory listing, landingpage, and on all of your social media company pages.
  • Shorten your urls to make them easier to tweet and retweet using Bitly or TinyURL.
  • Set up Google Alerts or use a social monitoring tool like IceRocket to alert you whenever your company is mentioned online. Set these up with your competition’s names and hashtags too.
  • Easily find more of your prime prospects by title or industry using Tweetdeck or SocialBro. UseTwellowhood to search geographically to find customers who live near the event location.

Plan Your Attack

  • Create a master social posting calendar based on the products your company is showcasing at the event.
  • Use your social platforms to tell your email list and social media audience about your upcoming show. Ask them to follow your company’s social accounts to be included in cool contests, promotions and incentives. Invite your Facebook likes to attend using your Facebook Event page.
  • Search the show’s hashtag (ex. #CES2018) on Twitter. Find other exhibitors, opinion influencers and industry experts and start to develop win-win relationships. Follow them in hopes of getting them to follow you.


Create a Promotional Strategy Around Great Incentives

  • Create promotions around VIP show passes and other deals.
  • Give away prizes or hold a drawing for everyone who shares or retweets your page or tagged photo using tools such as Rafflecopter and AgoraPulse.
  • Post photos – or better yet, video – from the event as it happens.
  • Run a scavenger hunt with the fellow show exhibitors you’ve connected with. Scavify’s mobile app also captures lead contacts and integrates easily with your social media accounts.
  • Invite show attendees via Facebook or Twitter to an RSVP-only lunch or cocktail party at your booth.

POST-SHOW (1 day – 2 weeks after)

  • Write a post-show blog summing up the event highlights, any fun memories, and of course, product info.
  • Create a video of the show (Animoto) that you can post to YouTube, tag to your main non-show corporate hashtag and site, and share far and wide.
  • Offer a thank you giveaway, drawing, or promotional discount to everyone who shares your content, their experience, or a product-related photo to your wall.
  • Link all post-show posts back to your website landing pages or to downloadable pdfs about your products.
  • Always thank everyone who “liked” your Facebook or Event pages.
  • Email your booth visitors asking for a recommendation of your product on your LinkedIn Product page. Thank them when they do.
  • Use any positive Twitter feedback productively by posting that thread to your website or blog. You can also use this in pre-show communications for future events.
  • Tweet new followers a request to connect with your main corporate Twitter account when the show hashtag is no longer in use.

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