5 Steps to a Successful Post-Show

5 Steps to a Successful Post-Show

To truly capitalize on all the work that goes into putting on a trade show exhibit, you have to understand that the work doesn’t end when the show ends. There’s more you can do after the show to help boost your ROI, and your Exhibit Options team is here to help. Here are some ideas on how to tackle the post-show hustle.

Gather Leads
Don’t waste any time when it comes to the leads you got. Get them all in one place and organized in a database as soon as you can. If possible, include notes about when and where people were contacted.

Contact Within A Week
Once you’ve got a database of all your leads, compose personalized messages for them, and get them sent within a week of the show’s end. Include questions, which helps encourage responses. Have a call to action, like inviting them to visit your site, or offering a demo of some kind. If you have a good visual of yourself or other who were involved in your exhibit (especially at the exhibit), include those to help your leads remember who you are.

Give Top Leads Priority
For your best prospects, take it a step further and call them personally. Talking is always better than email communication, and lets you get to know them better and them to get to know you. Anyone you felt had the strongest connection with your presentation should get this treatment.

Request Feedback
People love being asked for their opinions. Whatever mode you use to get in touch with leads, whether by email, phone or social media, ask them for feedback. What was their experience with your booth? What appealed to them? What might keep them from using your product or service?

Request Referrals
Not every lead will become a conversion, but that doesn’t mean they are lost. Tactfully request referrals from those you contact, and you can you can boost your pool of leads by a sizeable amount. This can generate leads almost indefinitely, but of course use discretion in deciding how much or how long you want to pursue referrals.

Perhaps you’ve already planned for all this, but the real question is what kind of booth will get these leads in the first place? Contact Exhibit Options today! We can help design your booth or graphics, handle show management, or use our experience to offer advice that will help you stand out at the show. Visit us online, or contact us today!

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