What Are the Best Promotional Items?

While it’s very important to have a trade show booth that is professional and attractive, you’ll also need to provide promotional items that will deepen the impression of your business and make attendees more interested in your services and products. Of course, offering free items to attendees is also a plus, and will attract more people to your booth. To determine which marketing materials are best, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Functional Items

Choose trade show promotional items that attendees will actually be able to use after they leave the show. This will increase the chances that these potential customers will remember you, and will get in touch with you to make purchases. Functional items also give the impression that your company cares about making life a little easier for customers. This shows that you’re considerate and concerned about your community, as opposed to just being focused on making sales. Items, such as mousepads, hats, T-shirts or reusable grocery bags, can help to make the right impression since these items also feature your logo to remind attendees about your company.

Edible Items

Items at your trade show booth that attendees can eat can also make your display more attractive. This is especially true if attendees have been at the trade show all day and may need a snack or beverage to give them a boost of energy. If you sell edible items, it’s a good idea to offer potential customers a sample. Not only will this directly give attendees a glimpse of what your company has to offer, but it increases the chances that attendees will tell others about your booth, which will make your exhibit more popular. This, of course, could turn into more customers for you.

Memorable Items

It’s also a good idea to choose items that will make customers remember you. When potential customers come to your trade show exhibit, they should walk away with tangible items that they can refer to for months or even years. Even if you’re giving out discounts or promotional perks, give attendees a card with the discount information, so they can make their purchase online if they don’t want to buy anything at the trade show.

Impressionable Items

Promotional items that will make a lasting impression on attendees can go a long way when you’re looking to gain a reliable client base. If you sell technological products, you may want to give out small digital picture frames that allow attendees to keep special photos of friends and family. If you sell all natural products, a sample-size candle or potpourri satchel can remind potential customers about your company each time they come in contact with the scent. The key is to make attendees feel as though their lives will be easier and more fulfilling if they become your customers. When you can show potential customers the direct benefit of your products from marketing items, you’ll gain customers who will likely spread the word about your company to others.

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