Which Trade Shows Should You Attend?

As you and your team are coming up with great trade show ideas for your next marketing event, you will need to figure out whether you should accept the trade show invitations that you receive. While it may be tempting to go to every trade show in your area or pertaining to your industry, it is important to choose wisely when you’re promoting your company.

Trade Show Location

The location of the trade show will let you know whether you should attend. If you have to travel far for the event, you may want to avoid it unless you know it will turn into a lucrative experience for your company. Remember you will have to pay for the airfare or ground transportation for your team members and trade show equipment. You will have to pay for hotel expenses if you and your team will be staying in the trade show city for more than one day. Traveling for a trade show can also affect the way you run your business. If you’re not actually in the office for an extended period of time, this will affect how fast you are able to respond to customer inquiries or make sales. So, make sure that the trade show attendance is worth your while.

Trade Show Duration

Consider how long the trade show will last as well. When it comes to your trade show exhibit, you want to make sure that attendees will see the hard work you did for as long as possible, and if attending the trade show for a long period of time will decrease sales, it may be a good idea to sit this particular one out.

Team Members

If you have got reliable team members who will handle all the business associated with your trade show and the show is local, it may be a good idea to participate. If you know that you don’t physically have to be there throughout the duration of the show, you can still do business with existing customers to make sure that you are still fulfilling the needs of your clients. The right team also helps you make a great impression on trade show attendees, presenting the company as a friendly and professional organization with quality products.

Past Success

Finally, be sure to look at the success you have had at similar trade shows, especially in the last few months. This could serve as an indication of whether you will get more customers or turn your leads into sales. If you notice that certain trade shows don’t have a huge turnout, or that the space or venue you have to work with doesn’t appeal to customers as much as you’d like, you may want to avoid these marketing events. Choose marketing scenarios that will give your business a positive and professional impression. Even if attendees don’t end up purchasing right away, there’s a good chance that they will tell others about your business. You want to make sure the reviews are positive.

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