What Your Signage Says About You

Your trade show signage says a lot about your business and can make or break you when it comes to the first impression. Remember attendees will see your signage well before they approach your trade show exhibit, so the right displays are very important. Here are some tips for making sure that your signs stand out.


A combination of bright and neutral colors is best when it comes to signage, so work with your team to come up with trade show ideas that will make your business appear both fun and professional. For instance, if you want to give attendees the impression that you are an expert in your field, it may be a good idea to use shades of blue in your signage, since this is a color that denotes professionalism and reliability. If you want potential customers to feel that your business has exciting products to offer, variations of red are best. When you’re selling edible products, orange should be included in your signage. Shades of green are ideal for products that are environmentally friendly. Just be sure to limit a number of neon shades that you use. This can be harsh on the eyes even if viewed from far away.


Make sure that you don’t have too much of a cursive font on your trade show exhibit. This is hard to read, even up close, and you don’t want to confuse attendees or continue to have to explain the writing on your banners or tablecloths. This can give the impression that you’re not prepared, or that you are more concerned with the look of your promotional materials than actually attracting consumers. A font that is easy to read but doesn’t look too simple or elementary is likely to provide the impression you’re looking for.


Lighting can make a huge difference in the way that people view your sign. It shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into your marketing materials. When your trade show features a sign or banner that includes accent lighting, people’s eyes will be drawn to it. So, make sure that the images and font you use are appealing. The signs that you light should include essential information about your company, such as your contact information and the main benefits of your products. This could open up the conversation for attendees to ask more about what you have to offer.


Finally, add a few appealing accessories to your signage, but don’t be too flashy. A graphic accessory or a 3-D accent on your sign, such as letters that shine or light up or a small replica of your product, can get the attention of attendees. However, don’t add too many accessories. This could give the impression that you’ve put too much work into the marketing and not enough into the product. You also want to make sure that your signage is easy to read and understand, no matter what features are added.

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