Bright Colors to Use for Signage

Now that you’re preparing for a trade show, you should come up with signage and marketing materials that will attract attendees the right way. Color is a great way to accomplish this. But, there are some things to keep in mind when you’re selecting the right colors for your trade show display.


Logo Colors

To make your trade show booth look more uniform, try using the colors that are featured in your logo. However, it’s a good idea to use a brighter variation of your logo’s colors to guarantee your signs are easy to see from a distance. If you decide to use neon colors, make sure these are accent colors so they don’t put too much strain on the eyes.



Vivid variations of blue are ideal for your signage since blue is a color that lets potential customers know you’re trustworthy and an expert in your field. Blue is also a relatable color and makes your trade show exhibit designs appear more approachable. Cobalt blue is a great color for trade shows since it shows up well on signs, and a neon-like shade of blue is best for the border or accent designs of your sign.



Orange is a color that inspires creativity and can inspire hunger, which is ideal if you are selling edible items. Orange is also a warm and inviting color and can make signs that have beige or gray accents come alive. Just make sure the wording isn’t too verbose in neon orange since this can be hard for attendees to look at for a long time.



Green is one of the best trade show ideas for signage if you are promoting products that are good for the environment. Use a bright shade of green for the border of your signage and for short wording on your signs and a hue that is not quite as bright for longer marketing messages. Your promo materials can also be in bright green if they are small. This will help you to increase brand recognition while ensuring the color is still easy on the eyes.



Red is a very passionate color, but it can also incite anger or impatience if it’s used too much. Bright shades of red are great for your logo if the design is small or in a simple shape. It’s just enough to get the potential customer’s attention. If you want to use red for the wording, make sure that the color is only utilized for the main words in your slogan to create visual balance.



Finally, use yellow when you want your potential customers to get the impression that your business is fun and upbeat. Bright shades of yellow are best for accent words, and you can even use it as a signature color for your signage and marketing materials to make sure that your items are memorable. Yellow also pairs well with darker shades of black or brown to create balance on the eyes and make the signage easier to see.

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