Bringing the Right Team Members to Trade Shows

Once you agree to attend a trade show, you’ll need to get a team together to come to the event with you. Choosing the right colleagues for the trade show is important since these individuals help to make an impression on attendees that could result in more business. Here are a few traits to keep in mind as you’re selecting your trade show team.


It’s important to choose colleagues who are friendly and naturally outgoing. When you’re coming up with trade show ideas, you should make sure the team members you choose aren’t afraid to talk to attendees. These individuals will know how to make attendees more interested in what you have to offer. Team members who are socially engaging will also make a great impression on customers, and attendees are likely to remember this experience and contact your business after the trade show.


Make sure you have marketing materials at your trade show booth that will inform potential customers about your services and products in a way they can understand. Your team members should also be familiar with your company’s items so they can answer customer questions with ease. This is an impressive part of customer service and gives attendees the impression you’re an expert in your field. It may be best to choose a team member who has been with your company for a while or has attended a trade show before since he or she will likely feel more comfortable sharing product information with those who pass by your trade show booth.


Select team members who have energy and are upbeat and exciting. While you don’t have to be loud or draw too much attention to yourself, your team should make people feel warm and welcomed. Be sure to tell your team members to make eye contact with each attendee and thank him or her for visiting your booth. Positive energy can go a long way when people are ready to make purchases, and attendees will remember how you treated them when the trade show is over. When team members look bored while sitting at your trade show exhibit, it will turn potential customers off and make them think that you’re not excited about what you have to offer, even if your products are high-quality.


Finally, choose team members who have the time to man the trade show booth. Individuals who may not be able to travel for the trade show because of family obligations may not be the best choice. Contract employees who have other work-related tasks to fulfill may not be able to sit for hours at a trade show. Select colleagues who are used to a trade show schedule and who won’t be anxious or overwhelmed with spending all day at the trade show venue. It’s best to allow your team members to work in shifts, and have a supervisor to manage each “shift” so you can be sure that each attendee is getting the right impression from your business.

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