Should You Attend Out-of-Town Trade Shows?

If you have been to a few local trade shows and have experienced success in terms of generating leads and making more sales, you may have considered going to trade shows out of town. There are a few factors to keep in mind, so discuss these with your team before deciding if out-of-town shows are best for your business.


Consider the distance you must travel. When you and your team are coming up with trade show ideas, you’ll need to figure out if it will be worth your while, as well as financially responsible, to take a trip for the purpose of a trade show. If the trip is an hour or so away, it could be worthwhile since you and your team won’t have to stay in a hotel overnight. However, if the trade show is hours away but you will encounter hundreds or thousands of attendees who could turn into customers, it may be time to put a budget together for travel so you can move your business forward because of your trade show presence.


It’s also best to think about the time it will take for you to prepare for the trade show. You’ll need time to put together an impressive trade show exhibit, and you’ll have to factor in the time it will take you to get to and from the trade show site. Training your team members to communicate well with attendees will also take time, and you’ll need to consider the fact that you may be taking time away from your customers while you’re getting ready for a trade show. Organizing your schedule to ensure you can still provide great customer service while doing all you can to make the trade show successful will help you determine if an out-of-town trade show is right for you.


In addition to travel expenses, you’ll also need to factor in all the money you’ll have to spend to make the trade show worthwhile. How will you get your trade show booth to the destination? Will you have to pay for storage for your exhibit while you’re at the trade show? Do you need to get new shirts or hats for the team members who will be at the trade show table? Will you have to hire a temporary staff to provide customer service at your brick-and-mortar location while you’re at the trade show? All these things cost money and will factor into the overall cost of attending a trade show that is out of town.


Finally, if the trade show is out of town, you’ll need to think about making some changes to your trade show exhibit. This is especially the case if you’ve been to a few local trade shows and attendees are used to seeing your décor or marketing materials. If you have the budget to update your booth, you should do so to make sure you make a great first impression when you arrive at the out-of-town marketing event.

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