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Tips for Livestreaming at a Trade Show

If you’ve decided to add livestreaming to your trade show planning for this year, there are a few things you should keep in mind to guarantee this feature is appealing to viewers. This feature can help to boost the reputation of your business and shows that you are familiar with new technological methods for marketing and promotion. Livestreaming can give those who aren’t able to attend the trade show in person the feeling they are interacting with you in real time. This definitely has its advantages – especially if you prepare accordingly.


Use the Right Colors

Make sure you’re using colors that are bright and attention-getting but not too overwhelming on the eyes. You want your trade show exhibit to have vivid and appealing colors that will show up well on camera. This will help live-stream attendees to clearly see your logo and marketing materials. Just make sure the colors are not overly bright, so that people can watch the live stream without having to strain their eyes.


Select the Right Teammates

Choose the right teammates to sit at the trade show booth and answer attendee questions. The people who are knowledgeable about your company and are friendly and engaging are the best individuals to represent your company at the trade show. Remember these people are going to be on camera and will represent your company to live attendees and those who are watching via live stream. Your employees should have a friendly disposition and should be dressed in a neat and professional manner. Team members who are not afraid to be on camera or talk to others are best for livestreaming since they will have a preference that is both respectable and entertaining.


Have a Script”

While you don’t need to have a script that you and your team members should follow verbatim, you should discuss the points that you want to cover before you go live. Make sure that your team members know how to properly describe your product and are familiar with all your social media handles. If you’re asking attendees or customers to give testimonials during your live stream, lead these individuals into being as informative as possible by asking them questions that will prompt them to describe the best qualities of your products or services.


Let Live Attendees Know You’re Streaming

Finally, be sure to let your followers and online attendees know that you’ll be livestreaming as part of the trade show planning process. You can share this information on your social media pages, and be sure to provide the link once you have it. You can also schedule a Q&A session with those who will be signing in to the live stream, so be sure to advertise this and make sure you have a few in-depth answers for common questions people may have about your business. Send reminders to your followers about the live stream so they will be more likely to attend, and marketing the live stream in a way that makes it sound fun and exciting. You may also want to add some intro or outro music to further customize the session and make it more enjoyable to watch.

Edible Promo Items for Trade Shows

There are few things more attention-getting than edible marketing items at trade shows. When you give attendees promo items they can enjoy while they browse other trade show exhibit tables, you’ll be establishing your brand and making a great impression that will keep you on attendees’ minds after the trade show is over. Here are a few edible items that will make for effective promotion during the trade show.



Cookies are a delicious way to introduce attendees to your products and services. A cookie that has a flat surface is also an edible campus for you to showcase your logo in icing. The cookie packaging should include all the contact information for your business as well. You may also want to give out cookies that have special health benefits, such as pureed veggies that provide antioxidants, or ingredients that are free of gluten, dairy or soy. Cookies that are made in classic flavors, such as chocolate chip and peanut butter, may also be a good idea, since these are tastes attendees will be familiar with and will likely respond well to.


Cake Pops

You can appeal to attendees with attractive treats, such as cake pops, as well. Bring people to your trade show booth with these colorful pops that look like lollipops but are actually made out of cake. The cake pops are a great way to give attendees a sample of the baked goods you offer. When you offer these promo items at your trade show booth, you’re offering a treat that is just the right size to get a customer interested in what you have to offer. You can also decorate the cake pops in icing and sprinkles that are the same color as your company logo to increase brand recognition.



During the trade show planning phase, you may want to arrange to have a popcorn maker at your booth. This snack food is often associated with family fun and classic entertainment, so if your company represents these ideals, popcorn can make a great edible promotional tool. Traditional butter popcorn is always a hit, or you can make the snack stand out with pronounced savory flavors, such as jalapeno or garlic, or sweet tastes, such as caramel and/or chocolate.


Organic Fruits and Nuts

A customized trail mix is also a great way to get trade show attendees to remember your business fondly. These organic dried fruits and nuts can be packaged in customized containers and you can provide a short description of the health benefits to pique the interest of attendees who come to your trade show booth. This is a simple yet effective way to provide more information to customers when you want to promote a business that promotes health and overall well-being.



Finally, don’t forget that offering tea or coffee at your trade show exhibit can impress attendees as well. If your company actually sells these beverages, be sure to provide samples of your best-selling flavors. Or, partner with a local tea or coffee-brewing company so you can cross promote. This boosts the reputation of your business and shows you’re community-minded in your approach to business. Coffee and tea can also serve as great ways to rejuvenate attendees and make your booth much more appealing.


What to Do After a Trade Show

Now that you’ve attended a trade show and connected with attendees who could turn into permanent customers, it’s important to implement a solid follow-up plan. Knowing what to do after a trade show is just as important as planning for the marketing event itself. Here are some of the most effective things you can do once the trade show has ended.


Reach Out to Attendees

Be sure to get in touch with the attendees who have come to your trade show booth as soon as possible. Sending a follow-up e-mail or newsletter a week after the show is a good idea, but remember not to be too overwhelming with your communication. Simply thank the attendee for visiting your exhibit and inform him or her about products or promotions you think the potential customer would be interested in. You can also ask the attendee if he or she is interested in subscribing to your website. But, don’t be too forceful. Consistent communication that is conversational and knowledgeable is best, and could convince attendees to become long-term customers.


Remain Active on Social Media

Once the trade show is over, make sure you’re still active on social media. Let your followers know about the success of the trade show, and show a few pictures that showcase your trade show design. Ask your followers for feedback as well, so you’ll get more practical tips on how to decorate your booth for the next trade show. Feedback may give you the tools you need to ask the right question of attendees when they arrive at your trade show booth.


Update Your Website

Don’t forget to make updates and changes to your website after the trade show as well. Post all the pictures you took of your booth and showcase your marketing materials. Write a blog post or two about the show and the success you had meeting with attendees or getting feedback on a new product or service. When your website is up to date, you can post the link on your social media pages so more people can learn about your company and what you have to offer.


Meet with Your Team

Finally, don’t forget to have a follow-up meeting with your team after the trade show has ended. Talk about ways you can improve your trade show booth design, and be sure to point out the positive aspects of your booth you’d like to repeat during an upcoming show. Discuss the methods you used to promote your trade show participation, and explore ways you can be more productive when it comes to marketing for the next show. Discuss the promotional items you used for this trade show, and explore whether these items were best for your trade show exhibit. Talk about the response of attendees to determine whether the marketing items you’ve used worked well for your business and/or increased brand recognition. When you’re able to go over all the things that went right – and wrong – at the trade show, you’ll be more likely to make the necessary improvements before your next marketing event.

Trade Show Trends that Raise the Bar

In our digital age, a trade show booth is more than simply displaying your new product for the world to see. A successful booth uses current technology and some digital razzle-dazzle to add a high-tech spark to their exhibit. Making the most of tech-based trends at your next trade show will help you better reach your evolving audience while achieving your sales and marketing goals. Here are some of the top trends that have been proven to successfully engage your audience.

Lounging Areas with Charging Stations
Trade shows are exhausting! People need a place where they can rest and recharge themselves and their mobile devices. Be the hero your tradeshow deserves and win your attendees over by providing comfortable seating with multiple AC power outlets and USB ports with micro-USBs for Androids and Lightning connectors for Apple. While your booth visitors are relaxing and recharging, you can win extra brownie points by providing food and beverages as an ice breaker to engage them in conversation about your company and services. Recharging booths have the bonus of doubling as a social marketing tactic. As visitors relax and check their phones, encourage them to check in and use a hashtag of your choosing. It’s a win-win situation!

Encourage Crowd Participation with Games and Contests
More and more exhibitors are using game who-like elements or ‘gamification’ in their displays and booths. These items are well thought out and not just quickly thrown together. They are designed to provide memorable experiences for every attendee. exhibitors should, “take advantage of the natural human inclination to compete. Make sure games or contests are interesting and offer attendees enough incentive to participate, but also make sure that whatever you do it is aligned with your company goals for the show.

Immerse Your Audience in a Virtual Reality
VR experiences are a crowd-pleaser at trade shows, offering an exciting alternative to the stuffy, corporate style booths. Virtual reality offers exhibitors a unique and cost-effective way to truly showcase abilities, as it can take the viewer away from the show, allowing them to experience your product. While still considered and new and emerging technology, expect to see increased adoption of virtual reality in event marketing. From 360-degree photos to sophisticated renderings and videos, VR creates a memorable experience for your audience.

When looking to apply some of these trends to your trade show booth, be sure to evaluate your industry, objectives, and audience. Don’t incorporate a trend simply for the sake of the trend. Ensure you pick a trend with a purpose, one that will make your brand memorable while translating into conversions. Last, but not least, don’t forget the primary aspect of marketing that will never go out of date – the human element. A trendy, well-designed booth may attract a crowd, but you need a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced booth staff to develop a meaningful and profitable relationship with your potential customers.

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Trade Show Raffle Ideas

A raffle is a great way to get attendees excited about visiting your trade show booth. The way you set your raffle up, as well as the prizes you offer, can have a huge effect on how attendees see your business. Of course, your raffle prizes could even convince attendees to become customers. Here are some suggestions that could prove helpful.

Free Food

Free food is a prize that most attendees won’t want to pass up. Trade shows are often lengthy events, and there’s a good chance that potential customers have had little time to eat during the day. Your raffle prize could be a gift basket filled with the items that your company is known for. You can also offer gift cards for free food or meals from companies that you have partnered with. The raffle can also be used to introduce a new product since you can put together a variety of new foods you’re offering and let attendees know that they will be among the first to try what you’re offering.

Discounted Items

A raffle for discounted items is also a great idea. People love to save money, and you can offer a discount even before a customer has become a long-term client. The discount should also be pretty significant in order to motivate more attendees to sign up for the drawing. For instance, half off an item or a free item with the purchase of one of your signature packages could be helpful.

Lead-Based Raffles

You can also build your raffle around the fact that attendees have to give their contact information in addition to their names in order to be considered for the raffle. When you organize this way, make sure that the prizes you’re offering are especially appealing. You can put together a swag bag filled with your top sellers, as well as promotional items like T-shirts and mugs that will intensify your brand recognition after the trade show is over. You can also make the raffle more appealing by encouraging attendees to input their contact details in a tablet that is mounted to your trade show booth instead of putting out a pen and paper. This seemingly small adjustment can instantly make the raffle more appealing.

Major Items

Finally, you can advertise at your trade show exhibit to let people know there is a huge prize on the line if they provide their contact information. The major item could be a large screen TV if you have an electronics or software company, or the raffle prize could be a shopping spree with some of the companies you partner with. These prizes are appealing to most attendees, and they may be willing to provide their contact information for a chance to win. Of course, now that you have the leads, you can use this to your advantage by tastefully contacting your leads and offering more valuable information about the services and products you have to offer and to thank attendees who have turned into regular customers.