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Should You Use Tangible Marketing Materials?

Coming up with engaging and interesting marketing tactics for your next trade show can be challenging, especially if you attend trade shows often. If most of your promotional campaigns have been digital, you may want to try a different approach by giving attendees tangible marketing materials. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when putting together your trade show ideas.

Brand Recognition

One of the main reasons why tangible marketing materials are necessary is because you want people to get very familiar with your brand. You want your logo to be part of their subconscious so they will refer to you anytime they need the products and services you offer. Promotional materials that attendees can take home with them, such as mouse pads or T-shirts, help to get your message across and increase the chances that these individuals will become customers in the future because of constantly seeing your slogan and logo.


Think about how attendees will use the marketing materials you provide. If you have a software company, your trade show exhibit should reflect the fact you offer efficient solutions that will keep individual customers or small businesses organized. So, your marketing items should reflect this. You can provide USB drives or covers for electronic devices in your company’s colors to promote that you’re an expert in your field. If you provide materials that fit into the lifestyles of your potential customers, they are more likely to refer to you when it’s time to make a purchase.


Consider your budget when you’re coming up with marketing materials that are ideal for your trade show booth. If you have a health-and-wellness company, samples could be your best marketing tool. Edible promotional items could be more affordable than offering items, such as essential oils or clothing items. If it would be best for you to create an eBook or promotional materials that attendees can print online, be sure to provide an access code or method for individuals to get the necessary materials from you. This will allow you to actually put something in the hands of a potential consumer without spending too much money.


Think about the impression you want to leave with your tangible marketing materials. Do you want attendees to become more curious or intrigued by what you have to offer? Do you want your promotional items to motivate attendees to make a purchase right away? If you have consumable items that people need to purchase over and over in order for you to make a profit, your tangible marketing materials should likely come in the form of samples and promo codes that attendees can use online. If you have a product consumers won’t need to purchase often, informational marketing materials that slowly and steadily market your products are ideal.

Past and Future Trade Shows

Finally, consider the trade shows you’ve done in the past. Update some of the materials you’ve used before, particularly the ones that have been effective. When people know you for your trade show marketing materials almost as much as they know your company, you may be able to appeal to more customers.