Trade Show Trends that Raise the Bar

In our digital age, a trade show booth is more than simply displaying your new product for the world to see. A successful booth uses current technology and some digital razzle-dazzle to add a high-tech spark to their exhibit. Making the most of tech-based trends at your next trade show will help you better reach your evolving audience while achieving your sales and marketing goals. Here are some of the top trends that have been proven to successfully engage your audience.

Lounging Areas with Charging Stations
Trade shows are exhausting! People need a place where they can rest and recharge themselves and their mobile devices. Be the hero your tradeshow deserves and win your attendees over by providing comfortable seating with multiple AC power outlets and USB ports with micro-USBs for Androids and Lightning connectors for Apple. While your booth visitors are relaxing and recharging, you can win extra brownie points by providing food and beverages as an ice breaker to engage them in conversation about your company and services. Recharging booths have the bonus of doubling as a social marketing tactic. As visitors relax and check their phones, encourage them to check in and use a hashtag of your choosing. It’s a win-win situation!

Encourage Crowd Participation with Games and Contests
More and more exhibitors are using game who-like elements or ‘gamification’ in their displays and booths. These items are well thought out and not just quickly thrown together. They are designed to provide memorable experiences for every attendee. exhibitors should, “take advantage of the natural human inclination to compete. Make sure games or contests are interesting and offer attendees enough incentive to participate, but also make sure that whatever you do it is aligned with your company goals for the show.

Immerse Your Audience in a Virtual Reality
VR experiences are a crowd-pleaser at trade shows, offering an exciting alternative to the stuffy, corporate style booths. Virtual reality offers exhibitors a unique and cost-effective way to truly showcase abilities, as it can take the viewer away from the show, allowing them to experience your product. While still considered and new and emerging technology, expect to see increased adoption of virtual reality in event marketing. From 360-degree photos to sophisticated renderings and videos, VR creates a memorable experience for your audience.

When looking to apply some of these trends to your trade show booth, be sure to evaluate your industry, objectives, and audience. Don’t incorporate a trend simply for the sake of the trend. Ensure you pick a trend with a purpose, one that will make your brand memorable while translating into conversions. Last, but not least, don’t forget the primary aspect of marketing that will never go out of date – the human element. A trendy, well-designed booth may attract a crowd, but you need a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced booth staff to develop a meaningful and profitable relationship with your potential customers.

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