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What to Do After a Trade Show

Now that you’ve attended a trade show and connected with attendees who could turn into permanent customers, it’s important to implement a solid follow-up plan. Knowing what to do after a trade show is just as important as planning for the marketing event itself. Here are some of the most effective things you can do once the trade show has ended.


Reach Out to Attendees

Be sure to get in touch with the attendees who have come to your trade show booth as soon as possible. Sending a follow-up e-mail or newsletter a week after the show is a good idea, but remember not to be too overwhelming with your communication. Simply thank the attendee for visiting your exhibit and inform him or her about products or promotions you think the potential customer would be interested in. You can also ask the attendee if he or she is interested in subscribing to your website. But, don’t be too forceful. Consistent communication that is conversational and knowledgeable is best, and could convince attendees to become long-term customers.


Remain Active on Social Media

Once the trade show is over, make sure you’re still active on social media. Let your followers know about the success of the trade show, and show a few pictures that showcase your trade show design. Ask your followers for feedback as well, so you’ll get more practical tips on how to decorate your booth for the next trade show. Feedback may give you the tools you need to ask the right question of attendees when they arrive at your trade show booth.


Update Your Website

Don’t forget to make updates and changes to your website after the trade show as well. Post all the pictures you took of your booth and showcase your marketing materials. Write a blog post or two about the show and the success you had meeting with attendees or getting feedback on a new product or service. When your website is up to date, you can post the link on your social media pages so more people can learn about your company and what you have to offer.


Meet with Your Team

Finally, don’t forget to have a follow-up meeting with your team after the trade show has ended. Talk about ways you can improve your trade show booth design, and be sure to point out the positive aspects of your booth you’d like to repeat during an upcoming show. Discuss the methods you used to promote your trade show participation, and explore ways you can be more productive when it comes to marketing for the next show. Discuss the promotional items you used for this trade show, and explore whether these items were best for your trade show exhibit. Talk about the response of attendees to determine whether the marketing items you’ve used worked well for your business and/or increased brand recognition. When you’re able to go over all the things that went right – and wrong – at the trade show, you’ll be more likely to make the necessary improvements before your next marketing event.