Tips for Livestreaming at a Trade Show

If you’ve decided to add livestreaming to your trade show planning for this year, there are a few things you should keep in mind to guarantee this feature is appealing to viewers. This feature can help to boost the reputation of your business and shows that you are familiar with new technological methods for marketing and promotion. Livestreaming can give those who aren’t able to attend the trade show in person the feeling they are interacting with you in real time. This definitely has its advantages – especially if you prepare accordingly.


Use the Right Colors

Make sure you’re using colors that are bright and attention-getting but not too overwhelming on the eyes. You want your trade show exhibit to have vivid and appealing colors that will show up well on camera. This will help live-stream attendees to clearly see your logo and marketing materials. Just make sure the colors are not overly bright, so that people can watch the live stream without having to strain their eyes.


Select the Right Teammates

Choose the right teammates to sit at the trade show booth and answer attendee questions. The people who are knowledgeable about your company and are friendly and engaging are the best individuals to represent your company at the trade show. Remember these people are going to be on camera and will represent your company to live attendees and those who are watching via live stream. Your employees should have a friendly disposition and should be dressed in a neat and professional manner. Team members who are not afraid to be on camera or talk to others are best for livestreaming since they will have a preference that is both respectable and entertaining.


Have a Script”

While you don’t need to have a script that you and your team members should follow verbatim, you should discuss the points that you want to cover before you go live. Make sure that your team members know how to properly describe your product and are familiar with all your social media handles. If you’re asking attendees or customers to give testimonials during your live stream, lead these individuals into being as informative as possible by asking them questions that will prompt them to describe the best qualities of your products or services.


Let Live Attendees Know You’re Streaming

Finally, be sure to let your followers and online attendees know that you’ll be livestreaming as part of the trade show planning process. You can share this information on your social media pages, and be sure to provide the link once you have it. You can also schedule a Q&A session with those who will be signing in to the live stream, so be sure to advertise this and make sure you have a few in-depth answers for common questions people may have about your business. Send reminders to your followers about the live stream so they will be more likely to attend, and marketing the live stream in a way that makes it sound fun and exciting. You may also want to add some intro or outro music to further customize the session and make it more enjoyable to watch.

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