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When to Get a New Trade Show Booth

After you’ve been using the materials of your trade show exhibit for a while, you may notice that it’s time to replace some items. When your booth no longer looks its best, it may be time to replace the booth and get materials that are a better reflection of your business. Here are a few ways to tell it’s time to get a new trade show booth.


As technology advances, you need to evaluate your booth to ensure all your materials are up to date and will appeal to attendees. You may find using a computer screen or tablet that showcases a short commercial about your company may be more effective than using paper pamphlets. It’s also best for you to look at the materials of your booth to make sure your exhibit is durable. Certain plastics or craft materials that are resistant to moisture and will keep up well in a storage unit are likely best for you if you attend trade shows often and want to guarantee your booth materials continue to look new.

Worn Items

When your trade show booth starts to look worn or any part of your exhibit is broken or torn, it’s time to purchase new materials. If you see that some of the framework that holds your table or banner together is starting to become wobbly or there are rust or corrosion stains on your booth items, you should find replacement items that will make your exhibit look neat, professional, and modern.

Changes in Your Company

During the trade show planning process, talk about the changes your company has experienced since the last trade show you attended. If you’ve decided you need to make changes to your logo so it’s more visually appealing, your trade show exhibit should reflect this. If you’ve downsized and decided your company should be more online-based, make sure this principle is displayed in the way your marketing materials are presented.

You should also get a new trade show booth if you’ve changed the main colors of your logo or marketing materials. If you’ve decided to include more metallic colors in your marketing scheme to denote a more refined or sophisticated reputation, include this in your trade show table. If you’ve added brighter colors to let customers know that your company is fun and exciting, a trade show exhibit filled with neutral colors won’t match this message. The adjustments you make could also help you to save money when you’re putting together your trade show preparation budget.

Adjustments to Your Demographic

Finally, get a new trade show booth when you see that your demographic is changing. If you’ve noticed, in the past few years, younger customers are attracted to your product, make sure your exhibit has the visual appeal that will get the attention of a younger audience. If families and busy parents are using your products more often, your marketing items and color schemes should reflect this. When your customers see you’re focused on appealing to them, this could lead to more consistent sales after the trade show.