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When Not to Attend Out-of-Town Trade Shows

If you’ve attended a few trade shows in your city, it may be time to expand your potential client base and go to a few trade shows out of town. There are several advantages to doing this, but there may be times when you should sit out on trade shows that aren’t local. Here are some factors to consider when you want to know which trade shows are worth your while.

Consider Overall Costs

Of course, there are additional costs associated with attending a trade show that isn’t in your city. When you’re sitting down with your team and coming up with trade show ideas, don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. For instance, you may not be able to bring a large, elaborate sign for the trade show exhibit if you’re going out of town and can’t afford the shipping costs. Also, the travel arrangements and lodging will likely take a toll on your business budget as well. Hotel rooms and plane tickets can get expensive, and if you find the cost of attending is significantly more than the possible profit you’d be making if you go to the show, it’s best to sit it out.

Think About Your Office

Consider the possibility you may have to close your office while you’re at the trade show. This could keep regular customers from patronizing your business while you’re marketing to new clients. If you are taking all or most of your team to the trade show, make sure you announce this on your website and social media pages . This will decrease the chances that customers will visit your offices and be disappointed when there is no one there to assist them. Of course, if you find you are getting a lot of negative feedback about your decision to close the offices to attend the trade show, it may be best to adjust your schedule so team members can be at the office, or you can opt out of the trade show this year if you get this information far enough in advance.

Put Together a Trade Show Team

Even if you have an attention-getting trade show exhibit and have come up with creative ideas to market to customers, if you don’t have the right team to attend out-of-town shows, it is best not to attend. Even though technology plays a huge role in the way we do business these days, employees with expert social skills and professionalism will make a more permanent impression on attendees than the latest devices and software.

Choose team members who know your products and services like the backs of their hands. Select employees to sit at the trade show booth who look for ways to engage with attendees instead of getting nervous when potential customers approach your exhibit. Remember you’ll probably have to do considerably more work to prepare for the trade show since it’s out of town, so the team you choose should be top-notch to guarantee your attendance is worth it.

Which Trade Show Team Members Should You Bring to the Show?

Now that you’ve spoken with your team and decided you need to attend more trade shows, it’s time to decide who you’ll bring along with you to the shows. Remember, the employees who are at your trade show booth give your company a certain impression, so you want to guarantee the individuals you choose will cause trade show attendees to feel great about what you have to offer. Here are a few qualities you should be looking for.


It’s important the team members you select are naturally friendly. When you’re coming up with trade show ideas, it’s essential the people who are at the booth are engaging and make attendees feel comfortable. Being friendly makes potential customers feel welcome and piques their interest in the products and services you’re offering. A friendly face, a smile or a handshake is a great way to break the ice with attendees and get them to spend more time at your booth.


It’s important to select employees who are very knowledgeable about your company. These team members should be able to tell attendees the history of your company and the milestones you’ve met on your road to success. Choose team members who aren’t afraid to talk to strangers, so attendees will get a thorough description of your company at trade shows. The people who are representing your organization should be comfortable explaining more than your tradeshow exhibit design and will put your company in the best possible light without sounding too sales-y.


Your employees should always be professional when they are dealing with attendees. While it’s important to be engaging and social, you also want to give people the impression you are a leader in your field. Your trade show booth should reflect the fact that you’re perfectly comfortable with telling potential customers the benefit of doing business with you.


The people at your trade show booth should be fearless. This means the team members who are representing your business can’t be afraid to be outgoing and even a little entertaining when interacting with attendees. Make sure everyone who is at your exhibit is confident in the information he or she is giving to attendees since there will likely be a few people who are skeptical when they come to your booth. These individuals need to be convinced your products or services are worthwhile before leaving your booth, and the right team members can make this happen for you.


Finally, it’s very important that the team members at your trade show exhibit are empathetic. You need to work with people who have shown they are sensitive to the needs of customers and want to ensure that company meets the needs of consumers. A mixture of professionalism and compassion is necessary to connect with potential customers and keep them coming back. Remember this when you’re creating innovative trade show ideas that you want your team to carry out. When your marketing message includes empathy, you’re also increasing the chances that attendees will tell others about your business and bring in more clients for you.

Tips for Downsizing Your Trade Show Booth

After you have attended a few trade shows, you may have noticed that your exhibit doesn’t have to be very large. You may have also observed that you don’t have to prepare as many marketing materials and that it is a hassle to disassemble and store all the parts of your trade show booth. Of course, a small exhibit also means that you won’t have to spend as much money putting on an attractive display or storing the materials. If you’ve decided to downsize, here are some things to keep in mind.

Narrow Your Supplies Down

Be sure to narrow down all the supplies you truly need when you are downsizing your trade show portable booths. Don’t eliminate the parts of the booth that are most noticeable or items that attract a lot of attendees to your exhibit. Get rid of items that are difficult to carry, or items that you’ve noticed don’t get as much attention as you would’ve hoped. Make sure that your trade show booth is both practical and visually appealing so that you can keep the right items while effectively downsizing.

Think About Your Goals

Give careful thought to the goals you want to accomplish with your trade show exhibit. Do you attend trade shows to make sure that more potential customers know about your products and services? Do you want to connect with established clients to increase brand recognition and motivate them to market for you through word of mouth? Are you looking to make sales when you attend trade shows? Answering these questions can help you figure out if you should have an exhibit that will reach your core audience primarily because of content, or if the size of your booth will affect the way people see your business. This way, if you need to downsize, you can do so in a way that helps you maintain the reputation of your company.

Get Storage Costs

If you must store your trade show booth materials in a location other than your office, you already know that storage can be expensive over time. Get an estimate of how much storage will cost if you downsize your exhibit and factor this into your overall trade show budget. This may help you to organize your funds so that you will have more money to attend out-of-town marketing events or add more necessary employees to your trade show team.

Before and After

Finally, get a clear picture of how your trade show exhibit will look after you downsize. You can do this by using computer software or by working with your team to take away certain items and photographing the booth to see how it will look after you have downsized. Once you have a clear idea of how you want the exhibit will come across to attendees, and you’re sure that your marketing message is clear, you can design your booth in a way that will continue bringing more positive buzz to your business, even in between trade shows.

3 Tips For Driving Your Tradeshow Exhibit Success

When you’re trying to draw traffic at a trade show exhibit, one of the most important things you can have is good momentum; actively keeping the interest going during the whole show. Sometimes you’ll see a company that will hire some sort of entertainment to draw attention to the booth. The problem there is that it often only works in short bursts, rather than continually bringing new attention to your exhibit. Here are some tips from your friends here at Exhibit Options on keeping the momentum through your whole show.

Clear Messaging

Because success at a trade show revolves around getting peoples’ attention, everyone’s attention is always being pulled in a new direction. So to cut through all the chaos and get your message out there, and keep it out there, it needs to be as clear and as powerful as possible. There are a few ways to do that, but among the most effective at a trade show is something brief. If your message is concise enough that attendees can absorb it quickly, even without having stopped at your booth, then it’s more likely to stick, and it’s also more likely to get dedicated attention from your target audience.

Personal Connections

The best way to connect with people is with other people. If you want your brand to be remembered, make sure that visitors associate it with your people in the best way possible. Your reps talking to and connecting with attendees will always have more impact than static displays, entertainment, swag or an audio-visual presentation.

Keep Up The Energy

Connecting with people requires a certain degree of liveliness, so make sure that you and your reps are prepared. This is especially important because of the exhausting nature of trade shows. You’ll be constantly going, but if you can keep up a high level of energy throughout, that will reflect positively on your brand and attract attendees.

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Branding Your Trade Show Exhibit

A relatable and attractive trade show exhibit is going to naturally attract anyone who passes by it – after all, trade shows are fantastic venues for increasing the visibility of your business and brand to like-minded business owners and customers. But how do you go about creating the perfect branding for your exhibit to help you capture those all-important network connections? It all starts with your positioning and your personality and carries through to your promotional items and sales employees.

Positioning and Personality

In your very first marketing meeting of your business, the first question you should ask is how you want to stand out from the background and differentiate yourself from the competition. What makes your product or service unique? Where do you competitors miss the mark with their services, and where can you fill in the gap? Another important fact to find out is your exact target demographic. By finding these qualities of your business early, you can transition these aspects into the presentation you offer at a trade show. The answers to these questions can even help determine the physical design of your presentation, including colors and text. Do you want to look “sleek and modern” for the latest-and-greatest look or “comfortable and sensible” for a more traditional feel?

Designing Your Exhibit

With this information in hand, now it’s time to design how your exhibit will look once assembled on the floor. Determine what exhibit size you’re looking for. Remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially if you’re new to trade shows. Your booth should reflect the size and scope of your company, its product line, and the amount of connections you’re hoping to make during the show. Include your company logo and branding phrases into your exhibit graphics and place them tactically at eye level to make everything easy to read from top to bottom. Use your company colors to help brand your exhibit but be aware that your colors should reflect the personality of your brand (red can be active or threatening, and green can be environmentally-friendly or industrious).

As always, you can count on Exhibit Options to help you design and construct the perfect trade show exhibit for your business. If you need help applying any of the principles described, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you today!