How to be Unforgettable at Trade Shows

Now that you and your team have decided to participate in a trade show, you’re likely coming up with ways that you can make a great impression and turn attendees into long-term clients. From the way your booth is designed to the way you interact with potential customers, here are some ways you can make your company unforgettable.


The colors you use to decorate your trade show exhibit display make a huge difference in how noticeable your business is. Bright colors will get people’s attention quicker, but if you use too many vivid shades, it could be taxing on the eyes. Therefore, it’s best to use neon or bright hues as accent colors. Neutral colors are easier on the eyes. But, don’t overuse these shades since they could make your booth look sterile and uninviting. Neutral shades coupled with brighter colors create a feeling of balance and may cause attendees to view your company as trustworthy.

Hues, such as blue and brown, give the impression of stability and could send the message that you’re an expert in your field. Colors, such as yellow and orange, inspire and uplift the mood, and can also make a person feel hungry, so these hues are ideal if your company sells edible products. If you want your business to have a professional reputation that is elegant and refined, try using a metallic shade, such as bronze or gold, as a border or accent color.



You can also be unforgettable at the trade show by making sure you and your team members are especially friendly and engaging. Take the time to greet everyone who comes to your trade show booth and spend a minute or two asking them exactly what they’re looking for. Even if the attendee doesn’t readily leave his or her contact information or buy any products at the trade show, be sure to thank him or her for visiting your booth and remain consistent in your friendly and professional demeanor.



Part of effective trade show planning is having a thorough knowledge of your service or product. You and all your team members should know the history of your business and the ways your product has evolved over the years. Your team should also know how to answer attendees who have questions that you may not have an immediate solution for. Come up with a plan to get the answer to the attendee right away and make sure you’re not flustered or frustrated when an attendee has a question you can’t answer immediately.


Extra Features

Finally, make sure your trade show exhibit has features that are not common or expected. You can have a prize wheel that attendees can spin to win promotional items that will teach them more about your business. If you have a product you can demonstrate in real time, set up a smaller table so your team members can provide demos for attendees. Make sure the amenities of your booth are both professional and exciting and don’t forget to offer a few free items, such as food samples, to keep attendees interested in your business long after the trade show is over.

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