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Learning a New Language for Trade Shows

If you have several international clients, would like to gain more international exposure or recognize the need to be culturally diverse when it comes to communication, you may be considering learning a new language. You can make your trade show booth even more appealing when you have team members who speak the language of the customers you want to appeal to. And, of course, the more people on your staff who speak a foreign language, the more your company will be community-centered and open-minded. Here are some suggestions for learning a new language for your next trade show.

Take It Slow

Remember to pace yourself when you’re learning a new language. Although this may be one of the trade show ideas that will take a little more of your attention and focus, remember this is an important part of trade show prep and this skill will help you in the future of your business as well. Learn a few key phrases that will help to break the ice when attendees come to your booth and be sure to learn how to say things, such as “Thank you”; “Nice to meet you”; or “We’re here to help.” You may not be fluent in a new language before your next trade show, but phrases that let customers know that you’re intent on providing great service will go a long way.

Practice with Team Members

Before you get to the trade show booth, practice the language you’re learning with your team members. If you and your employees get comfortable talking to each other in a new language, it will be easier for you to communicate with trade show attendees. When more than one team member is focused on learning the language, this sends a great impression to your customers and shows your business is committed to being culturally aware. It’s also a good idea to learn more than one language based on where your business is located, and which individuals attend trade shows for your industry often. For instance, if you work in a community where there is a large Hispanic population, it’s best to learn Spanish. If you find that people of Indian descent attend your industry’s trade shows most often, learning Hindi is a good idea.

Present Appropriate Marketing Materials

Make the right changes to your promo materials at your trade show exhibit to show customers you are committed to relating to them. You may need to work with a translator who can accurately transform your marketing copy so you can maintain the same level of professionalism as with your English documents. It may also be necessary to provide new images that are culturally diverse and will appeal to a larger demographic.

Ask for Feedback

Finally, don’t forget to ask for feedback as you learn a new language. If you have a team member who is a native speaker, check in with him or her often to guarantee you’re phrasing things correctly. You can also check with your customers to see how you’re doing and ask them for new and innovative ideas when it comes to incorporating more than one language into your business and trade show communication.

Making a Creative Trade Show Swag Bag

The swag bag is an extremely effective marketing tool if you use it correctly. The items you decide to put in your bag set the tone for the ways customers view your business. They may  even prompt trade show attendees to do regular business with you after the trade show is over. As you’re organizing your trade show booth, make sure that you’re putting as much effort into your swag bags so you can add visual appeal to your exhibit while increasing brand recognition and moving your company forward by making the right connections at the trade show.


Clothing items, such as T-shirts, socks, and windbreakers that match your tradeshow exhibit design, are great ways to guarantee attendees regularly see your logo and slogan after the trade show. Choose clothing that is made from quality materials can be worn for a longer period, and items that are comfortable to wear will likely increase the chances that trade show attendees will think of your company first when they need a product or service that you provide.

Practical Items

The swag bags at your trade show booth should be filled with items that people have a daily use for. If you’re a software or tech company, a USB charger or mousepad will make a great swag bag gift because you can include your logo and company colors on an item that customers will likely use every day. If you sell sports-related or health items, a water bottle with your logo is a practical gift. Be sure to decorate these items in a way that will continue to get the attention of potential clients and use quality materials so that your swag bag items will last a long time. This also indicates that you’re committed to giving the best to your customers and pride yourself on offering great service.


Accessories, such as hats or sunglasses, can make great swag bag gifts if your company is known for fashion or you sell items that are popular in the spring and summer months. Choose a more refined version of your logo for these items to make the accessories especially fashionable and increase the chances that attendees will wear the items often.

The Actual Bag

The actual bag is another creative swag idea that you can offer at your trade show booth. Design a bag that will catch the attention of attendees right away. For instance, you can customize a duffel bag or backpack to give away, instead of simply using a gift bag to fill with promotional goodies. Use a sturdy material, such as faux leather, cotton or burlap, for your bags, and include your logo on the bag in a metallic shade to make the item look especially sophisticated. Of course, you can also fill the bag with small items, such as your business cards and contact information, coupons that can be used online, or a small edible item and beverage that attendees can enjoy while they browse the rest of the trade show.

How to Have a Virtual Trade Show

Live streaming has become increasingly popular in business these days. In some cases, virtual or online services that allow company owners and employees to speak with clients can make a business more appealing to a younger or technologically savvy demographic. The virtual trade show is also a way to market your business in an environmentally sound way. When you lower your carbon footprint and decrease the environmental impact that usually comes with a traditional trade show, you may get the attention of younger customers and those who are conscious about the environment. You’ll also get tax breaks for reducing the fuel costs associated with attended your trade show.

If you’re considering making your next trade show exhibit virtual, here are some important things to remember.

The Incentive of Low Cost

In most cases, trade shows are free, whether the show is live or virtual. Get in touch with the virtual trade show designer to do a walkthrough and view the booths so you’ll know how to advertise. You can also listen to clips of the product presentations and seminars or lectures for the trade show, so you can guarantee the audio is clear and can adjust the times for these aspects of the show as needed. If you find you need to change your marketing strategy to ensure you’ll get significant attendance, you can ask prominent figures in your field to speak at the trade show, send out virtual promotional packages and charge a small fee to attendees. This can help you to keep track of how many people are interested in the trade show and can assist you in putting together follow-up messages for attendees after the trade show.

Work with Other Businesses

You can generate leads by paying for a prime spot in a virtual trade show, or you can organize a virtual show and advertise the businesses that are participating in the show to promote the event and generate leads. Whether the show is live or virtual, you should make sure your trade show exhibit is near the main doorway of the venue. You can also partner with other companies to provide discounts and promotions that will appeal to attendees. This helps to bring attention to your business, as well as your partner’s company and sends the message you’re a community-minded organization, which can be appealing to trade show attendees.

Be Interactive

Finally, make sure that a representative from your company is logged onto the trade show site during all show hours so attendees can ask questions and get an answer in real time. You or your team member should also be at the trade show booth so you can reach out to attendees via instant message or greet them when they come to your table. Set up your booth so attendees can skim through your company profile once they approach your exhibit as well. Remember you should be friendly and engaging and exhibit great customer service even when you’re working online to make sure you continue to make a great impression.

How to Network at Trade Shows

You’ve finally decided to attend your first trade show. While you’re there, you not only want to showcase your products and services, but you must find a way to connect with attendees and fellow business owners . According to research from Exhibit Surveys Inc.’s 2012 Trade Show Trends report, 49 percent of trade show attendees come to shows with the intent of purchasing something, and 84 percent of attendees have the influence to recommend products and make final purchasing decisions. This is a clear indication that networking is extremely important.

If you’ve decided that trade show attendance should be a key aspect of marketing and promotions for your company, here are some tips for networking that you’ll want to remember.

Try to Go Solo

Even if you don’t go to the actual trade show by yourself, try to do your networking alone. This shows that you’re approachable and will stop others from feeling awkward about approaching you if you’re already engaged in conversation. Attending trade shows alone will also make it easier for you to approach others and will increase the chances that you can focus on what potential business partners and customers are saying and remember who you want to contact after the trade show.

Research the Trade Show

As you’re getting your trade show exhibit ready, make sure that you also do your homework when it comes to the event. When you know the types of companies and individuals that will be at the event, you can get a game plan together and decide which organizations you want to connect with and how you want to communicate with people who can help to move your business forward.

Capture Leads

You should have a system for how you’re going to get leads and have a system for keeping up with your leads. This will help you connect with the right people and will give you a method for following up with these individuals after the trade show. After all, the purpose of networking is to create lucrative relationships with individuals who can help your business grow.

Schedule Your Networking Time

Make sure you’re not spending time at the trade show booth and schedule time to network with other business owners. If the trade show organizers are holding a meet and greet before or after the actual show, make sure you confirm your attendance. This will also give you the chance to write a list of the people you’d like to meet with and will encourage you to accomplish the goal of shaking hands with the right people.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Finally, when you’re networking at trade shows, make sure that your conversation is concise and relevant. Whether you’re networking at your trade show booth or are attending an event that is designed for you to connect with others, keep your discussions to the point and be sure to ask questions instead of making the conversation all about you. This will make you more memorable and shows you’re ready to collaborate on future projects or marketing campaigns.

Tips for Kid-Centric Trade Shows

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to appeal to younger customers to increase revenue. If you have a product or service that was created for children or is designed for parents to use for the benefit of children, your trade show booth will need to attract children and get them motivated to convince their parents to become customers. Here are some tips to consider.

Be Interactive

When you want to ensure your trade show exhibit design will get the attention of kids, add an interactive element. Include a feature that children can use, such as a tablet that is bolted to a table and displays the ways your app makes it easier to use your product. You can also use the tablet to have kids select the things they like best about your product or enter their names for a drawing to win prizes. The hands-on approach is appealing to most children, and if kids are motivated to come to your booth and stay for a while, this may increase the likelihood their parents will make a purchase.

Be Colorful

A trade show booth that features neutral and stoic colors may be a sign of professionalism in adults, but kids will walk right past your exhibit if you don’t make it colorful. There are also colors you can choose that will evoke certain emotions in customers. For instance, if you’re selling eco-friendly products for the home that are kid-friendly, green is ideal. However, you should select a bright, or especially vivid variation of, green so children will want to give your exhibit a second look. If your company sells items that are edible, the colors orange and yellow should be used in your booth to excite the senses and make attendees feel hungry. There are ways to be both colorful and professional, such as using all primary colors with a refined font or combining a neon color with a more toned-down shade. Remember, color is important when you want kids to notice.

Use Technology

These days, kids are much more skilled when it comes to using technological devices than their parents. When you use software, laptops or tablets in your trade show exhibit presentation, there’s a good chance that young customers will be drawn to your booth and want to stay a while. Stay updated on the latest trends when it comes to making your app(s) interactive or introducing games for children that are both educational and entertaining.

Incorporate Music

Music is one of the ways to excite and motivate children (and adults), so including music from popular artists that kids enjoy listening to can make your exhibit one of the more attractive booths at the trade show. A music system that lights up to the rhythm of the song can add more sensory appeal to your trade show booth as well.

Treat Kids as Customers  

Finally, don’t forget to treat kids as though they are customers. They have a lot of influence when it comes to getting their parents to patronize your business. So, remember to speak their language, engage with them, and treat their opinions as valuable. This can go a long way when you want to make a great impression and establish a solid customer base after the trade show.