When to Stop Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a very effective way to expose more potential customers to your business and to contact other professionals you can partner with to move your business forward. While it’s usually beneficial to attend more than one trade show so you can enhance your networking skills and even make some sales, there may come a point in your business when you need to stop going. Consider these factors when you’re trying to figure out whether the next trade show is right for your company.

How Long Have You Been Attending?

Think about how many years you’ve been going to trade shows. Are your trade show exhibit designs out of date. Have you used your company’s budget for more urgent business needs while forgetting about updating your trade show materials? The age of your trade show table and marketing materials may indicate it’s time to find another form of promotion, especially if many of your sales don’t come from trade show attendees.

How Many Sales Have You Had?

When you go to trade shows, do you make enough sales or lucrative business connections to come back the following year? Are customers excited about your upcoming shows and sharing the news on social media? Pay attention to these factors so you’ll know if going to another trade show is worthwhile. After all, even if you don’t make sales at the trade show, you want your marketing skills to lead to sales in the future. And, if most of your customers patronize your business because they saw you at a trade show, it may not be time to stop going.

What Feedback Have You Received?

Think about the type of feedback you’ve received at your last few trade shows. Are the people who visit your trade show booth excited about what you have to offer? Are your product demos engaging and interesting? Do you have a product or service that is easy to showcase? If most of your customers have positive things to say when they interact with you at your place of business, it may be best to do most of your business at the “office.”

What Is the Cost?

It may be time to stop attending trade shows if you find attendance is getting more expensive. You’ve got to have an attractive trade show exhibit, and you’ll need to bring team members with you to talk to customers. You should also think about the travel costs associated with going to trade shows. If most of your industry’s  trade shows are out of town, you’ll need to talk with your team to determine whether traveling so often is best for your business.

Are You Able to Still Run Your Business?

Finally, think about how efficiently you’re able to run your business as you attend trade shows. Do you have enough team members at the trade show and enough colleagues at your place of business to make sure everything is going smoothly? Are customers coming to your office upset no one is there to provide products and services because you’re at a trade show? Your customers should know they are a priority, and if you don’t have the resources to serve your clients while attracting new ones, it may be time to give trade shows a break so you can focus on customer satisfaction.

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