Does Your Trade Show Booth Need a Raffle?

As you prepare for an upcoming trade show, you and your team are likely coming up with trade show ideas that will make your exhibit appealing to attendees. Offering free gifts and prizes could be a way to attract potential customers to your table, so it may be a good idea to have a raffle. However, there are some things you should keep in mind to determine if a trade show raffle is right for your business.

How Large Is the Trade Show?

If you’re attending a large trade show, this could make the raffle a little more exciting, since there is less of a chance that lots of people will win a prize. In this case, you could make the gift larger or more appealing, so more attendees will be willing to sign up for the raffle and listen for their names throughout the event. Or, you could call names and numbers more often so more attendees have a chance of winning, which could serve as an effective marketing tool as well. If you’re bringing a large raffle wheel to the event, make sure you have enough space at your trade show exhibit, so the wheel can be one of the main attractions.

What Type of Trade Show Are You Attending?

The overall feel of the trade show can also help you determine whether you should have a raffle. If the show is more conservative in nature, you may want to forego the raffle and simply ask attendees to supply their contact information, so you can send them a gift or a discount on your services. However, if the trade show is known for being fun and upbeat, a raffle could be a great way to bring more people to your trade show booth. It is usually helpful to decorate the raffle wheel in a way that coordinates with the rest of your exhibit, and you may want to include music or lights to bring more attention to the wheel, so the event will be more memorable for those who are attending the show.

Do You Have Appealing Prizes?

Most of the excitement that comes from having a raffle is being able to offer attractive marketing products to trade show attendees. Have a few meetings with your team to develop a few trade show ideas that are sure to stand out. Be creative with your promotional items, but make sure the prizes are items that attendees can use on a regular basis to enhance brand recognition. For instance, a gift basket filled with all your best-selling items would make a great grand prize. Or, you could give your most popular software or electronic item as a prize with a discounted service subscription. This means the gift keeps giving long after the trade show is over and will increase the chances the winner(s) of the raffle will continue patronizing your business. Don’t forget to let attendees know how often you’ll be announcing prizes as well, so they’ll know when to stay near your booth to listen for their names.

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